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God’s Newest Son

What if someone were to claim they are THE Son of God just like Jesus was THE Son of God? Certainly Apollo Quiboloy is not the first to do this, and he certainly will not be the last.

Message from the Son: Apollo Quiboloy whose ministry is named The Kingdom of Jesus Christ 

“…God the Father has given him” “This great opportunity of sharing to you the divine wisdom and revelations He has bestowed upon me as His Designated Son in these last days.

Don’t miss your visitation. Harken unto the voice of the Father now as He speaks through his son. Treasure each word and each moment for this privilege is graced only to those who are true children of God, chosen and handpicked by the Father to receive His revelation through His Son.” (Emphasis mine)

Who is the Son of God- Apollo is. Jesus was a Son and now Apollo is a Son-- just like Jesus.

Of course anyone who has been taught the Bible correctly will immediately protest this claim just as they would the Popes claim to be Christs representative on earth. Jesus Christ was the eternal Son of God who is with the Father in heaven. He is God, God’s Son come in the flesh. This is denied by Apollo in a unique way. Apollo holds to the Oneness Pentecostal view of God, that denies the tri-unity of the Father, the Son and the Comforter. Along with this, he has a mix of Latter Rain teachings (ie. Manifest son of God- specifically- Him)

The idea he presents is that God the Father and Jesus Christ are one and the same Person. Ignoring the words spoken to Jesus, His Son from the Father in heaven (twice Mt.3:17; Lk.17:5) “This is my beloved son, in whom I am pleased.”

He Apollo himself is “the Son of God” and not just a “son” but “the Son of God.” He quotes the verses that directly apply to Jesus Christ. He states publicly that he is the “sent one” of God and quotes John 7:29 and 8:18 which are reserved for Jesus Christ ONLY.

Their Website says “I am the way the truth the life no man cometh unto the Father except by ME” Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy servant son of God (meaning Him). Under a sign outside his church in Hawaii it says Rev. Apollo Quiboloy Son of God.

On his website it explains-September 13, 2003 eighteen years after powerfully declaring the revolution in the spirit and in the hearts and minds of the children of God, Pastor Apollo was ushered into his private ministry- the reign of the Father through the Son.

The Official Turning of Power from the Father to the Son,Pastor Apollo received a message from the Father that all power in heaven and earth; and the riches, wealth, prestige and authority will be handed over to him as the son.”(emphasis mine).

WOW- that’s audacity. The Bible actually says -The Father loves the Son, and has given all things into His hand.” (John 3:35) “For the Father loves the Son, and shows Him all things that He Himself does” (John 5:20); Notice this is SINGULAR. God the Father has stated “Behold! My Servant whom I uphold, My Elect One in whom My soul delights!” (Isaiah 42:1).

In other words Apollo is claiming to be no less than equal with God Himself by taking these verses, title and ministry. Of course he has not outright say he is God in the flesh as Jesus the Son of God is (at least not to my knowledge), but that is certainly the implication. Many are willing to honor this false messiah as they would the Father. This is a bold manifestation of antichrist spirit, make no mistake about it. The hard part is that this man also gives credit to Jesus Christ as he speaks from the Bible. But you have to listen very carefully to see how the word ends up pointing to him as well. His self-aggrandizement seems to rise to the top as he captivates his audience by his charismatic speech.

According to Quiloboy's teaching, it was necessary that the Son of God to appear in the flesh of a Gentile. On his website it is asked  Are you Jesus Christ in the Gentile body?

More than 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ came in the flesh to testify to all that God can dwell in a human body, in the life of a man. It is here now. The life that lived in Israel before is now here. He is now using a Gentile body.”

If He was able to come to the Jewish people, He can also come to the Gentile people. John 5:23 says, “That all men should honor the Son, even as they honor the Father. He that honoreth not the Son honoreth not the Father which hath sent him.” My works bear witness of me. And the Father Himself, who sent me, has borne witness of me.”

This was the testimony of Jesus and to apply it to another is catastrophic. The whole point is that salvation is of the Jews. The Son of God is Jewish, we have his lineage in Matthew and Luke. The Bible teaches that Jesus as the Only begotten Son of God is for both the Jewish people and the Gentiles. The Gentiles are grafted into the new covenant by Him, not by another Son (Romans 11). There is only one Son to be incarnated and sent from the Father, he does not pick another to be sent 2,000 years later like in the New Age Movements belief. This is not Christianity no matter how much Bible one may quote. He came once to his own, he does not come again in a gentile body for gentiles. The gentiles have been coming to the Lord by the true Son of God since Acts 10. The Bible says the apostles brought the gospel to the Gentiles, that the Gentiles come through the Son, they do not come by “another Son.” Jesus is the way to the Father because he is His ONLY Son, He never said he would send another Son to be the way to Him or the Father.

No one should entertain anyone's claims without first considering Jesus’ own warning in Mt. 24:24-26: “For false Christ's and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. “See, I have told you beforehand. “Therefore if they say to you, 'Look, He is in the desert!' do not go out; or 'Look, He is in the inner rooms!' do not believe it.”

In other words if he is claiming to be in the Philippines don’t believe Him. The Lord Jesus repeated this warning in Mt.24:23: “Then if anyone says to YOU, look here is the Christ! or 'There! Do not believe them.”

To call oneself the Son of God is to call them-self Christ. Quiboloy has made the mistake so many others in new age circles have, that others can have the same position or ministry of the Son. He mixes the Bible with the ideas from new age, like the Bahai who claimed their prophet Baha'u'llah was the second coming, that God has chosen him just as He did His Son in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

If anyone claims to be the Son of God they are doing two things – first this is an exclusive term of the Messiah, second despite what they may say they are denying the Lord Jesus Christs unique relationship to the Father, they have challenged Jesus to be the Only begotten Son of God. God promised and sent the Son of God, not Son[s] of God.

Quiboloy states, “Don’t you ever bother yourself thinking about me.”He then explains a story of a guy that came to him saying he was praying for him and voiced his concern for him not to fall as other great men of God that have fallen into sin”-- his answer, “I said Brother, I am here as a servant, I am not here as a servant but as the son, that’s why I was telling you I was 5 years in the university of the Spirit to try me in all ways before you can become a son. And you have to, you don’t have to go through that, I have gone through that. What is lacking in the body of Christ I’ve gone through that and I’m here as the covenant to the people, as the fulfillment of the new testament as the model of the Father in heaven to followed as a guide I am here for you.” (Kingdom of Jesus Christ program on LeSea Dec.26,2004) (emphasis mine)

If you have noticed his words seem confused saying two things. I don’t think it is because of his background since he is able to speak good English. Clearly, he is claiming something reserved ONLY for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit who conforms true believers to the image of His Son Jesus Christ, we are not to look to any man on earth.. John 8:12 Jesus spoke “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” It’s obvious that Apollo is saying to follow him as one would follow Jesus when He was physically on earth

What kind of testing is this? For the true Son of God was directly tempted by the Devil to prove who He was. How can there ever be “another Son of God” when Jesus already did what was fully required because he is the “Only Begotten Son of God,” nowhere does it teach in successive Sons, one for the Jews another for the Gentiles.

On his website his answer to What is the role of the Son?

If you're appointed as the Son, you're like the ruler of the house. You are the president of all the children of God who are born in the Spirit, because the Kingdom of God is the nation of God.”

On his website- When God called you, were you aware that your ministry would become that of the Son?As I grow in the spirit with the Father, He reveals many things to me from time to time. He appointed me the position of feeding His people His words, the spiritual bread. Luke 12:43-44 says, “Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find so doing. Of a truth I say unto you, that he will make him ruler over all that he hath.” The meat in due season are the revelations that would be revealed as time passes. You don't learn everything in just one sitting. Slowly, God will reveal everything until everything becomes clear in your mind.” (emphasis mine).

Not since the Jehovah’s Witnesses founder, Charles Taze Russell has someone claimed to be that servant that gives meat in due season. “We are convinced that the Watch Tower is God's chosen vessel for dispensing “meat in due season” (Watchtower 1/1890, p. 1171); Brother Russell filled the office of 'that Servant.’ (Watchtower 4/1/1920, p.101). Russell filled the office of that faithful and wise servant” (Watchtower 3/1/1922, p. 74). Later it became the Watchtower itself that would “give instruction and meat in due season to the household of faith” (Watchtower, April 15, 1939 p. 125).

Iglesia ni Christo had Felix Manalo as the bird in Isaiah 46:11: “Calling a ravenous bird from the east. A man who executes my counsel from a far country…” But we have not seen someone this bold and talented say such claims in a long time. On his website it is explained that he is “A faithful steward, and a shepherd of God's flock in these last days who led an exodus from the bondage of religions and denominations and brought us to the Kingdom of light (Colossians 1:13).” Much like his predecessor William Branham, who openly preached the non -Trinitarian views of the Jesus Only Pentecostals and claimed to have the ministry of delivering the church from its denominations. Branham claimed to be God’s prophet for the last age, even Elijah. He used Joel 2:23 as the “Latter Rain” and taught that God's promise was to restore what the locust, cankerworm, caterpillar, and palmerworm had eaten, this would be the restoration of the Church out of denominationalism, which was the mark of the beast. Anyone belonging to any denomination had “the mark of the beast,” and would go through the Tribulation (The Spoken Word, Vol. III; The Man and His Message; Laodicean church ).

On his website When did you realize that your ministry would be the ministry of the Son? The Book of Jeremiah 1:4 states how the Word of the Lord came unto Jeremiah. That is also how the Word of the Lord came unto me. What happened to the prophet Jeremiah also happened to me.

“When He had directed me, I did not know back then what His plan for me was. While growing up in the spiritual learning, you still wouldn't know what would become of you. I was being led into something. I did the things that I was being led to do. Then, I began to understand that I already have a calling.”

One of the works this new “Son of God” claims to exhibit is the spirit of obedience, but obedience to whom may be the question. To Him of course, they obey his word and how He uses the Bible.

“ the complete essence of the message of the Spiritual Revolution, which is the message of the Son of God.

The purpose why Jesus Christ came is for us to become co-heirs and children of His Kingdom. The purpose of Spiritual Revolution which Jesus Christ started is to topple down the old spirit of disobedience and receive the new spirit of obedience to the will of God. John 3:5 states that if you want to enter the Kingdom of God, you must be born again in the Spirit. If you're born again in the Spirit, you become a child of God. It's not enough to remain just a servant. A servant will not abide in the house forever, but only the children will abide in the house of the Father forever.”

This on the surface sounds right until one knows the real meaning behind it.  When one becomes born again, according to the Bible they become obedient to God’s word and to Jesus Christ, they follow God’s ONLY Son, not another. To the true believer Paul writes, “God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord” (1 Corinthians 1:9). They march to him like the general in an army, they react to every word he wants them to, all in unison; they are obedient. It is his house they enter.

A Short history of God’s Newest Son of God wannabe

His family was former members of the Roman Catholic Church before they were converted to Methodism.

After staying in Davao for sometime, they joined the United Pentecostal Church (UPC) where Quiboloy became active and later rose to leadership. Sept. 1, 1985 Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy with fifteen members from the denomination moved out from the Pentecostal Church in Villamor, Davao City. Later, “God finally gave the go signal that the church age had ended. When Pastor Apollo asked what name should this ministry be called, the Lord revealed “JESUS CHRIST, The Name Above Every Name” supported by the verses in Acts 4:12 and Philippians 2:9.(Website)

From 15 members, his church has grown to approximately 3 million according to their own source. His academy is named after his parents Jose and Maria (some think this proves he is the son because of their names being the same as Jesus’ parents). It only proves the shrewdness of the devil in how he sets people up for deception (Wasn’t Apollo the sun god?)

Nowhere did I find a statement of faith or explanation of doctrinal beliefs on his website, neither on Salvation or the nature of God (obviously he denies the Trinity), what I did find was all about him, Apollo and his kingdom message. The group is called: “The Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Name above Every Name.” Apostle Apollo Quiboloy started its TV programs a few years ago. They are “Powerline” and “Hour of Truth.” These programs are used to spread his teachings of God and him being the Son and his kingdom. His TV sermons are filled with him quoting scripture to large audiences, the majority are women. Though he may be calling people to repentance, an uncommon message for our day, at the same time he is asking people to follow him as the “New Son.” This is not lifting up Jesus at all, no matter how many times his name is mentioned, it is drawing attention to himself. As convincing as he is you can certainly find the errors of his own particular interpretation, He has his own private interpretation. He is a very good and passionate speaker who knows the language of his country and English which he sometimes exchanges, interpreting his own words. Watching the audience react in his meetings one can see they are very well trained to react to his words at the right time. He says hallelujah, they say praise the Lord.

God’s Kingdom has Arrived on Earth

With Quiboloy as the new Son of God (Messiah) the new Jerusalem will arise in Davao because as he previously stated “the church age had ended. On one TV program he said “… it is also the same in the days of the son in the Gentile city now is the fulfillment of his salvation” (Kingdom of Jesus Christ program on LeSea, Dec.26, 2004) “As Noah has finished so have I finished the work of salvation” In his invitation for salvation he said “Become one of the 3 million…enter the ark of salvation, the new Jerusalem.” (Kingdom of Jesus Christ program, LeSea Dec.26, 2004)

Under the title on his website- THE KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST The Name Above Every Name--

Centuries after centuries have passed and the revelation of truth has progressed until the Kingdom of God has grown to its fullness. From Jerusalem , the truth extended to the farthest reaches of Asia particularly in the far-flung area of Tamayong, at the foothills of Mt. Apo , Davao City , a historical place wherein Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy was born, anointed and trained by God in the spirit.”

“The holy Bible says in the book of Exodus that wonders have taken place in the mountains. The Ten Commandments were given by God to Moses on a mountain. World’s greatest sermon was preached on a mountain. Greatest prayers were prayed and answered on mountains. Christ was transfigured on a mountain. And as prophesied in the book of Zechariah, Christ will make His future return on a mountain”.

In these last days, God has once again chosen a mountain where He could let His children live. As our beloved Pastor Apollo had said in his fellowships, Tamayong, the site of the Covenant Mountain and Prayer Center, then was a place you would never wish to live in. It was nothing but a place of uncivilization. That was Tamayong before. But an extreme twist has happened when God manifested his divine providence to His chosen Son. Tamayong, the place that you would never want to live in before has become a haven closest to heaven. It has become a pilgrimage for the children of God.. (website-WHAT IS THE COVENANT MOUNTAIN AND PRAYER CENTER) (emphasis mine)

Here we have a NEW Mecca of sorts that he claims is directed by God himself. Calling it the seat of God’s governance on earth…a haven closest to heaven…” He likens it to Mount Sinai or The Mount of Transfiguration.

God has not changed where his rulership will be from; it is still Israel. Apollo is clearly going beyond the pages of Scripture. Where Jesus comes back is exactly where he will set up his kingdom- Jerusalem- (Zech 14:4) in Israel, not Davao. The Mystery Kingdom that is being experienced by the church and Christians will one day be replaced by the Messianic Kingdom where the Son is enthroned upon the Throne of David as promised in the Davidic covenant. In the Davidic Covenant, God promised David four eternal things: an eternal House, an eternal Throne, an eternal Kingdom, and an eternal Descendant. The eternality of the House, Throne, and Kingdom is guaranteed because the Seed of David culminates in the only One who is Himself eternal: the Messiah, the God-Man- the Son of God. We read in Luke 1:30-33: “And the angel said unto her, Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favor with God. “And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Most High: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: and he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end.

The temple of the messianic age will be constructed in Israel. (Ez. 40:5-44:8.) The mountain of the Lord is in Isaiah 2:2-4, and it is in Israel. Isaiah 27:13 the prophet points out this holy mountain (the Lord’s house ) will become the center for worldwide worship of God by all the nations, a place of prayer for all people, Jews and Gentiles alike as Isaiah 56:6-8 states. The Gentile nations and the people of Israel will be brought and regathered to this mountain of Jehovah's house in accordance with Isaiah 66:20. (Micah 4:1-4). There is no other mountain mentioned, Apollo’s nationalism has become dominant in what he thinks he is hearing form the Lord. Zechariah 8:3: “Thus says the LORD: 'I will return to Zion, and dwell in the midst of Jerusalem. Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth, the Mountain of the LORD of hosts, the Holy Mountain.”

Paul told the Thessalonian church and us “to wait for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, even Jesus who delivers us from the wrath to come” (1 Thessalonians 1:9-10). Jesus brings the kingdom to earth when he comes back and he said he would come back the same way he left (Acts 1:11)

Apollo goes on to claim of prayer warriors interceding for the prayer requests sent in by members from all over the Kingdom of God from all over the world. All these prayers for healing, financial prosperity, spiritual enlightenment and salvation, emotional and mental restoration are being answered in this very mountain by the God in heaven.

After doing some digging I found this interesting piece: written in their by-laws attached to their Securities and Exchange Commission Registration on November 8, 1985. Article 2 section 1 it reportedly states that their members are not to have Television Sets in their homes: “We wholeheartedly disapproved of our people indulging in any activity which are not conducive to good Christianity and Godly living, such as theaters, dancers, make-up and any apparel that immediately expose the body, all worldly sports and amusements and unwholesome programs and music. Furthermore, tobacco in any form, intoxicating drinks, and vulgar languages are prohibited. We admonished all our people to refrain from those practices for the interest of spiritual progress in the soon coming of the Lord for His Church. We disapproved our members having television in their homes.

While many of these things may be beneficial to avoid there is the element of extremism to dancing (as husband or wife? or sports. It also appears that having a television set in the house damages someone from becoming a good Christian and being Godly. In this Apollo has a mixture of Pentecostal holiness teaching (obviously from his UPC upbringing). If television is prohibited then why do they have a TV programs? This is a classic case of do what I say, not what I do. How can he put himself on TV and then forbid it, oh I forgot, he’s the Son of God. I wonder if any have thought this through, of course they would not be able to question his standard,  maybe they don’t want to think it through.

Previously his program was airing on Lesea broadcasting but was pulled in February of 2005 after concerns about his programming.

How can he be another Son of God? The Bible does not teach there is a Son of God for the Jews and another for the Gentiles.

The very word used for Jesus in Greek monogenes means unique one of a kind, NO OTHER. Mono meaning single, one, sole and lone; (as in there being one God - Monotheism). Genes on its own means begotten but when the two words are combined in the Geek it means “unique” one of a kind, no other like Him. As he is the unique Son uncreated but generated, the only example of his category. This sonship is unique- not shared with, any creature.

The New Testament uses two Greek words for “son.” Those who have experienced the new birth are called Sons of God by an adoption (Jn.1:12) the Greek word here is teknon Gal. 3:26-27: “For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.” (Rom.8:14-15, 19:23; Gal. 4:5, Eph.1:5). We find that this word for “Son” is never used for Jesus; instead, the Greek word huios is used. This word applied to Jesus as the Son refers to his nature. It explain His relationship to his Father. When Jesus is called the Son of God, this makes Him equal to another, His Father of whom He is the Son of. The Son is God possessing the same nature and attributes of His Father proves this is true. If there is an eternal Father there is of necessity an eternal Son (Heb.1:3; Phil.2; Mic.5:2). The Son having an eternal nature proves His essential being is God. Phil.2:5 “Who being in the form of God did not consider it robbery to be equal with God. The form of God is his essential nature. This is what made Him the Son of God, His nature. This means there is no other, therefore id Apollo is claiming to be a Son of God in this category, he is a false Son of God.

On the website he is asked What is the difference between you and Jesus Christ?

The only thing that is different between Jesus Christ and me is that Jesus Christ was God Himself in the flesh. He was the firstborn of the brethren. His Father, the One who formed Him in the womb, was a Spirit. He was clothed in human flesh because He was born of a woman. My father was flesh; my mother was flesh. I was born from the fallen Adamic nature. The Adamic race which is the object of His love. His love was manifested through redemption and salvation” (emphasis mine).

While he admits that Jesus Christ was God Himself in the flesh, he is claiming equality with him when he says he is the newest Son of God on earth. Newer in this sense does not mean equal, it means ANOTHER, in place of Christ.

On his website it says- Son of God: fulfillment of the Old and New Testament

“The life of Jesus Christ is in me. If there will be another book that will be included in the Holy Scriptures, it will be the book of the fulfillment of the Old and New Testament. This fulfillment happened in my life when God called me.

The purpose of the Old and New covenant is to save us from sin, while the purpose of the Old and New Testament is for the Lord to produce a new man from the fallen Adamic race. The Son of God and His life is the Savior of the world.” (emphasis mine)

Here is where we find residue of the manifest sons of God doctrine from the Latter Rain- except it is more exclusive. Everyone who is born again is a new man (Eph.2:15;4:24; Col.3:10). But what Quiboloy is saying is that Christ in him makes him another savior as the Son of God. Christ is the first fruit-he is second. To claim he is the fulfillment of both the Old and New Testament is clearly heresy.

Who is the Son of God? Are there two? Where did He come from, and when did He begin? Lets look at how Jesus and the Bible describe the Son of God.

The Bible presents the Son of God as the creator of the word Jn1:10. He alone had glory with the Father before the world was (John 17:5). Jn.6:33: “He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world” Jn.8:23: “I am from above” Jn.3:31: “He who comes from above” Jn.6:51: “I am the living bread which came down from heaven.” Jn.7:29: “I am from Him and He has sent Me.” Jn.8:42 He has sent Me.” John 16:16,17, 28 states, “I came forth from the Father.” Jn.1:14: “The word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld His glory, the glory as the only begotten of the Father.” Here Jesus’ glory relates to that of the Father, John uses the term only begotten for Jesus as the “Son of God, he is” describing Christ's position and nature as true deity. John 20:31: “That Jesus is the Christ the Son of God.” SINGULAR, that is why He is called the Word, because he is the creator. “For He received from God the Father honor and glory when such a voice came to Him from the Excellent Glory: ‘This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”’ (2 Peter 1:17).He is the one “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in HIM would not perish” (John 3:16). Meaning God’s one and ONLY Son- For He is alone is “The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! (John 1:29) “the Savior of the world” (John 4:42).

“The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” (Mark 1:1); “...but these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name” (John 20:31). To be a Christian means we hold to our confession 'I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God” (Acts 8:37) “Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God” (1 John 4:15). Clearly to add another Son like Jesus is a denial of the uniqueness of the one and only Son of God who came and died for your sins. Without an eternal Son of God (the Word), we can never arrive at the triune nature, nor can we know God the Father. Because it is the Son who has revealed the Father to mankind (Jn.1:1-18). Can anyone believe that anyone else can be the Son of God?

On one of the blog pages that discussed Quiloboys claims, I found numerous loyalists who had allegiance to him.

Isang Mensahe Mula Kay Kingdom Youth

Filed under: Quiboloy — agustinongpinoy @ 08:45:58 am

Ito'y isang sagot mula sa nakabasa ng isa kong “blog” tungkol kay Quiboloy. Ang nag-post nito ay tinatawag na “Kingdom Youth”

Pastor Quiboloy is True... he is really the Son Of God in these last days. Many people didn't know because they have the mentality of religions and denomination and that's the old paradigm... I want to Let the Whole World know that THE MESSIAH that we've been waiting for is already here! Those that are not children of God will not going to believe it, but we people of God believe that the deliverer is in our midst...Come and enter now into the KINGDOM OF JESUS CHRIST (the name above every name). Your Salvation is here... hear the Father's audible voice, his annointed and appointed SON...PASTOR APPOLO C. QUIBOLOY.

This statement should be enough for anyone familiar with new religious movements and cults to have their hair stand on end. To be this convinced against the Scriptures by someone abusing the Scripture is proving how far indoctrinated his followers are.

Speaking with authority and intensity he convinces them by a twist of Scripture. Jesus warned of others who would come in his name claiming to be his representatives. Quiboloy speaking about false apostles from 2 Cor. 11 tells the audience “the people are susceptible because they don’t know the word of God they don’t know the word of God It is only true teachings like this that you have come to know the truth of the word of God. Hallelujah” (Feb. 2004 LeSea). In other words, he is setting them up, that they will think that they learn only truth from him and falsehood from others. 

“Our ministry is to provide you the truth our ministry is to reveal to you what we believe in Our ministry is to stand on the truth and defend it when it is attacked.”(program Feb. 2004 Lesea). He immunes them to any challenges by saying , “ They will just accuse you” “they will not provide you any scriptures or reason”… “They are not in the truth, the truth will set you free”(ibid).

Of course, others have rejected this exclusive messengers claims. In one newspaper article the author stated how she “listen in to one of his programs on television that same night, just to see how the pastor tackles the idea of being the 'anointed son of God'. In that program, he said, it follows that there will be rejection and ridicule, among other resistance by those who do not believe.

The Kingdom of Jesus Christ the Name Above Every Name, King of Kings, Lord of Lords (that's the full name) is not a religion or a denomination. Rather, it is the Kingdom of God “ Quiboloy only has this to say: “They can call me by every name in the book. I don't care. I am here to preach the truth. This is the Kingdom of God” (Of appointed sons and the second coming, Cebu Sun Star (Philippines) January 30, 2005 By Stella A. Estremera).

Is it the truth? I have provided enough Scripture, to prove otherwise. Furthermore it was Jesus who said He is the Way the truth the life and to follow HIM, to hear HIS word only. The only Son of God we are asked to believe and follow is Jesus Christ. John 11:26-27: “Yes, Lord, I believe that You are the Christ, the Son of God, who is to come into the world.” Jesus alone is the Son prophesied in the Scriptures. What exactly would his followers be learning if they do not acknowledge these exclusive statements of Jesus and attribute them to their leader? What man will be beside Jesus in the future when “the King will say to those on His right hand, 'Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Matt 25:34).

What people need to ask is -Where does the Bible say this? What does the Bible say about this?1 Tim 1:3: “As I urged you when I went into Macedonia-- remain in Ephesus that you may charge some that they teach no other doctrine,” The apostles taught Jesus Christ was the only Son of God not one of two. “For the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us - by me, Silvanus, and Timothy” (2 Corinthians 1:19).

Many people that have claimed to be the Son of God have come and gone. This man now has over 3 million followers and influence in the Philippines. What matters is not what Apollo Quiboloy says of himself, but what the Bible says and apparently these are two different things.


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