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Articles on Jehovah's Witnesses

Resurrection questions that Jehovah's Witnesses avoid or cannot answer

Jehovah's Witnesses do not have salvation- Can someone bring the gospel that saves without them being saved by it?

The soul and the body according to the Watchtower - what happens when a person dies?

The Hopelessness of all Jehovah

Was Jesus the first created being before the world was? The error Teaching of the Watchtower

Unto them an Angel is Born

All along the Watchtower - the story of a joker and a thief

The choice of Christ in you, the hope of Gory or the absent of hope from the Watchtower organization- The Watchtower teaching on the Holy Spirit being a force.

Questions to ask the Jehovah's Witnesses on the 144,000

pt.1Why the Jehovahís Witnesses  teaching on the 144,000 is their BIG LIE-  If you want to be effective in witnessing to those in Watchtower  this is all you need to show the hopelessness of the great crowd and their error on 144,000 in the Jehovah Witnesses.

Pt.2 Do their numbers add up? The numbering throughout the centuries and their constant of 8-10.000 remnant of the 144,000.

pt.3 The invisible resurrection of 144,000 has taken place-

pt.4 THE GREAT CROWD of Rev.7 and the not so great crowd of the Jehovahís Witnesses

Pt.5 The little flock, and entering the kingdom

Why the Jehovahís Witnesses teaching on the 144,000 is their BIG LIE

Who are the 144,000?

What the Jehovah's Witnesses said then and what they say today

No hope and no change- My visit to the Memorial service of the Jehovah Witnesses

What they say Now is not what they said Then- The instability and changes of the Watchtower

The Various identities of the Watchtower's Jesus

About Mankind's Future - One can randomly take any article in the Watchtower and find that it speaks against, instead of for the Bible.

Who is Jesus according to the Watchtower?  Michael or another angel

Unto us an Angel is Born-  Why a Jehovah Witness cannot be happy about the birth of Jesus

101 translations of Jn.1:1

Did Jesus die on a cross?

Independent thinkers?- Are Jehovah's Witnesses really allowed to pursue truth?

144,000 mediators or One- Refuting the Jehovah's Witness teaching on the 144,000 going to heaven mediating for the great crowd.

And the Word was What?- Jehovah's Witnesses and their unique and intentional distortion of Jn1:1 in their NWT. Johannes Greber and his influence on their translation.

Scholars on Jn.1:1- What do Greek scholars think of the Jehovah's Witness rendering of "the word was a god"?

The Way of Salvation  How does a Jehovah's Witness receive salvation? Or do they?

Resurrection or recreation What happens when we die according to the Watchtower?

Whose testimony do you have? Who does the Bible witness of?

Answering the knock at your door- What to do when they come to your house.

Watchtower proclaims themselves as false prophets- The history of date settings that all came to nothing.

Working and thinking hard for salvation

The many gods of Jehovah Witnesses- Do they really believe there is only one God the father?

The next time they say... The next time a Jehovah Witness says the word Trinity is not found in the Bible, here is what to say

What doesn't happen when you join the Jehovah witnesses

If he is NOT God then ?-Proofs of what he said from his own mouth and what it means

Denying the Creation Account

If he is not God then?

Jehovah Witness Children- what happens to the children in this religion

What did the Apostles preach- Looking at the evidence of the sermons the apostles proclaimed.

Who are they and what do they teach?-What do they teach that they won't tell you until you join.

Is Jesus Michael the Archangel-proving from the bible he is not!

Who is Your mediator-Christ is the mediator of the 144,000 only, a mock conversation as a outline to make sense out of this teaching to a Jehovah's Witness.

The 144,000 - Who are they and where are they?

Money vs.Truth

A Lie for a Lie- What happens to the old light that is replaced with the new

Is the Light Getting Brighter

The Watchtower and Pagan Pyramids-Did the Watchtower once promote what they now would call paganism?

WT and Believers

Jehovah's name is Jesus

The Jesus of J.W.'s

Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom

Forbidding blood transfusions

No Christmas for A JW- What do they think of people celebrating Christ's birth

Communication with a dead Pastor- Did the society ever hear from their beloved pastor after he died?

Lying to the Public- What they say is not what they do.

Mighty or Almighty - Who is Jesus?

Angelic direction for Watchtower- How they receive their instructions to lead

Singing the song of the Lamb

Angelic direction for Watchtower

Shepherd of the sheep

The Secret Coming of Jesus- did Jesus come in 1914? What they don't want you to know about 1874.

Tacking in the wind- How they are never wrong.


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We have tract's and stickers available for those who want to deter their communities assault from the Jehovah Witness organization. Tract's inform neighbors of what they really believe and what will happen if they join. (for more information go to the article- Who are They and What do They Want? Also Jehovah Witness children.)

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