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The Universal World Church (Hawaii fellowship)

Hawaii fellowship of the Universal World Church is connected to the  Church that was started by O. L. Jaggers who was influenced by the latter rain movement of the late 40's. He with along with a host of other now famous people such as Oral Roberts AA. Allen, David Nunn W. V. Grant, William Branham read a book that had a tremendous influence on their ministries as revival preachers. This book was Franklin Halls book Atomic power with God through fasting and prayer. Hall mixed Biblical concepts with occult methodologies. He stated that if believers did not fast their prayers would be hindered but if the pagans fasted god would answer their prayers. Hall thought without fasting prayer was ineffectual. He also had the belief that the Zodiac was Gods revelation to man finding Gospel pictures throughout. His belief in astrology was confirmed through occult teachings which included that UFO's were a revelation of Gods power. He believed the age of Aquarius was introduced to the world in 1848. and most importantly he had a immortality theory that certain overcomers would attain a degree of holiness that they would enter immortality right here on earth. These would have a permanent freedom from all sicknesses. O. L. Jaggers started this church in 1952 he was a Assembly of God preacher that fell into the Latter Rain heresy. While he was once closer to orthodoxy this gave way to extraordinary doctrines and practices that isolated him and his wife from their former Pentecostal colleagues and Churches. Hawaii's fellowship of the Universal World Church is run by Dr.Sergio and Rev. Renna Villanueva.


The Hawaii fellowship of the Universal World Church claims they have the Golden altar now on earth saying just as the golden altar was located before the presence of God in heaven so it is located in the 7 golden churches of the book of Revelation, (p.23) where God will come, in the clouds to commune with the 144.000 golden candlestick Christians. God has now given this golden altar to his true church which is the nucleus of all God's people that have ever lived they believe that the church has not discovered this truth and numerous others for 1900 years. "Every manifestation of the Holy Spirit into the lives of the people on earth come from the Golden altar, that the prayers of all saints, of all ages, including every Christian on earth today ascend to God and are answered because of the Golden altar." (referring to Rev.8:3-4) (The Golden altar on earth Rev. Rene Villianueva P31) "It is only by the SMOKE of the INCENSE that is upon the GOLDEN ALTAR that will cause answered prayers. There is absolutely no other way!" (p.26)   "The Golden altar is the most powerful instrument ever known to ever known in the history of man on earth, " "it is Gods instrument for bringing the mightiest spiritual revival " it "is Gods instrument for solving all the problems of the world today."p.34 They make the altar into an idol , all these things in scripture are attributed to Christ not something he has made, even if it is in heaven. When one visits their church they will see this elaborate copy up in front that is almost like an Idol. People face and pray toward it. On the altar are statues of what appears as Mary (possibly some other woman) and Jesus. It is engraved  with gems and colors galore, to look at it one needs to pairs of sunglasses.

Watch them receive the anointing at the golden altar in Hawaii http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQzi8fgDcwA&feature=related (look carefully at what they built that they claim one must come to have their prayers answered.)

They say that it is impossible for one to commune with God unless one has first approached the golden altar. The ark of the mercy seat is the place where God communes with them they refer to Exodus 25:24 .They use scripture to validate that they have this altar quoting Exodus and the instructions to build the ark and all its components. However I certainly do not think theirs is made of pure Gold like the real one in heaven or the one made on earth; and the point being that it is in heaven. Not only among the 7 churches, exclusively theirs. If taken the way they teach this it would not be located in America, but Asia. The New Testament clearly shows that everything of the tabernacle and the ark were fulfilled in Jesus Christ (Read Hebrews). They were symbolic types, shadows of the one who was to come (He came). He shed his blood on the altar gave us mercy so that we can approach his throne in heaven boldly. What this church must do is go backwards to the Old Testament to prove their teaching and still end up twisting the scriptures intent so that the New Testament fulfillment does not apply. They take out shortened scriptures to interpret the whole teaching distorting the actual context.

The articles of the tabernacle were ordained by God specifically. Nowhere do we find instruction in the New Testament. to build what was exclusively given to the Hebrews as a nation in the Old Testament.. Theirs was a single replica of the true tabernacle that is in heaven which Moses was instructed to build. Once we have the Light we do not need what the shadows pointed to. Jn. 1:14 tells us Christ is now the tabernacle of God's glory, not something made of our hands. Christ is the true tabernacle not made with hands. Heb 8:1-2: "Now this is the main point of the things we are saying: We have such a High Priest, who is seated at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, a Minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle which the Lord erected, and not man." In Heb. 9:11: "But Christ came as High Priest of the good things to come, with the greater and more perfect tabernacle not made with hands, that is, not of this creation." The Bible says in Heb. 10:19-20 we can enter by the blood of Jesus who gave us a new and living way and it is through his flesh, his sacrifice that we have access, not through the Old Testament. tabernacle. The whole book of Hebrews is a teaching showing Christ replacing all of the Old priesthood and sanctuary as well as the sacrifices. They were for a certain dispensation and were temporary until the light of the world came. So why ignore what he did ?

This group has built an elaborate replica that is using it to claim it is the most powerful instrument known in the history of man on earth. Which can bring blessings to all our needs since everything from God they claim comes from the Golden altar. Nowhere can you find this in scripture. It actually says grace and peace and our blessings and anything else for that matter is found in Jesus Christ, not a golden altar. While they run to the book of Revelation to find the altar, it is administered through Jesus Christ our high priest at the true altar in heaven.


Their new birth has a number of steps 1.Water 2. The Holy Spirit. 3 the incorruptible seed. One is first received into the Church by repentance faith in Christ and then born again of water baptism. This is the first process of the new creation. "This baptism takes one through all the death processes and the grave, and then into the resurrection of a new life body creature." She writes" prayer, along with faith in Christ and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ alone, can never perform the new birth in anyone." She goes on to state no single scripture found in the bible teaches one can be born by such methods no matter how fervent a prayer may be (This discounts Rom.10, Eph.1 and Jesus himself who said whoever believes on me will receive eternal life) they add to the simple truth of the word because of the special revelations. The claim is the new birth takes place "in the whole entity of man…spirit soul, mind, and physical body."

2. They compare the new birth (which biblically is spiritual) to the fertilized egg in the water of the uterus of a woman. The seed becomes an embryo and after nine months of nourishment the water breaks and a new organism is born into the world. "This natural process is precisely the same thing that happens in the water of the baptism into death and life immortality. However, the woman is replaced by the Church, as the fertilized egg is replaced by the incorruptible seed and the uterus is now the Baptistry. This incorruptible seed then becomes the divine embryo and later into a divine fetus that is connected to a supernatural umbilical cord."

"When the water breaks then one is raised up a new creature who is the life body of Christ on earth. This causes the hereditary substances of Christ’s body to flow down through the supernatural umbilical cord into the divine fetus." ( The creation and perfecting of the life body pp.4-9)"the claim is that there is no other method one may use to inherit the kingdom of God." This makes one a new lifebody creature in the kingdom of God here on earth." This is a leaning toward new age lingo, something the bible does not in any way teach.

Then one is to receive the baptism of the Spirit of resurrection power and fire which is the 2nd process. This they relate to Pentecost. They believe we now see a greater outpouring at the end of the age which is required by the Holy Spirit to be administering to God people. These include "lightning's, thunders and voices that proceed from out of the throne of God. These are the seven lamps of fire, which are the seven spirits of God…"They claim this seven fold baptism is taught by Christ in the book of Revelation. She states the 7 Spirits of God are the 7 lamps, 7 blazing torches, 7 horns of power ,7 eyes of the lamb. This seven fold baptism with the seven lamps of the holy Spirit proceeds directly out of the body of Christ… "from the holy of Holies from above the Golden Altar, and from the mighty ark of the covenant of immortality." This baptism imparts the 9 supernatural life gifts which will cause the greatest manifestation of greater signs and wonders! This includes "revelation gifts of wisdom, knowledge, discerning of Spirits, miracles, healing, faith, prophecy, tongues and interpretation." Clearly this is latter rain teaching with a new twist. This was condemned in the assembly of God in the early 1950’s and should be today.

They then move in to the 3rd process, a transubstantiation of communion where one can receive divine health and immortal life. This is done by the 24 elders which lay their anointed hand change the bread and wine into the deified body and blood of Christ. This is all done before the Golden altar from which all blessings flow. They have a commanding prayer which has Christ the true bread to come down in their midst so one can eat and never die. When someone partakes of this they become flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone. This then results in NO sickness pain or disease. "There is unquestionably no aging or senility in the body of Christ, therefore we have the promise of Gods eternal youth." Anyone who partakes in this colossal miracle may be freed FROM SIN AND EVEN DEATH which is the wages of sin! (p.21)

She goes on to write that because people do not have the appropriate understanding they become sick and receive judgment instead of the blessings. Those who learns of this truth and partake worthily (knowledgeably) will never be weak, or sick (die)!( p.23) All this comes from the 24 elders located at this church. The Bible never teaches we will be free from sin, it actually says the opposite in 1 Jn.1:8 "If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us." Neither does the Bible say we have redemption of our bodies now from the new birth but is something in the future. This is called "Manifestation of the Sons of God." The belief is that some will obtain immortality before Christ returns. in Rom8:19 and onward it explains the curse will be lifted at the same time we are changed, but this does not happen on an individual basis by a born again experience. Rom.8:23 "but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body." 1 Cor. 15:51-54 explains "We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed" This will occur when Christ comes not before.

This whole church's revelation has deception operating in various doctrines and at various levels that are all found outside the Bibles revelation.

Jaggers appointed 24 elders who are the governing body on earth copying the 24 elders in heaven. The custom is to wear robes and golden crowns is based on Rev.4:4,10; 5:6-8.When I visited the Church they wore the robes but did not have on the golden crowns which may be used on special occasions only. The elders and bishops are to be graduates of the World Church University.



In this booklets acknowledgement it accredits Miss Velma with "new and greater truths of the divine word of God" and new they certainly are but not from the word of God. "The new Revelation of Mamre is the greatest gift ever given to a people by almighty God." (The mighty Miracle of the new Revelation of Mamre p.7) I beg to differ Jesus Christ and his salvation is the greatest gift given (Jn.3:16). For someone to lift up their non biblical revelation over Christ shows the source of this.

What is most concerning and dangerous is that O. L. Jagger's wife Velma was given by new revelation the secret to youth that she supposes Abraham and Sarah found and enjoyed. This is what made Sarah gain her restoration of youth and allowed her to bear a child in her old age. Besides the unbiblical assertions of Abraham and Sarah becoming young the Scripture tells a different story of them being old. That it was a miracle of God that she bore a child being old, not that she was made young. This Church Makes the changing to be youthful the promise of the covenant we are all to enjoy. I find a spiritual pride that has fostered a deception that makes the faith movements curriculum of not being sick seem like kids play. This is where the danger is and why I'm addressing this church so that no one will get involved.

They claim through this revelation of Mamre no one will have sin, sickness, disease senility and death. We are not to die but stay eternally young in our bodies. "It is essential for us to let go of the old motto that we must grow old, then die and go to heaven to meet our maker. That is a lie of the devil. He lied at the beginning, and he will continue to lie until the very end." (P.46) contrary to their interpretation it was the devil who said to Eve you will not die, although sin and death were introduced as a foreign intruder it has become part of our nature until we are glorified. We are born with a new nature but we have not eliminated the old.

If we look at Sarah, long before she even came to Mamre she held her beauty. Gen. 12:11  And it came to pass, when he was close to entering Egypt, that he said to Sarai his wife, "Indeed I know that you are a woman of beautiful countenance."She was buried at Mamre Gen.23:17 but there is no mention at all of anything this Church asserts for Sarah. Abraham actually outlived her but he did not live longer than the natural lifespan that others lived at the time. So there is no justification for this revelation they teach.

The woman Velma attributes this eternal physical life all to (Sarah). She died as well as Abraham! So much for eternal youth or eternal physical life. Scripture states Abraham was full of years and "died in a good old age" and was buried in a cave Machpela which is before Mamre." (Gen.25:7-10)

In John 11:25-26 Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. "And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die.

Lazarus died again even after his resurrection and so did all the Apostles who gave us the teachings of the Lord. What Jesus meant was that no one will die permanently. "If anyone keeps my word he shall never taste death." (Jn.8:52) . If all the apostles died and every Christian in history I would think this would bear witness against her new revelation. There is coming a physical resurrection to counter the affects of death. I Cor. 15:51-54 tells us that we will all experience this at the same time not at different times as they teach. that it is in the resurrection and the rapture that we are given our new bodies that will be sin, disease and death resistant.1 Thess.4:15-17 tells us this will take nothing short than the resurrection event for the dead in Christ will rise. As Jesus himself said he would raise them up on the last day Jn.6:40

The enemy will use real truths that are attributed to Millennial blessings that are all future tense to apply our lives now. 1 Cor.15:56 The sting of death is sin,"This has not been conquered yet, death is still one per person.

Pride always fosters those who have a new revelation. This Church actually states, how many other churches are preaching this miracle of restoration of youth? None! And for good reason, its not true. She is claiming to be  "the messenger with the voice of God with even greater faith and righteousness than that of Abraham." The bible never teaches such a thing we share in the righteousness of Jesus Christ that is the same distributed to all. The only hope for the resurrection of this mighty miracle of Mamre in this generation is a messenger with the voice of God, charged with greater faith and righteousness than even Abraham."p.28 that "God has found a ransom, a messenger one among a thousand who have heard the voice of God!p.29 we are told that miss Velma is unlike any other minister in the world and has a ministry superior to any other ."p.30 This is like what Jesus warns of and hates the Nicolaitans Rev.2:6. Rev. Renna Villanueva tells her story of her having a vision "taken into the Spirit to a field covered with green grass ….seeing Velma build an altar …a voice of immense power spoke from the luminous light saying "Miss Velma, you will find the answer to my youth in the golden altar in Los Angeles." As she observed the light, she saw a brilliant fiery cross. And a voice thundered uttered these words "This is my daughter in whom I am well pleased. As Jesus, my son, paid the price through his faithfulness upon the cross.. my anointed daughter, Miss Velma, has paid the price through her faithfulness at the golden altar. Therefore, all who will believe in her, will receive my gift of eternal youth which is new revelation Mamre." (p.49-50)

This is such a counterfeit that anyone who understands the scripture should see through it. Jesus is Gods son the only anointed one because he is also God to elevate a sinful person to any relative ministry like this is abominable. Especially to say this is my daughter in whom I’m well pleased shows competition to the only begotten Son, something only instigated by the devil.

It goes on to say "Miss Velma has paid the price! She has become the sacrificial offering required by God that all of mankind may reap one of god's greatest rewards, new revelation Mamre."(p.51 ) Just as Jesus is the atonement that has delivered mankind from the bondage of sin and death. She is the atonement that has delivered us from the bondage of old age, senility and physical death. (this sounds very similar to Rev. Moons claims for the family and is just as much a lie). The new revelation Mamre is from her today to deliver the church from its old time doctrine that teaches that one must get old and then enter the grave. This new revelation will destroy the fruits of Satan conclusively, causing the manifestation of God's true sons and daughters to build the kingdom of god here on earth. "The body of Christ can not, nor will it ever, die of old age."(p.420) This is right out of the pages of George Warnock and Hawtin with the latter rain teachings of the Manifested Sons of God. Except they have taken it to a new level of falsehood.

Romans 8:23 refutes this stating  Not only that, but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, eagerly waiting for the adoption, the redemption of our body." This will take place by the resurrection by nothing short than Jesus, not by Miss Velma! (for more on this teaching go to manifest sons of God)

The booklet states Miss Velma has anointed thousands at the golden altar with the oil of youth for the impartation of Gods eternal youth! This means none of these people should ever die. I can only wonder what they say about the people in the church that die who supposedly received this miracle. Which I would think already took place several times over. It is a fact the leader of this movement (O. L. Jaggers) will eventually die as it is reported he is currently not well. Will this impact the people to realize that the new revelation is not from God? Time will tell, at least for some who are open.

In the booklet the creation and perfecting of the lifebody Velma states in her forward the book is dedicated to O. L. Jaggers ."He has been the light of my understanding and I thank God for him." It becomes obvious that this is exactly right. He has been the interpreter of scripture for her, and it is unorthodox and unheard of in the history of the Church. And is somewhat new, even in the history of the cults. For it comes out of the Latter Rain teachings of the 40's and has nothing to do with historic, biblical Christian teaching.

Clearly this is a NEW AGE CHURCH having nothing to do with the plain truths spoken in Scripture. They spiritualize and allegorize the word beyond the basic contexts that were written by the Apostles, giving all the basic doctrines new meanings. By doing this they have changed the truth to be a lie.


The Over reach of O. L. Jaggers


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