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Reflexology was discovered around 1913 by Dr.William Fitzgerald who introduced zone therapy to the US. His method was based on Chinese acupressure. Many have adopted and modified his ideas and a new method of reflexology was birthed.  Reflexologist's believe that specific points are used top stimulate and heal the whole body.  These are reflected in a intricate system contained in our hands and feet.  These are the basic points although there are others throughout the body.  Both light and hard pressure are applied to these points.  There claim is that calcified deposits (crystals) around the nerve endings can be crushed and excreted out of the body which will result in better blood flow.  This is true, however what is included is that the nerves will receive energy flow that was blocked by these deposits.  This method uses many ,massage points that do not correspond to meridians of acupressure, but produces similar results. they believe their are 10 zones running from our fingers and toes corresponding to our organs, as we press on the hand corresponding to the internal organ it well be relieved. This again has occultic ties through the occult science and arts, that teaches we have everything related to each other, all is united as one.

"Reflexology is a technique of applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands or ears.  The method is most commonly used on the feet, largely because they have so many nerve endings and so are quite sensitive. Reflexologist's believe that the foot functions as a microcosm of the entire body, and that reference points or reflex areas in the foot correspond to all the major organs, glands and parts of the body.

"Proponents believe that applying pressure to a specific area of the foot spurs the movement of energy along channels in the body to the corresponding area - a process which promotes better health by reducing stress, improving circulation, eliminating toxins, speeding healing, and generally balancing and energizing the body" (Family Guide to Natural Medicine, pp. 168169).

Here are the areas massaged and their corresponding organs affectedwpe15.jpg (6901 bytes)

Toes = sinus

Arch of foot=spinal column

tips of fingers =sinus

thumb side of hand= spinal column

A foot massage will feel great, but there is no scientific proof that are our whole body is reflected in our hands and feet.  Certainly to increase the blood flow makes the body relax and function better.  If what is claimed is true every time we walk barefoot it would affect our health for either good or bad. Anytime we hurt ourselves on the hand or foot we would also be affected internally. I don’t think there is any scientific proof the body works like this. It certainly would be non beneficial if it did.  This has always been the view of the occult arts that what is within is without and man is the microcosm of the macrocosm. that all of our body is integrated to affect not only what is inside but also other people.  This is pantheism that a life-force flows through all things and that everything is one.  The bible refutes this Idea by stating that God is greater than what He creates and is not subject to his own natural laws.

No one explains how the body from the foot and fingers is connected to the inner organs by energy lines and meridians please. nor how they discovered these energy systems? something to think about before buying into this new age spiritual system as proven medicine.



wpe26.jpg (961 bytes)



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