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A UFO 2nd coming

"When the gospel of gods kingdom on earth has been preached throughout the world, then the end shall come or the second coming of the Christ of the Aquarian age shall take place." "The Christ of the Aquarian age will arrive in the first public spaceship landing, to be seen by all your people on international satellite television…."(Ashtar p.163)

Beam_ship.gif (12646 bytes)Imagine a landing of UFO’s and one comes out arrayed in white saying he is the Christ. Do you think the world would be convinced. After all he came back just as he left ,(Acts1:11) from the sky and every eye will behold him. If this were to take place, it would be the greatest deception ever fostered upon mankind. What if he had powers and was able to do signs or miracles, how could anyone refute it! This isn’t my speculation or imagination, these are the channeled messages given to the world servers of the new age. After all we have been prepared with the Star Wars "force" who George Lucas got the idea from Carlos Castaneda’s Tales of Power. In the Empire Strikes Back the director Irvin Kershner is a Zen Buddhist who depicted Yoda as a Zen master. In almost all the new Sci-Fi alien pictures there is the element of a universal power, an energy that can be used by those who seek it. Look at the popular shows and cartoons that are on today. People have accepted and practice these concepts in numerous ways today. It has become ingrained in our culture. So it shouldn’t be surprising to have someone come on the scene with powers received from a god of forces, it actually will make sense.

In June 1996 At the Yankton Sioux Reservation they held a meeting called "Star Knowledge conference "convened by Lakota medicine man standing elk. In it he shared secret tribal traditions about the "Star people". He explained that the star peoples from 7 different galaxies will return to earth in the late 1990’s this will be preceded by earthquakes, fires, floods, drought, famine and pestilence. Then the white Buffalo calf woman, and extraterrestrial who birthed the native peoples, will return to earth and a new age of peace and harmony will emerge.(Alien Encounters p.45)

Many refer to a return of ancient visitors that we are supposedly connected to. As Christians we could never endorse this if we hold to the scriptures. If this were to occur our Bibles teachings and churches would be viewed as threatening sects refusing to cooperate with their peace plan for the world. This is not that far fetched since I have heard personally, and read that it is the old order, the Christians that are holding back the new age to come. We alone stand in the way of unity and the masters materialization .

At some point, most think midway through the tribulation, Satan and his angelic hosts will be confined on earth. Mankind will welcome these rebel angels as friends never considering their demonic nature. Today there are groups building landing areas and have welcome signs for the alien visitors.The deception of UFO’s and latent psychic powers sets the world  stage to the final drama. Luke 21:25 "and there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth distress of nations with perplexity, the sea and waves roaring, men’s heart fainting from fear and expectation of those things which are coming on the earth. For the powers (the dominions) of the heavens will be shaken." Many consider the stars will fall from heaven as symbolic of the angels (Mt.24:29).

These signs we anticipate approaching are anything but a change toward harmonious living and peace. They are the very opposite. But with many whom accept the new paradigm they will not see it in the way Jesus described. They will have received a strong delusion believing the lie (2 Thess.2)


There are some who suggest that the UFO’s are actually the chariots of the Lord’s "hosts." From this they surmise the rapture of the saints will take place when living Christians board flying saucers and are whisked away to be with the Lord. In my fathers house is many mansions is interpreted as multiple dimensions. Another scenario is that UFO’s are God’s angelic army gathering for the war In heaven prophesied for the Last Days, when Michael the arch angel fights Satan. (Revelation 12:7 ) Sananda (Jesus) says,"They are the angels of the harvest." ( Ashtar p.31)

The most common message given is that there will be a time of separation. When those will be evacuated from planet earth will be taken to other places and realms by UFO’s. Project World evacuation is headed by the Ashtar command who claims to have "millions of spacecraft standing by (at a moments notice). They are very experienced in the evacuation of populations of planets."(Ashtar p.55) they expect a polar shift that will bring a great cataclysm to the world needing immediate evacuation. They also explain their needs to be a cleansing (ones standing in the way?) and some will be removed for instruction but they are not saying when or where. Ashtar command has this to say  "I have been told that while basically most of the lift up will be invisible to others it will not necessarily be exclusively, for all three phases." "Where will the rescued be taken? "..."destination will depend on age as well as enlightenment level."( Project World Evacuation p.140 ) "It will take place at a moments notice when it is determined the inhabitants are in danger." "In a twinkling of an eye, with no time for any pre-warning of any significance."(ibid. p.145) Scriptures do teach a immediate gathering in the sky 1 Thess.4:13-17 .  Yet in no way does this pertain to a mass UFO liftoff. This will explain the millions that will be missing when Christ actually comes back. This does not mean this will be the final or actual explanation, but is an alternative than can be used for the populace.  what may seem like a catastrophic event can be explained as a mercy mission. Not all UFO views are so gracious. Many say that their needs to be a removal of those who hold on to the old dispensation of the Piscean era. In other words to believe in the Bible literally and think Christ died for sin is not acceptable by the higher consciousness Aquarian's

wpe1D.jpg (3105 bytes)

The profile of those abducted have a continual thread running through . There is a pattern to this madness as with all spirit contact. People who are inclined to the new age or fascinated by the paranormal are for the most part more likely to be seized.We find that there is a Spiritistic introduction to the phenomenon of people being contacted or abducted .  There is great amount of manipulation that occurs. One can either be hypnotized or events are implanted into the mind as real occurrences. This is not to say that at least some of these may be physical and actually happening. Those involved find this to be very real. They violate people bringing fear. They physically, sexually and emotionally are raped against their will. Jacques Valle who is a world renowned UFO researcher in his book Confrontations a Scientists search for alien contact, writes some candid thoughts. Examining some 100 incidents he states the abductees are experimented on can be described as crude to the point of being grotesque. Accompanied with sadistic sexual manipulation, is reminiscent of medieval tales of encounters with demons.

Whitley Streiber another who is involved in occult phenomenon reporting describes his personal abduction with the book and later the movie "Communion" (his book was in the top of the New York time best sellers for almost a year). In his numerous interviews on Larry King Live,Good Morning America, the Phil Donahue Show he describes some fantastic experiences.(you can listen to him on his weekly show dreamland) He describes these creatures as ones who came to him in the middle of the night just appear through the walls. After their inspecting him and taking him against his will he found it frightening yet euphoric. He felt violated, depressed, having nightmares and in fear constantly afterwards. Yet he still had an unusual attraction and considered them friendly. He claimed they are inquisitive and have some purpose they are hiding from the populace. He describes in his book Communion, "The closest thing I have been able to find is an unadorned image of these beings is not from science fiction movie, it is rather the age old, glaring face of Ishtar. Paint her eyes entirely black, remove her hair, and their is the image that hangs in my minds eye, the ancient and terrible one, the bringer of wisdom, the ruthless questioner."... He goes on to say, "perhaps the visitors are the gods."(p.123)

Imagine one who is wise beyond any human and is ancient in age and ruthless.Who is he describing? There is such a being and he found in the Bible in a similar description. Satan who is formerly called the light bearer now is the accuser of Gods people.

Whitley Strieber prior to his abductions "followed the mystic G.I Gurdjieff he also experimented with worshipping the earth as the goddess/mother. Strieber admitted,"I made choices along time ago that brought me into this experience." (The Culting of America Ron Rhodes p.192)

Benjamen Creme who is the harbinger of Maitreya one of the new age Christ’s of choice states in the early 1950's he began to read, "...the Theosophical works of H.P. Blavatsky... Gurdjieff... Alice Bailey and Agni Yoga Teachings..." (The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, pp. 12-13). He also was involved as early as 1953 with an interest in Flying Saucers. He says, "In mid-1957, I began to work with a society involved with the U.F.O. phenomenon, which claimed contact with the Space Brothers. With this group I did my first public speaking, but more importantly, discovered my ability to transmit the cosmic spiritual energies from the Space People.... Toward the end of 1958 I withdrew from this society and entered into the closest contact with, and work for, the Space Brothers," (Ibid, p.13).

He explains that On Jan.3, 1959 he received the first telepathic message and was told to travel to a bridge over the Thames in London where he would receive further communication. When he went he met a group of people in a car and recognized one of them as the man whom previously contacted him. (Late night America interview 1989) He said "the people he met in the car from that day were space people." In almost every incident we find those involved in contact having a prior initiation toward these ideas. H.P. Blavatsky and G.I. Gurdjieff. Alice bailey seem to be the common influences for many of these peoples search in spirit and extra-terrestial contact.

Lynn Catoe senior bibliographer for the library of Congress, prepared a 1600 entry on UFO bibliography, she says "Many of the UFO reports now being published in the popular press recount alleged incidents that are strikingly similar to demonic possession and psychic phenomenon which have long been known to theologians and parapsychologists."(SCP Journal Aug 1977)

One of the more famous contactee is psychic Yuri Geller whose psychokenetic mind over matter feats have been documented. Geller claims to have received his power from extraterrestrial who contacted him when he was child. Dr. Andrija Puharich associated with Geller says they are in contact with the 9 who come from the planet Hoover (no relation to the vacuum). "Remember all this is a real guidance from God. God is nobody else than we together. The 9 principles of God. There is no God other than we together and just for once in your lifetime believe this to be the truth."

Of all the stories of close encounters, Billy Meier’s story from Switzerland is unique. Like others Meier had preliminary contact. As a boy would often see travelling stars zig zagging in the sky. Meier was first contacted by telepathy, by a male Pleiadean At 6 years old. He tells of seeing a pear-shaped object suddenly come from the sky, and land in a woods near his home. An old man took him into the ship they rode above Earth. On his 7th birthday the old man returned and revealed his name as Sfath. After a number of other meetings and a learning course he was then contacted telepahically by a female named Aket. In his 20’s another contact came by a female who said her race was from another universe collaborating with the Pleiadeans. This continued the 1950s and 60s, he was urged to learn all he could through personal experience about Earth's different religions.   spinning ufo.gif (43753 bytes)wpe4.jpg (2762 bytes)

Meier more than any other person, has logged more personal contact and knowledge with still pictures and 8 mm. In 1975 a series of UFO contacts began from human-looking beings who said they are descended from sky-gods who came from the Pleiades. They would usually came late at night about once every ten days, in the hills several miles southeast of Zurich. This continued for 3 years (1978) and many times his contact took place right in the Pleiadean's spaceship. His primary contact was a Pleiadean woman named Semjase.

She said that among the many purposes in coming here, was share with the earth people that we are not alone in the universe. To help guide us in terms of religions (no kiddin’). Not surprising that their philosophy was in conflict with the Judeo-Christian religion. She also warned that their some negative extraterrestrial races were visiting the planet whose purpose is to try to take over. This certainly can be a case of good cop bad cop, as we know there is so much deception surrounding these contacts and the information given. One group could easily say they are here to protect us from the other bad ones and we would have no way to distinguish the truth.

This remains the most unusual contact since he has not had the classic turmoil as other abductees. This could be because he was prepared from childhood and not taken against his will. Once again we see the pattern of being involved in spirit communication as well as the challenge to the claims of Christ. This is the common denominator of all the encounters.

Dr, Jaques Valle who is an astrophysicist writes, " that the human belief… is being controlled and conditioned, "mans concepts are being rearranged," "and we may be headed for a massive change of human attitude towards paranormal abilities and extraterrestrial  life." ( The Culting of America p.192-193 Ron Rhodes. ) John Keel describes himself as an agnostic suggests UFO activity may be a staggering cosmic put on. A Joke perpetuated by invisible entities who have always delighted in frightening, confusing and misleading the human race. Perhaps there is a UFO 5 th column to intentionally lead us down this path since we are so nave in these matters.

Testimonies of implants in abductees seem to be more common as time goes on. Most of these experiences usually take place at night which is suspicious in itself since evil is always active under the cover of darkness, it rarely operates openly in the day. Many have concluded that the examinations and implants are some kind of genetic experiment of gaining information to produce hybrids. Quite a radical view if true.

David Jacobs in his book the Secret Life asks the question, "why are UFO’s here? He answers it. "One of the purposes for which UFO's travel to earth is to abduct humans to help aliens produce other beings. It is not a program of reproduction but one of production. They are not here to help us, they have their own agenda and we are not allowed to know its full parameters." (From Alien Encounters p.117 Eastman and Missler)

The abductees will often sense a foreboding giving them fear. A vibration will be felt they will hear a buzzing sound or hum becoming louder before feeling pulled towards the aliens or the UFO. They also describe lights They immobilize their subjects and many describe a heaviness on the body. This also accompanies occult ways to expand ones consciousness as well as near death experiences. The aliens have compelling eyes and if they look into these eyes, they lose their will or control or "sense of self" as if they are mesmerized (hypnotized may be a better term) . Afterwards they have a loss of time they have feelings of isolation from society and cannot cope as well as before. Whatever is happening has a psychological affect that certainly is in no way beneficial.Those who experience this have a Changed world view that leans toward the occult . Many abductees as well as those who read books on these subjects gain a greater sense of the sacredness for the earth and the nature. Nature is considered god as well as all things created.

Benjamen Creme interviewed on the Art Bell program had these revealing statements. B.Creme- "Well since I’ve been asked my opinion of abductees is that there are no abductees. That the abductee phenomena is in the astral imagination of the people involved. I know about the space brothers I know about the UFO’s and my knowledge of them and their relation to our own spiritual hearchy is that they are totally innocent , that they have no plans of any malicious nature for humanity, that they don’t need to abduct humanity they don’t need to experiment with us, they are so much more evolved than we are their craft are created by thought alone and they themselves guide them by thought alone and so the fact that they would take up human beings and many little experiments on them to find out this that, they have known us for thousands of years they are so far ahead of us in technology in the consciousness that the very idea of abducting us is to me silly…"They imagine being abducted its like a living dream awaking dream. "(Art Bell coast to coast July 10, 1998) This means that is an operation from the spirit realm and are not physical as we know it. Many who have been abducted report sadistic experiences, mind manipulation as well as sexual violation. Whatever is happening affects both ones soul and body.

Brad Steiger a new age sympathizer involved in occult reporting has written numerous books on such subjects (over100 on psychic phenomenon.) In his book Gods of Aquarius he imports that even though people are being abducted he firmly believes they are helping mankind through difficult period. That we are headed for a new age of harmony but the cleansing has begun. What a price to pay, its not ethnic cleansing but possibly humanity itself.

What certainly needs to be considered is another alternative to the sightings and contacts, instead of from a non human source. Some have proposed a government intervention. Imagine a hoax perpetrated on the populace convincing them that they are from other planets and they are really from earth? The government does have the ability to make some types of these crafts. What if we were being set up as a deception from people who want to control us. This concept has not passed unnoticed by those investigating the phenomenon. And while some of this may be real and of a spiritual nature we can’t overlook the fact that there just might be something else at work as well. It just may be a mixed bag of influences.

Yet the greater hoax would be of a spiritual nature from angels who are misleading with information that they are from another planet when in fact they are the ancient fallen ones ready to bring a delusion upon the whole world. Can UFO’s have a specific role to play in our particular time in history? To deceive mankind  is quite a task to accomplish. And from whom would this deception come from?

John Weldon a Christian researcher who has investigated the Occult , new age energies and UFO phenomenon states that these visitors are seeking to, "deliberately move significant portions of an entire culture, or world, into acceptance of our involvement in the occult, and a collective alteration in world view. This is preparatory for and necessary to the events surrounding the rise of the anti Christ,"(The Culting of America Ron Rhodes p.193)

It bears repeating again "The Christ of the Aquarian age will arrive in the first public spaceship landing, to be seen by all your people on international satellite television…."(Ashtar p.163)

Whether this comes to pass as they say or another occult means of deception is ultimately implemented.  We know that the real frauds are the fallen angels who will come in as a trojan horse scenario to exercise their short rule over mankind. But they will be defeated by the stone not cut with hands, the rock of ages. Daniel 2:31-45

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