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UFO’s Messengers of salvation or deception?

The UFO phenomenon has increased steadily over the last 50 years. It has become ingrained in our culture. Mankind has become increasingly aware that we just may not be alone. In the 1950’s only 3 % of the US population believed in UFO’s while there was books being written of sightings with contact and a few abductions. A 1987 poll revealed 50 % believed in the existence of UFO’s and many claimed to be contacted via mental telepathy. Statistics now show 75%-85% of the people in the world believe in UFO’s. When Project bluebook closed it was unable to explain 770 of the 12,600 sighting cases investigated. This is only a fraction of those reported up until now.

Essentially there have been infrequent sightings that go back further in history than the 40’s. In 1800’s a UFO appeared over large populated such as Chicago and San Francisco where 150 sightings were reported . Having what is described as propellers, portholes, with an antenna and searchlights. Another famous sighting of an airship in 1879 went across America with the crew heard singing abide with me.(Christopher Evans ,cults of unreason p.142 ; drawing found in the San Francisco Call Nov.1896) It appears that the vehicles change as our culture does. They become more sophisticated in time, as we are able to advance in technology. Many sightings go back to ancient cultures. The Hindu Rig Veda mentions flying craft, the native American Indians have tales, the Sumerians and numerous others. These may all be chalked up to imagination or hopeful myths except for the resemblance of the stories and descriptions from different cultures and times. As far back as 1361 witnesses described a flying object as being "shaped like drum, about 20 feet in diameter"off western Japan. In 1458 five stars appeared circling the moon changing color three times and suddenly vanishing. The past has no shortage of witnessing strange sightings in the heavens. We can’t verify these as comets or some other natural phenomenon but the people who saw them certainly found it unusual, and could not explain it in their cultures time frame.Today we are able to have limited understanding because of our technology that has opened us to the possibilities.

There has been to many people on the inside that know something unorthodox has been taking place. Pres. Ronald Reagen spoke of a threat from outer space 5 times and once addressing the UN. Astronaut Gordon Cooper said he believed they were extra-terresial vehicles visiting earth.

The search for life outside the parameter of Earth began with Tesla who built an enormous transmitter(150 ft. tall) sending electromagnetic waves to Mars. Convinced that there were canals there from a former civilization. Only today's  technology changes the way we conduct things. In search for ETI’s (extraterrestrial intelligence’s) is well underway. There is the Californian S.E.T.I. Institute (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence located at Mountainview California). Frank Drake was the inspiration for SETI came up with an equation to find Extraterrestial life. Numerous other groups are involved from the universities.  Many now work in conjunction with seti where they split up little pieces of the sky and a small frequency band and it is sent to people participating over the internet to analyze. They then send it back with the results. This way they can cover more areas in space.

Almost unanimously scientists now believe we may not be alone. This is the reason we sent the voyager spacecraft out into space accompanied with a message to try and contact some other life in outer space. The Aricebo observatory in Puerto Rico is involved as well as many others from different countries.

How did we get to this new view of mankind as just another possible species in the universe? It has become the inherent consequence of evolution. Its only natural that while we were developing here on this planet the same could have been happening elsewhere given the correct conditions. Given enough time anything can happen, so we are told.

Robert Jastrow founder and director of Goddard Institute for Space Studies believes life could have been evolving on other planets 10 billion years longer than earth. Jastrow suggests there could be beings so beyond man on the evolutionary scale that they would look like Gods to us. That is an interesting statement considering that is exactly the message that is channeled to us from these creatures flying around in their speed vehicles of light.

A Quantum leap in consciousness

The first public exposure of an alien kind came as a scare with Orson Wells narrating "The War of the Worlds" over the radio. Through the 1950’s the movies expressed our fears of these alien visitors as enemies waiting to take over our planet. That they traveled millions of miles and hundreds of years in suspended animation from their own star system looking for a suitable atmosphere like there own. Remember the classic movie the day the earth stood still with Michael Rene’. How about the invasion of the body snatchers, the crawling eye, invasion of the flying saucers, or more recently "they live."

Slowly our attitude changed. TV shows like star Trek gave us space as the final frontier, and an acceptance to move out beyond our earth. In the late 60’s came the book by Von Daniken "the Chariots of the Gods" which sold 45 million copies. This was so successful a sequel followed as well as other authors contributing to the new openness. Von Daniken  pointed to unusual sights and buildings in the world as proof of ancient astronauts which we called the Gods visiting us. Huge drawings which could only be viewed from the air were proof of visitors of extraterrestrial intelligence. The ark of the covenant for Israel was interpreted as really a radio transmitter to these astronauts. (Indiana Jones inspiration?) The pillar of fire and cloud leading the Israelites was a UFO. With this predisposition, imaginations went wild. This laid the groundwork for a paradigm shift in our perspective of life, history and the world we live in. New movies came showing that UFO's were not really our enemies but our friends. They weren’t coming back to look for a new food product after all, but were our friends welcoming us to a new frontier. The Intergalactic view was launched and gave birth to movies such as ET, Close Encounters. etc..The current popular TV series is the X-files does not show the paranormal in a good way always, but obviously reflects how fascinated we are by the unknown. Earth's final conflict created by Gene Roddenberry is an interesting series which shows the deception of these creatures who want to take over the planet.

We have cards with different creatures of many worlds collected by our kids, the cartoons as well, have basically prepared the younger generation to believe they exist and think of them as their friends. Our whole culture is literally being reshaped before our eyes by the media. Many of the movies have subtle anti-biblical teachings. The Star Wars "force" of George Lucas was influenced from Carlos Castaneda’s Tales of Power. In the Empire Strikes Back the director Irvin Kershner is a Zen Buddhist who depicted Yoda as a Zen master. In almost all the new Sci-Fi alien pictures there is the element of a universal power, an energy that can be used by those who seek it.Take for example the new Stars Wars movie the Phantom Menace. Anakim Skywalker is born of a virgin who is to become the hope, the savior of the universe for the rebel forces, as the force is with him. This whole movies theme is reminiscent of the spiritual hierarchy of the new age ascended masters who have a government over the universe and fly around in their extra-terrestial vehicles. They claim to be visiting and contacting mankind since the beginning of time. There certainly may be some biblical truth to this, if one reads between the lines. 

Now our imagination runs with anything that looks like "this may be that". The Cydonia "face"on Mars is a monument constructed by these intelligences revealing their knowledge of the message in the stars. Pyramids on the moon, even the face on the Sphinx is a cherubim. The pyramid is built by Enoch and has secret prophetic messages in mathamatics from alien visitors. The hollow earth theory of"Agartha" where there is an underground alien civilization. The inhabitants of Lemuria and Atlantis as advanced civilizations 50,000 years ago left in a cataclysm and are again visiting us. There’s always enough for those to be tantalized in their pursuit of what they consider knowledge. I’m sure you have heard this and much more. Its been said truth is stranger than fiction. Sometimes falsehood in its most bizarre presentation is accepted, because its so abnormal it must be the truth!

Most religions and cultures if old enough speak of visitations from the stars or other realms. "The records of ancient Sumeria tell of Gods descending from the stars and fertilizing their ancestors."(Alien Encounters p.51 quoting Von Daniken) Scientists that are also philosophers (parapsychology) have surmised they may be us from our own future, or awe are glimpsing into another dimension a veil so to speak is being lifted. How can we discern who these foreign visitors are.move ufo.gif (25220 bytes)

Are UFO’s physical craft?

There are over 700,000 sightings are reported and increasing daily. Something is certainly happening! After scrutinizing 25,000 or more of the valid reports we are left with at least3,000 unexplained sightings(probably many more). There are hundreds of sightings reported from all over the world each week.1,000 claim to be of the 3rd kind, direct contact in some fashion. 14% of the U.S, population claims to have seen them physically not just in dreams or visions.

There is physical evidence that they exist from radar tracking, to still pictures, to movies, as well as those claiming abduction. UFOs go through the sound barrier without making a sound. They often travel at speeds of 5-10,000 MPH yet there are no sonic booms, which normally come from physical objects travelling over speeds of 700 MPH. So they do not seem to be affecting the atmosphere they are travelling through, yet sometimes people do hear a small swishing sound when they are near. Reports of strategic air commands spot them at mach 7. They can make sharp right angle turns at these tremendous speeds violating the laws of physics. They defy G force and make stops immediately which is impossible to do and survive the inertia. The tracking stations see them often and many times jets are sent out to track down what appears on the radar. However you can see a UFO with your eyes and go to photograph it and it will not show up on film. Other times you may not see anything take a picture and it shows up. Real objects do not behave like this. What looks to us as physical vehicles may in fact be life forms we do not understand. Consider Ezekiels wheels(Ezek.1) that so many have dubbed a UFO. Yet if one reads on they find it to be a Cherub, a certain type of angel being described.(Ezek.1:14-15, 10:10-15)

ufo.gif (9349 bytes)The objects can change shape size and colour at random. They can seem to split in 4 and then reassemble. They disappear and reappear. If they are real, they are not physical at least in the way we understand it. They are of a spiritual nature almost like they are a living protoplasm. If they are multi dimensional it may explain how they can defy the laws of physics. Yet there are some reports that have them leaving physical evidence of impressions such as weighted vehicle on the ground as well as burn marks. Many have taken pictures of  craft  thousands of miles apart from each other and years apart and found them to be the same craft.

As of to day their has been no UFO communication between crafts intercepted .The only communication has been by thought by what is called channeling and automatic writing.   What they call transmissions. These messages are identical to ones the mediums and spiritists have been getting for centuries, just a bit more with technological slant. And why not since our culture has changed, they need to also.

Benjamen Creme who is involved with this phenomenon as contactee states…"The UFO’s are made of etheric matter now if you have etheric vision you can see them and forthly when they are seen they simply lower the vibrational rate of the etheric matter until they come within our range of vision.its a temporary manifestation and when they raise it again they appear to disappear. They are still there but they have disappeared from our range of vision." "(Art Bell program Coast to Coast July 10, 1998)

The majority believes there is a coverup or misinformation being handed out publicly. A cosmic watergate. Some scientists say there is some altered or parallel dimension beyond our physical sight for these crafts to be able to maneuver like they do. Assumptions are that they are interplanetary or intergalactic visitors. The late Allen Hynek a professor of astronomy had one of the greatest reputations for investigation was involved in the NASA space program. He became involved in project Blue Book as a skeptic but soon became a believer that something actually is happening. He found the governments approach to investigation lacking in scientific credibility. While he denied they came from other planets he did speculate they were extra dimensional. They came from a "parallel reality." He concluded, "I suspect that a very advanced civilization might know something about the connections between mind and matter that we don’t."

The truth is UFO’s are not extraterrestrial but originate from an invisible realm. They have been with us through out history but have assumed different disguises in accordance to the culture. They operate in both the physical and spiritual most often from the later.

The world is looking for a technological savior, the new age movement is looking for spirit beings to land. Could we have a space age messiah? The UFO’s speak of a new world order and that the United nations has an important role . The United Nations was formally set up in 1948 it was around this time that they started to make their appearance known. It was also at this time Israel land was given to the Jews fulfilling bible prophecy.Is it coincidence, or Gods timetable?

Almost all the pagan and occult religions talk about the Gods coming down from the stars or contact by other means. The new age teaches that these space brothers have their home at Orion, Pleaides, Andromedia or Arcturus, and Sirius star systems. All of these stars have great significance in their spiritual structure. Some have even stated the star of Bethlehem was a UFO as well as the Mt. Sinai experience of Moses. Enoch was an astronaut. Just about anything supernatural is connected to UFO’s and the ascended masters. They point to the biblical prophet Joel who wrote that God would "show wonders in the heavens." "and fire will fall from heaven" (Rev. 13:13). This is true but not all is given in a positive light.

The Ascended masters of the UFO’s

Communications from Jesus is like any other ascended master (Hatonn, Hilarion?), he is part of the intergalactic federation of planets. Under the command of a master, one called Ashtar . They call themselves the legion of light or Great White Brotherhood and often speak in the plural as we. Sananda is the Supreme Commander who is Jesus (this appears to be a name of Hindu origin) . We are told Ashtar is a Christed Extraterrestrial Master who is currently serving as commander of the Confederation Fleet in our sector of the universe. He is directly under guidance from Sananda (Jesus) to coordinate all activities to the Divine Plan. Sanat Kumara is the brother of Sananda who is the planetary Logos. He works with Buddha to create a new universe for evolving souls.

These masters have a intricate spiritual system where they distribute spiritual energies to elevate consciousness a El Morya is the master of the First Ray. Kuthumi is Master of the Second Ray. Hilarion is master of the 5th ray as Jesus /Sananda is the master of the 6th ray.

The teachings of the ETI's are the same as the ascended masters. Messengers were sent to mankind through various enlightened beings like Buddha, Melchezedic, Moses, Confucius, Jesus, Mohammed, etc.)These are preparatory for the time that the ultimate truth could be revealed by the  'Great Teacher' who will finally come to earth to lead mankind into an era known as the Golden Age? The man Jesus Christ is redefined as an avatar from an extra-terrestrial civilization in another dimension, These messages use the name Jesus but undermine the correctness of the Bible attacking the foundations of Christianity.

Messages to world servers- "They called to God. They called to Allah. They called to their various gods and goddesses in whatever language they would speak their names, and we heard." "We were called into this service by the Father of us all." (Ashtar ) Amazing that people called on their false gods and goddesses and look who answers! UFO's with ascended masters.

We are told they cannot interfere that we need to give them permission and ask for their help. With feigned words of harmony and peace they have enlisted some people’s heartfelt co-operation. The new alternative to Christ is salvation from the stars. …"We do not wish to frighten you in any way. Ours is a mission of love ."(Ashtar p.52) While they claim they need our permission to involve themselves they also state an ominous warning in some channeled messages." If you persist to a conclusion your preparations to plunge the planet Earth into a full-scale nuclear conflagration. Under existing universal law and intergalactic allied agreement, you will not permitted to do this…Should you determine to pursue your present course, you will no longer remain in control of your planet. Both intervention sand invasion will be initiated…"(Message from Ashtar space to earth) "I have put my hand and seal upon a declaration that, Before the stroke of the final hour, the temptors are to be removed from earth and brought to judgement for their crimes against creation!" ."(Galacticom #2 p.15)

Guardian Action news reported Ashtar has a son called Vegan he is one of 7 born to each the commanders who supposedly lowered themselves into embodiment. "he is one of the 7 etheric son the planet to gain full realization." On his right palm there developed a "6 pointed ( double triangle) star with a V and a dot in its center, the sign which his commander father identified as being the real seal of Vegan the prophet."( Guardian Action International) This is exactly what the bible warns about in Revelation 13. A mark on the right hand and forehead. This certainly has the potential to be a psychological preparation for this. To those who serve these masters it would be worn as a sign of allegiance and the new spiritual man serving the new age.

They explain that Vegan is "aware of dark princes of the dark realms...Fleets of UFO’s parade before him in homage and tribute. Enlightened beings from a thousand different planets make their way to his presence to show their respect and present their credentials."(ibid.) Who is this being that others worship? The bible warns over 3,500 years ago in Deut.4:19 "And take heed, lest you lift your eyes to heaven, and when you see the sun, the moon, and the stars, all the host of heaven, you feel driven to worship them and serve them, which the LORD your God has given to all the peoples under the whole heaven as a heritage.

"Ashtars goal is to see every earth based unit, co-operating and working together as one team in these days of Armegeddon … Together , we walk a lighted path to the feet of the eternal, radiant one. Together, we cannot fail! Adonai. I Am." He also states "I am Ashtar, of the legions of victorious ones." It is not unusual to see them use God’s name for themselves. Many times they will apply the names and titles of God to themselves and others. We can see there is a real war lead by deception to enlist the minds of those who are conscientious doers for good, desiring a better world.

The planetary commission enlists help to "create a love shield around our planet by joining forces with millions in the world prayer for peace."(Galacticom #2 p.15) The planetary commission has people sign an agreement to harmonize the planet with accelerating its consciousness. "I shall begin this day to radiate the infinite spirit I AM in truth to this world…. And I place my faith in the presence of God within my Spirit, my substance, my supply and my support." This is an agreement to be part of a worldwide group to release light love and spiritual energy on Dec.31 each year. What is common throughout all of this teaching whether it I from UFO’s or the earthlinks, is that we are the I AM as spirit.

"It is the unifying of the individualized missions of the greater plan, into the final cohesive templates and alignments which will carry your planet through the final phases of this ascension and through the photon energetic integration…(Maui Hawaii message channeled by Chandara 10/17/96 )

"The Light frequencies will take on a new quality and feel, which is the unification of the fields of matter. This is in preparation for the alignment of the photon integration which is occurring now. This will begin to be felt on all levels of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric realms. New scientific discoveries will begin to unfold. Dynamic releases of information from the sacred texts will occur. It is a time of great rejoicing. For this is a milestone in the overall focus and intention of the evolutionary course of the Earth and her inhabitants"... In love and light, we remain The Twelfth High Council, Ancient of Days, and Councilors of The Galactic Confederation.

Activations, templates, gates, levels and numerous other psychic-spiritual terms all have to do with receiving energies and direct communication. Their plan is eventually having the materialization of aliens on earth. Notice again taking Gods name or description exclusive to him and applying it to themselves. Those who take Gods titles and claim to be a god and when in fact they are not an ancient prophet named Jeremiah addressed in Jer.10:10 …"The gods that have not made heaven and earth, will perish from the earth and from under heaven."

"The appearance of our spacecraft in your skies will be the fulfillment of the scriptural prophecy and will mark the beginning of a new vision for the next cycle of evolution of the race of cosmic man."(Galacticom #2 The promise of earth's redemption being fulfilled p.9)

What’s is revealing is that the new age movement speaks of spirit beings that live on other worlds or dimensions helping mankind along on its course to self discovery. They are here to help us adjust through a difficult time to be transformed into a new golden age. This is exactly what 2 Cor.11:14 warns us of, angels, messengers of light that seem to have good intentions, (messengers of righteousness). These messengers are not limited to Christian cults like Mormonism. Scripture also states that even Satan can appear as an angel of light. These space people tell us they are the "legion of light" to help man at this crucial time. Well the only spiritual legion Jesus mentioned was one of the darkness not light. Eph.6:12 tells us of the power structure of the enemy as an army that effective strategists, promoting the plans of Satan.

The Bible explains where Satan current abode is, in the atmosphere, he is the prince of the power of the air (Eph.2:2), Paul says we wrestle (our battle) not with flesh and blood, but with principalities and powers, with wicked spirits in high places, in Greek epouranios- existing in heaven, things that take place in heaven, the heavenly regions in the sky:

Satan a fallen angel of highest order is the prince of the power of the air (who directs the armada of hosts, the atmosphere is his stomping ground) Eph.2:2. The Satanic confederation has its seat in the atmosphere above and around our world.  But they desire to control things through earthly governments and people.

Jesus warned us that before he would come again it would be like the days of Noah. If we look back into history in order for sin to be ripe for judgement it must first be fully pervasive. The setting up of Satan’s kingdom on earth has been prevented from reaching that fullness because he is restrained. In Noah's time sin flooded the earth before God judged with water.. In Gen.6 most believe that earth was visited by angels, that they left their place of habitation and invaded our world. They came down when sin was everywhere, accepted and legal. Gen.6:2 after the Sons of God (Bnai’ elohim) took the daughters of men (by force) they had offspring vs.4 "There were giants on the earth in those days "nephilim" and were also afterward, when the sons of God (angels) came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old the men of renown."( famous people, world known, of whom ancient tales are spoken of). They brought their occult knowledge and tried to corrupt the seed line of the Messiah by their introduction of something mankind was not meant to be. They would then defile the human species.

The word which is often translated, "giants", is accurately in Hebrew, "Nephilim", meaning " fallen ones" Jude, the brother of Jesus describes them as "the angels, having left their first estate in heaven". These angels that were already fallen in heaven came to earth in disobedience for the reason to corrupt the human species. They took women and had made hybrid species that became renowned throughout the earth. (go  to Gen.6 Nephilim)

The star seed was Von Danikens theory (chariots of the Gods) because of the ancient myths of beings from heaven that interacted with early man and even interbred.   Others have considered this too such as Zechariah Stitchen. After all, how does one explain where we originated from as far as life on earth?  To be planted as a species here is a logical alternative for those who ignore a personal God, the one of the bible. Yet this still does not solve the question of who were the first beings and where did they come from?  However this will be a pacifier for the time being.

Today there are walk-ins who contact human subjects for habitation. These are People who voluntarily give up their bodies for an extra-terrestial to come in and take over to do the work of harmony for the new age. There are others who realize through some occultic means of awakening, they are from another galaxy incarnated at this time for mankind's leap in evolution. Overall they need to be invited in, but there are times they do not need permission, and this is when someone traffics in the Occult. Djwahl Khul states that Hitler was a walk-in. The "Dark Brotherhood" facilitated the deployment of one of their high ranking members into Hitler's body. So it appears not all walk- ins are beneficial for mankind and those who claim best intentions may in fact be using flattery to gain access. This would be spiritual treachery a treason unheard of in any country. These are the times we live in, as the attack on the biblical record is assaulted by liberals, those claiming a higher consciousness as well as visitors claiming to be from space.

( part 2 of UFO's)


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