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Science or magic in the eye

Iridology was started in Europe by a Hungarian physician, Ignatz Von Peczley, in 1881 where he first published charts of the iris based on many clinical observations. He based these on his experience when as a child when he accidentally broke the leg of his pet bird and noted a distinct change in the birds iris.

It was introduced in the USA in 1904 by Henry Lahn, M.D. and became internationally accepted in 1952 by the work of dr. Bernard Jensen who is considered the leading authority in America. In the book iridology science and the practice in the healing arts it is reported that Jensen believes in reincarnation, astral travel, psychic development and what would be considered other occult techniques.

there are 10,000 practitioners in Europe and thousands in the US.

iridology studies the iris, the colored portion of the eye which controls the amount of light arriving at the retina. they also believe that the iris contains all the body parts, and that , it's like a map even an x-ray of the whole body and we can see the past, present, and future state of our health in the iris. This is clearly occultic in practice. In Jensen's book its stated, the iris of the eye can show acute subacute, chronic, and destructive stages in the body. Many other factors are also revealed such as organic and functional changes... it foretells the development of many conditions long before they have manifested into disease symptoms.

Iridology is based on the unproven concept of neural pathways between the body and the iris. It is similar to other metaphysical systems.

dr. Jensen believes that the optic nerve serves as the final messenger between the nervous system and the iris and can warn of future looking into the eye and seeing clouded or spotted areas, we can see the health of our organs and diagnose disease before it takes place.

The optic nerve has been shown with out question to be only a "one way" messenger, carrying information from the retina to the brain and not in reverse.

so according to these studies, it is impossible for the iris to be this window to our body--their theory is based upon the experience of it's practitioners rather than controlled studies in science. This has been seen in ancient Chinese practices which relate to Astrology. It appears almost every occult system has the internal organs related to the stars. since almost all are based on a unseen energy permeating the universe and our bodies.

the danger is progression of a serious illness that iridologists missed or misdiagnosed that can lead to serious illness and even death.

the idea that the eye is connected with the central nervous system allegedly permitting detailed information from the internal organs and illustrate the health that is not visible by normal medical practice is unfounded.

"Iridology remains unproven scientifically, but theories have been advance explain how it might work. ... according to the precepts of iridology, the eye reflects different stages of disease - ac chronic and destructive" (the illustrative, dictionary of holistic health--page 10).

This is the same teaching found in reflexology. Similar practices can be seen in ancient Chinese practices related to astrology.

see this article Confessions of a Former Iridologist

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