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Comparing their message to the biblical record

The space messengers deny everything the bible teaches, but use its terms to their own fancy, hoping to validate whom they are trying to represent. "Know ye not beloved, that you are all dear to my heart, and that the father is in all men? That what you do unto the least of my brethren, ye do also to me."(Galacticom bulletin #2)

They say Christ is an energy/consciousness that we are all sons of God like he is. They teach an occult gospel of man on the evolutionary ladder toward being God. The UFO occupants speak of reincarnation, pre-existence as spirits with evolution toward our goal as Gods. Since evolution is the accepted model of mans origin, why not have other civilizations who are springing up in an endless time frame. They may be much further along the evolutionary scale than we are? There is a force or consciousness permeating all things throughout the universe, that all is God (pantheism). They promote communication with the dead. They deny a hell and judgement. They promote themselves as guardians and protectors of the human race. That we are star seed, and they're the originators of our race coming back to check on our progress and development.

Almost all the people which have had contact have a background in some type of occult activity or were pursuing it. Ouji boards, Palmistry, Psychometry, Chanelling, Astral travel, Seances, Spiritism, Divination, Astrology as well as believing in ascended masters and ancient civilizations. UFO investigators and participants do not consider the possibility that such phenomena may be of a supernatural origin (demonic nature.) All of these spiritual means the bible forbids one to use. The true God knows how harmful they are and wants to protect us by forbidding this kind of contact. Gods angels do carry out his will in the affairs of man but they will not speak contrary to the bibles revelation nor bring new information on God that is contradictory. They work behind the scenes almost always invisible not bringing attention to themselves but only to fulfill Gods will. Like or not this is what the biblical record presents as Gods instructions are completed through the Holy Scriptures and wants us to trust his Sons words for now and eternity.

Is their life on other planets?

Ashtar message channelled "We are human in appearance as you are. There are humans throughout the universe. The earth is not the only inhabited planet, and as the Lord made man in his image, it is only logical that there are images of Him scattered throughout His creation. "(Channeled by E. Klein)

alien06.gif (59340 bytes)Benjamen Crème, "All the planets of our system are inhabited but if you went to mars or Venus or mercury or Jupiter you would find nobody but they are there, if you have Etheric vision you will see them. If you don’t all you will see is a planet which seems to be bereft of human beings. But it is not so humanity is everywhere in progress. "(Art Bell Coast to Coast July 10, 1998)

There are many biblical reasons for not accepting the idea of intelligent human type life beyond earth. The Bible does not give the slightest hint that extraterrestrials exist. Yet those who believe this often appeal to the Bible. Scripture indicates that God created only two kinds of intelligent species, angels and men. The angelic species are divided into angels who obey God and demons, "fallen angels" that are false representatives opposing him. These want to inhabit bodies so they come under the disguise of walk-ins.

If they were really travelers from another star system. It would take their spacecraft 90,000 years to travel (speed of light) to the closest sun that might have planets. Why would they travel all this way to us, and then keep themselves secret. Why do they not bring the gospel of Jesus Christ and instead substitute an occult one? These are questions that seriously need answers. Not just brushed away as the bible is inaccurate (which it is not). It is ludicrous to think UFOs, with beings that are extremely old and advanced with this kind of technology travel great lengths through space and when they get to earth they engage in kidnappings and a sexual inquisition of humans. This is not advanced Intelligence, but deception. UFOs are nonphysical demonic manifestations. They are interdimensional not from other planets. There are Angels and demons visiting earth, not ET’s. They want us to think this way so that we can accept them as some kind of relative of our species.

Recently panspermia has become a viable option in the star seed theory

Romans 8:19-23 indicates that what happened in Eden was cosmological in its effect. It is important to consider that the bible as well as science shows we live in a fallen universe. That it is wearing down, losing energy. The scripture points to sin as the source of its decay. The fall of our first parents from their estate of unqualified holiness not only brought corruption to the life of our planet but affected all the universe. The death of Christ at Calvary was specifically for the sons of Adam, who are sinners. The atonement and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ are central to our history of humanity, as well as the cosmos. The transformation of a new earth and mankind are not dependent on an intervention of aliens calling themselves gods, but on the glorification of believers (Rom.8:21). Our hope for a perfect civilization comes from Christ, the one who died for sinners and who is coming back and ruling over mankind with perfect love and justice.

What we find is that the earth is unique in the Scripture where the cosmic drama of good and evil are manifest. It is all centered on planet earth where the human soul is the prize which God and Satan are battling for.

The gospel is for mankind who are sinners, not for beings on other planets, Jn. 3:16-17 "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son ... that the world through him might be saved that world is planet earth’s inhabitants. "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners which essentially means on our planet" That the God who created all things became a man." I Tim 1:15 "he is the propitiation ... for the sins of the whole world, not the universe'. God made only one way for God to forgive any sinners it is paid by God himself becoming one of them. It is for this reason Jesus had become a man to redeem us. He would have to become one of the aliens to redeem them. Then it hardly makes sense to have this same process repeated on countless other planets throughout the cosmos. So that every different creature that needs salvation he would need to become each kind to redeem them. This becomes a antichrist doctrine described in I John 4:1-3 Christ has come in human flesh ( a human species) and continues in the same body forever.

If they did not sin they would all be like Jesus. Which destroys the uniqueness of the "only begotten son."  But this is not what they are saying, since they claim they have been reincarnated for eons. Which is an admittance of sin or at least imperfection.

How many times would Christ need to give his life to redeem other civilizations? Each time he would have to become that species since that is the very reason he became man and not something else. Biblically Jesus Christ is the only Savior, and His death was done once as the only perfect sacrifice for sins ever offered in the universe (Heb. 9:23-28; 10:12-14). The scriptures over and over repeat the reconciling of humanity all through Christ that occurs on planet earth Christ died only once and would never be repeated for another species. (Eph.1:7,10 Phil.2:10 Col.1:2 Rev.5:9,13) The scripture speaks of the gospel preached to all of the world, not to all the universe!

If other types of morally responsible life existed elsewhere in the universe they would have a right of choice just as Adam did. And if they made the wrong choice they would require salvation just as Adam did. They would need redemption by believing in Christ for salvation. Since sin would have affected their world as well as the universe just like Adams did.

This is rejected by those who are in the new age and for good reason, it is being taught to them. Benjamin Creme states, "...the Christian Churches have released into the world a view of the Christ which is impossible for modern people to accept; as the one and only Son of God sacrificed by a loving Father to save us from the results of our sins - a blood sacrifice, straight out of the old Jewish dispensation. We have rejected this view, left the church in our millions, because it doesn't tally with our knowledge of history of science and other religions ... to my mind the churches have over- emphasized the divinity of Christ. He is divine but in the way you and I are divine the idea of a Christ who come from the sky from some mythical heaven; that the clouds are going to open and He is going to come down in a long white robe; to my mind all this is ludicrous ... does not tie up with our modern scientific knowledge of human psychology..." (The Reappearance of The Christ and the Masters of Wisdom , Benjamin Creme, Tara Press)

In its place are spirit beings on numerous astral planes and dimensions as well as Christ flying around in a UFO.

Atheists and some scientists believe that life happened by chance on earth it could have happened by chance elsewhere. The bible says life is created by God, it has purpose and meaning. If there is any intelligent life existing on other planets, God would have to be their creator also. Yet the Bible is silent on such an important matter. God didn't try again on another planet to make another Adam and Eve before or after, they sinned here on earth.

Neither do I think Satan and his angels went off to another planet and made a new civilization! The Bible seems to clearly indicate that this earth is the only such place in the universe. This is why it is written in Genesis that "In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth." Christ came to defeat Satan and destroy his power having consequences for the entire universe. It was to this earth that Satan came to spread his rebellion and on this earth that Christ sacrificed Himself for sin and His resurrection took place. Christ died for sin only once, on this planet for mankind (Heb. 9 and 10) When Satan is cast out of heaven, he comes to earth; it is on this planet that the battle will be fought which will end up to be Satan's defeat and imprisonment and eventually his eternal doom. It is on earth that Christ will set up his kingdom and reign for 1,000 years. It is on earth the new Jerusalem descends and mankind enters an eternal state with Christ as its ruler. Earth is the spiritual battleground for where ones eternal decision takes place.

no aliens.gif (3513 bytes)Convincing as it may seem for life elsewhere one can only come to this conclusion by ignoring the biblical accounts which are meticulous in their detail. This is not a ‘gray‘ area but of utmost importance. If things take place like many of those contacted and abducted tell us It is a decision everyone may have to take sides on sooner than we think.

The almighty has already sent his message in the son who came to earth and died for our sins who has become the solution to the human delimma. There is, and always been God, an invisible uncreated spirit who is beyond anything we can fully comprehend. We do not have to be left to our own postulations that comes from our fallen human condition. God has spoken and unless we believe from Genesis to Revelation we will be left with only the course to be lead on, to the ultimate deception of the ages.

Imagine a landing of UFO’s and one comes out arrayed in white saying he is the Christ. Do you think the world would be convinced. After all he came back just as he left, (Acts1:11) from the sky and every eye will behold him. If this were to take place, it would be the greatest deception ever fostered upon mankind. What if he had powers and was able to do signs or miracles, how could anyone refute it! This isn’t my speculation or imagination, these are the channeled messages given to the world servers of the new age. After all we have been prepared with the Star Wars "force" who George Lucas got the idea from Carlos Castaneda’s Tales of Power. In the Empire Strikes Back the director Irvin Kershner is a Zen Buddhist who depicted Yoda as a Zen master. In almost all the new Sci-Fi alien pictures there is the element of a universal power, an energy that can be used by those who seek it. Look at the popular shows and cartoons that are on today. People have accepted and practice these concepts in numerous ways today. It has become ingrained in our culture. So it shouldn’t be surprising to have someone come on the scene with powers received from a god of forces. It may actually make more sense than what has been offered to the public so far.

Can UFO’s have a specific role to play in our particular time in history? To deceive mankind  is quite a task to accomplish. But is not an impossible one. It only makes sense that we are not alone to those who refuse the bibles revelation, will accept the new evolutionary model.


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