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New age scams

Today we hear in the commercial world let the buyer beware. This is not only good advice in buying merchandise but also in spiritual matters especially with today's openness in Spirituality. I watched a talk show the other day that actually had something good on. They were addressing scams and schemes. One of the experts mentioned how people are taken advantage of today because they work on your guilt. In the secular world there are always new ways to part people from their money. Its not different in the new age spirituality.

The only absolute in the New Age is that there are no absolutes. When you operate by everything being relative you have no real way of knowing if your being taken for a ride. Just about anything can be implemented as useful if one is open to the new universe of spirituality.

There is Insurance against alien impregnation from alien abductions. For $1,000 It covers 50 members at a time. It pays at up to I Million per person for abduction impregnation or death. Heavens gate members had an insurance policy under this company of which they took some responsibility. Since then they have dropped this policy. Although they did pay for one person in Britain $750,000 who proved he was abducted since he had pics.

I've heard that some insurance companies even cover faith healing. When the TV evangelists of the hyper faith get wind of this they certainly will make use of it.

You can now buy a lunar deed for parcel and acreage on the Moon. Maybe you can get an earth view. I guess the sky is no longer the limit. Obviously no one is going to check their parcel ahead of time. I remember years ago my friends bought land in the Midwest for several hundred an acre thinking it was a great deal only to find out later it was on the side of a cliff.

How about quit smoking, lose weight or become successful through hypnosis. Using relaxation first people put off their critical analytical mental process which is our protection. Or how about taking a course in mental dynamics rethinking everything you know about yourself. Learn your full human potential with mind techniques to recondition your mind.  (Est and the forum have competition these days)

One man on the program posed as a real psychic and read peoples minds. He later revealed he was scamming them and that he planted auto suggestions In the peoples minds to lead them on. The women said she would never pay for it but since it was for free shed try it. This is why Psychics give 10-25 minutes free. They know that if they are accurate in some way they win the persons trust and they have a steady customer

What the fake psychic said, was that we are quick to give over our authority over to other people who claim to have special powers. He also said about the guarantees when something doesn’t work they put the blame on the participant, You didn’t try hard enough or didn’t follow directions. Sound familiar? It should for those in the word faith movement .

Learn to meditate like a master in only 20 minutes by hooking yourself to a machine and change your brain waves to Alpha.

You can go to a channeler and ask questions about your past life or future and charge it all on your credit card. Your depending on someone who is hearing from an invisible spirit to give accurate information isn't that comforting. You can have your future read by the psychics on TV. From the testimonies they seem to be so friendly and really know the person. By the way how come the Psychic Friends Network who boasted to have the best real psychics couldn't predict themselves going out of business? I guess it was because it wasn't good news so they couldn't see it for their own future. Well it works for everyone else anyway doesn't it? Not!


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