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Holding Hands with Other Faiths and Other Lifestyles.

The "Community of the Cross of Nails" is an extension of Coventry Cathedrals international ministry. The Cathedral is part of the Anglican Diocese of Canterbury whom white represents http://www.coventrycathedral.org.uk/co.html

His traditional title is The Very Reverend James Diamond. The president of the Community of the Cross of Nails  in the United States and one of five members of Coventry Cathedral's world council on international reconciliation. He also worked with the Jesuit communities in Boston and Cincinnati and is an Ignatian spiritual director. He had an interfaith ministry in Boston which included a television series and interfaith pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

 link to James Diamonds Biography.

The Cross of nails Involvement in the new reconciliation process

http://www.ccn-usa.org/writings/president/president0404.html  From James Diamond...President of Community of Cross of Nails-USA. " I will be joining Canon White and Lord Carey (the former Archbishop of Canterbury) in Jerusalem later this week for another effort in the Alexandria accord."

http://christchurchcincinnati.org/newweb1/articles_ sermons/dean/what_reconciliation_ministry-looks_like.htm  

Sermon quote by US Pres. of Comm of cross of nails- Rev. James A Diamond.

" The Community of the Cross of Nails in the United States focuses on domestic reconciliation. The board of CCN-USA has selected three priorities for the next triennium: racial reconciliation, inter-faith reconciliation, and the reconciliation necessary around sexual orientation.”

Under the title Reconciliation Ministries: We Are All One Citing 2 Corinthians 5:19 As we reconcile ourselves to Christ, we can find new ways of being together as a people, moving beyond divisions.

“Reconciliation is not a static, rule-driven endeavor, but a dynamic, living practice of relationships that allows people to know we are all within the human family, which is God's family. No one is outside," said Beverly Jones.

A portion of a sermon was given at Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, by the Dean, the Very Rev. James Diamond Sunday, August 3, 2003. http://christchurchcincinnati.org/newweb1/people_pages/james_diamond.htm,       US Pres. of "cross of nails" gives consent for ordination of Homosexuals 

  "In the name of God, and of Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen"  "You and I know that we can quote various disconnected verses from Genesis, Leviticus and Romans and we can find in those parts of the Hebrew text and in the Epistles uncompromising words that condemn homosexual acts. Taking verses out of context and out of history is not a responsible use of Scripture. I suggest to you that there are two things that balance against this use of scripture. First, Jesus’ commentary on homosexual activity in the gospels; it does not exist. There is not a word about homosexuality either because he forgot it, not likely; he did not think it was important, probably untrue; or perhaps he felt that we could come to understand sexual orientation on our own since it was not a matter of sin."

Scripture is the best authority but Scripture needs to be understood very broadly if we are to understand and believe in him whom God has sent. Remember, my friends, that scripture commends to us both slavery and the submission of women. I believe the quote is that women should be quiet in church. We have learned not to apply those propositions literally to modern, Christian living. We have moved on to a different understanding, and I believe that we are now being invited to a new understanding of gays and lesbians in relationships.

“Part of our catholic tradition, one which I think we do not talk enough about is the doctrine of continuing revelation. We believe that even after the last sentence of the Book of Revelation was completed by the last period and the Canon of the Bible as we know it was closed, God continued to be actively involved in our salvation and is constantly revealing new truths to us today. Because that is so, we are always in danger of learning something new. God continues to move among us, continues to challenge us, and at the very moment when we say “no more, I cannot go one more step,” God is there saying I have more to teach you. You are not going to like it but there is more.”

“when we allow Jesus to open the doors of this Church wider, to make it more accessible, and to make it possible for everyone to feel welcomed and for those who are baptized to receive all of the sacraments of the Church…”

What about believing and repenting? One does not enter the true Church by only baptism.


Source: "News From the Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota, posted May 7, 2003, www.episcopalmn.org/News_CommonGround_050703.htm This article includes a photo of Canon Andrew White with the Reverend James Jelinek, Bishop of Minnesota who promotes the homosexual agenda.

Bishop Challenges Churches to "Open Doors and Hearts" to GLBT Persons Source: www.episcopalmn.org/AroundDiocese_050703.htm 

Bishop James Jelinek was the preacher at the opening worship of the third annual "Opening our Doors . . . Opening Our Hearts" Conference in Duluth. The conference is sponsored by several faith communities in the Greater Duluth-Superior area, including the Episcopal congregations in Duluth, St. Paul's, St. Edward's and St. Andrew's. Its purpose is to enlighten and train people of faith to make their respective communities more open to and affirming of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons.

In his sermon, Bishop Jelinek affirms the unity of the faiths “There are those of us who have been part of God’s faith communities, such as church, synagogue, temple or mosque.”

“If you heard the implication that not all of scripture is God’s Word, you heard me correctly. We Anglicans (Episcopalians in the U.S.) are very clear about scripture: it is not “sovereign” as some would claim. It is neither the only nor even the last revelation of God. It is the primary source of revelation for us Christians. Jesus, we believe, is the ultimate or unsurpassable revelation, and scripture is that collection of writings which point to him, disclose the story of his life and teachings, and most especially reveal his relationship with God and his knowledge of what is in God’s heart. We Anglicans do not believe that everything in scripture is necessary for salvation, but we do believe that everything necessary for salvation is in scripture. This is a view which allows us to honor and affirm the traditions of others as also being revelations of God.”

This appears to be double talk, skirting the issue to be tolerant. Both Diamond Reverend James Jelinek agree in their view of the Bible. and recently the archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams endorsed a promiscuous Bible. You can apparently conclude they are all holding hands on this.


England Sunday Iraq and the return to sovereignty By Canon Andrew White Number Date: 6/24/04

White has been chosen as “one of the few westerners to attend the ceremony of the presentation of the new Iraqi Government.”

One of Whites associates Georges Sada who headed up Coventry Cathedral’s work in Iraq is now chief advisor and spokesman to the Prime Minister.



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