This conference was held in Oahu, Hawaii from March 9-11, 2001 is now available in a four video set.  Video’s and audios can be purchased separately. Video’s are $15. plus $3.50 S&H . The whole four tape set for $50. plus $6.40 S&H. 

 Audios can be purchased separately for $6. plus $.75 S&H or the whole seven tape set for $35. plus $5.00 S&H.    scroll down the page for the listing of speakers in the conference.  


VIDEO Tape one Friday, 3/9/01   
Speaker: Duane Magnani
Topic: Jehovah's Witnesses. 
Content: Watchtower teachings, Bloods “out of body experience”
Speaker: Mike Oppenheimer
Topic: International Church of Christ. 
Content: Their exclusivity and teaching on discipleship and baptismal salvation.

Speaker: Dave Hunt
Topic: Mormonism.
Content: Origins, Joseph Smith, false doctrines and practices, how to witness to them.

Speaker: Jacob Prasch
Topics: Explaining the Tri-unity Of God 
Content: The dangerous erosion of the fundamental Trinity doctrine. Examining other false views of God.

 VIDEO tape two  Saturday Morning, 3/9/01
Speaker: Duane Magnani
Topic: Jehovah's Witnesses and Salvation - “Do You Really Care About Jesus?”
Content: The importance of knowing the gospel and in whom we have believed. Salvific issues, the deity of Christ.

Speaker: Dave Hunt
Topic: Occult Invasion 
Content: The Occult influences in our society and inside the Church.

Speaker: Jewel van der Mewre
Topic: The Rise of Gnosticism in the Church 
Content: Where is this influence of this early heresy found today? What are the signs of Gnosticism?

Speaker: Bill Randles
Topic: Two Mysteries. 
Content: The mystery of iniquity (Man ascending to become God) vs. the mystery of godliness (God descending to become man.)

VIDEO tape 3 Saturday Afternoon 3/10/01
Speaker: Jewel van der Merwe
Topic: The Latter Rain/Manifest Sons of God Doctrines 
Content: Explaining the origin and doctrines of the Latter rain movement. 

Speaker: Jacob Prasch
Topic: Demolishing Arguments 
Content: A biblical apologetic exposing commonly used misguided arguments.

Speaker: Bill Randles
Topic: War In The Heavenlies 
Content: Gnostic warfare prayer techniques vs. spiritual warfare from a biblical perspective.

Speaker: Dave Hunt
Topic: A urgent call to a Serious Faith
Content: Defining the biblical gospel, what we are saved from and the call to discipleship to help us live in the last days.

                                        VIDEO tape 4 Sunday Evening 3/11/01                                             Speaker: Jacob Prasch
    Topic: A Chink In The Armor 
Content: What happens when good people unite with bad people? God wants a separate people and hates a mixture. 

Speaker: Bill Randles
Topic: Beware The New Prophets. 
Content: Testing the new prophets by the Word of God

Speaker: Dave Hunt
Topic: The Bible prophecies for the end times
Content: The current ecumenism and interfaith directions of the church toward apostasy. What do we do?
Question and Answer Session with the panel of guests.



The discernment conference held in Oahu, Hawaii from March 9-11, 2001 is available on eight audio cassette tapes. Lectures are 45 minutes to 55 minutes. Each audio-tape can be purchased separately for $6. plus $.75 S&H  the whole set for $40 includes shipping.

#1-Duane Magnani/Mike Oppenheimer   
#2 -Dave Hunt/Jacob Prasch   
#3 -Duane Magnani/Dave Hunt  
#4 -Jewel van der Merwe/Bill Randles   
#5 -Jewel van der Merwe/Jacob Prasch  
#6 -Bill Randles/Dave Hunt   
#7 -Jacob Prasch/Bill Randles   
#8 - Dave Hunt  

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