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Jesus of the Word/faith movement

Deut. 13:1-5 "If there arises among you a prophet or a dreamer of dreams, and he gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder comes to pass, of which he spoke to you, saying, 'Let us go after other gods'--which you have not known--'and let us serve them,' "you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams, for the LORD your God is testing you to know whether you love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul. You shall walk after the LORD your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments and obey His voice, and you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him. But that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has spoken in order to turn you away from the LORD your God, "

In the Hebrews 1:1 it tells that God spoke in many different ways in the past, the majority of it was through the prophets. Jesus points to the prophets as one way to validate who He is.

It was rare for someone in the Old Testament to be a prophet or a receiver of dreams and would lead Israel to the gods of the surrounding nations. Its obvious that no one who claims the name of Christ would speak so up front as to say let us go after other gods, (although this can and has been possible); often the meaning can be more subtle. They lead people to worship god differently or present God in a manner that misrepresents his nature, His being or characteristics.

The meaning of this verse in Deut.13 is to carry one away with declarations to make them become familiar with strange gods, something they are not familiar with about him and have them serve in a strange, new or unusual fashion that will have a harmful spiritual affect.

SIGN -Heb. 'ot represents a miraculous "sign": "And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe thee, neither hearken to the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign." "Signs" are attestations of the validity of a prophetic message, but they are not the highest or final test of a prophet; he must speak in conformity to past revelation (from Vine's Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words) This is in reference to Isa.8:20.

One needs to discern whether the same Jesus of the Bible is being represented or as Paul says another Jesus. Yes there is in the Bible a warning about another Jesus. Certainly when one looks at the details it becomes clear that they are very different. But to come to this conclusion, it means one must test and examine painstakingly, to make sure they have not received a close imitation.

When one looks at the statements of those who claim to be leaders of the faith and can see miracles happen from there faith we do find some statements that may cause one to stop and ponder what is actually being said.

Hagin, Copeland, Hinn, Browne and numerous others all claim to have great miracles and "give you a sign or a wonder" as Deut. 13 states, but who is Jesus to them. In the following statements we will look at their description of what he looks like, acts like and speaks like. It is their presentation of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit that matters, not the miracles or claims thereto.

Kenneth Copeland says "If you stood Adam upside God, they look just exactly alike....If you stood Jesus and Adam side-by-side, they would look and act and sound exactly alike....The image is that they look just alike, but the likeness is that they act alike and they are alike....All of God's attributes, all of God's authority, all of God's faith, all of God's ability was invested in that man." (Kenneth Copeland, Authority of the Believer IV (Fort Worth: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1987, audiotape #01-0304),

How does Copeland know what the Bible is silent on? The same refutes to a Mormon are apropo here. Man is not in the exact physical image of God, God does not have a body Jn.4:24 God is Spirit, yet Copeland insists God is a "spirit-being with a body, complete with eyes, and eyelids, ears, nostrils, a mouth, hands and fingers, and feet" (Kenneth Copeland ministry letter, 21 July 1977.)

Benny Hinn also knows more than what Scripture teaches. "What does God the Father look like? Although I've never seen Him, I believe - as with the Holy Spirit - He looks like Jesus looked on earth" (Benny Hinn, Good Morning Holy Spirit, p.87, Word, 1991). 

"What was the appearance of God the Father? Like that of a man...God has the likeness of fingers and hands and a face" (Good Morning Holy Spirit, (Benny Hinn, Word, 1991) p. 82)

Jerry Savelle "The Bible says that Jesus was the express image of God. So, I'm convinced that Jesus was-you know-had to look quite a lot like God looked. And He measured out the heavens with a 9-inch span. Now, I don't-my fingers is not quite 9 inches. The distance between my thumb and my finger is not quite 9 inches. So, I know He's bigger than me, thank God. Amen?

Copeland stated, God is a "spirit-being with a body, complete with eyes, and eyelids, ears, nostrils, a mouth, hands and fingers, and feet." (Kenneth Copeland ministry letter, 21 July 1977.)

Morris Cerullo describes him quite differently saying, "As I lay there on the floor in this condition, my spirit was taken out of my body and the next thing I knew, I was in the heavens…Suddenly, in front of this tremendous multitude of people, the glory of God appeared. The Form that I saw was about the height of a man six feet tall, maybe a little taller, and twice as broad as a human body with no distinguishing features such as eyes, nose, or mouth" (Morris Cerullo, The Miracle Book (San Diego, CA: Cerullo Word Evangelism, Inc., 1984) x-xi.

Its interesting to find those who see him contradict each others revelation. So do we choose and pick which one is correct? No, we don't have to-- I don't think any of them are correct. How can I say this? The Bible says so.

Kenneth Copeland "What [why] does God have to pay the price for this thing? He has to have a man that is like that first one. It’s got to be a man. He’s got to be all man. He cannot be a God and come storming in here will attributes and dignities that are not common to man. He can’t do that. It’s not legal" (Kenneth Copeland, What Happened from the Cross to the Throne (Fort Worth, TX: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1990), audiotape #02-0017).

If there is any question to what he is saying, Kenneth Copeland makes it absolutely clear in this one "Why didn't Jesus openly proclaim Himself as God during His 33 years on earth? For one single reason. He hadn't come to earth as God, He'd come as man" ( K. Copeland, Believer's Voice of Victory magazine, Aug. 8, 1988. p.8.)

Kenneth Copeland continued to make these false teachings of the one Christians call their savior.  " He'd set aside His divine power and had taken on the form of a human being--with all its limitations." And, that Jesus lived on earth, "...not as God but as a man." He also taught "that Jesus never believed Himself to be "...the Most High God."

When we look at what Kenneth Copeland believes as well as Rodney Browne and even statements from others, they all present a different Jesus.

If one does not esteem the truth of Christ can the true Holy Spirit work through these men in their revival, miracle, healing meetings.

Much like their predecessor whom they all respect Willaim Branham, they all teach" He never called Himself the Son of God. He referred to Himself, the-'Son of man, because He had to come according to the Scripture"( The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us, p.8)

Nonsense, again Jesus affirmed His deity constantly, by action and by word. He said he came from above, that He was equal to God,one with the Father, that David called him Lord and by the very term Son of God, it meant he was to have the same nature as His Father; which no angel or human being can have.

Jesus Christ himself supposedly told Copeland in the following prophecy: "Don’t be disturbed when people put you down and speak harshly and roughly of you. They spoke that way of Me, should they not speak that way of you? The more you get to be like Me, the more they’re going to think that way of you. They crucified Me for claiming that I was God. But I didn’t claim I was God; I just claimed I walked with Him and that He was in Me. Hallelujah." (Kenneth Copeland, Take Time to Pray, Believer’s Voice of Victory 15, 2 (February 1987)

First of all we need to recognize the falseness of this claim. Jesus did in fact claim to be God over and over again. So who or what is speaking through Mr. Copeland? I propose it is this spirit that has been misleading him in all his revelations and understanding of the Scriptures, it is another Jesus. Since the true Jesus would not contradict himself or be wrong on such an essential issue. After all He is GOD!

Paul has warned in 2 Corinthians 11:3-4: “But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different Spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you may well put up with it” (you will have to endure it, or you wear it beautifully; and some do).  Notice that Paul states a Jesus that they, the apostles, did not preach. It is clear that Paul said “another Jesus” was being preached, even then.If someone teaches a Jesus who is different in nature, not being fully God, or if they represent Him as something He is not, it can affect His nature and how you follow Him. That would be another Jesus. There is a Jesus that compromises many of the doctrines of Scripture that the real Jesus taught. This “other Jesus” gives new revelation by going beyond Scripture adding to the Word and subtracting from the word changing the nature of the true Jesus.

Rodney Brown also holds to a non deity view of Jesus "Nothing Jesus did was because He was the Son of God. The Bible says He laid aside His royal robes of Deity and when He walked on earth He did so as a Prophet under the Abrahamic Covenant." ( P.15, The Anointing).

Hinn agrees, "Now, are you ready for some real revelation knowledge? OK. Now watch this: He laid aside His divine form... When Jesus was on earth, the Bible says that first He disrobed Himself of the divine form. He, the limitless God, became a man, that we men, may become as He is." "(Our Position In Christ" cassette tape #A031190, Orlando Christian Center, 1990) If he took off his divine form then who came from heaven?

The Bible says no such thing in Phil.2:5-8 it tells us he did not cease being God but took another nature, one of flesh.

How can he be the God / man if he left aside His deity? 2 Cor.5:19 tells us "God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself." They are saying he is not!

"had no innate supernatural powers. He had no ability to perform miracles until after He was anointed by the Holy Spirit" (Kenneth Copeland, "Question & Answer," Believer's Voice of Victory, August 1988, 8.) The Bible teaches he was both God and man not only all man, not only all God- but both. The reason he waited to be anointed was to fulfill what was necessary as a prophet and a priest.

Brownsville pastor John Kilpatrick also denies the eternal deity of Christ, In his book, When the Heavens Are Brass, Kilpatrick denies the deity of Christ in a manner similar to Howard-Browne. Speaking of Jesus' miracles, Kilpatrick contends that believers should "walk as Jesus walked-and remember, He did it all as a man who did not pull from any source other than those that are available to man" ( John Kilpatrick, When the Heavens Are Brass p. 22) He is preaching "another Jesus."

In other words, the miracles Jesus did was because He was merely a man anointed by the Holy Spirit, or "an anointed man." (John Kilpatrick, When the Heavens Are Brass, 1997 pg19. )

Consider what is being said? If he is not deity than they can fellowship with all the cults because that is exactly what they believe.  That CHRISTIANS believe he is God IN THE FLESH, obvious not all who claim to be Christian do, since the teachers we just looked at don't! If Jesus is not God at any point of time then you have changed the Biblical Jesus to be like the cults.

The Bible teaches that Jesus was the express image of God had all the fullness of the Godhead. If he had no ability, than neither did his Father.

Hinn states his feelings,"Man, I feel revelation knowledge already coming on me here. Lift your hands. Something new is going to happen here today. I felt it just as I walked down here. Holy Spirit, take over in the name of Jesus…God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person; and He is a triune being by Himself separate from the Son and the Holy Ghost. Say, what did you say? Hear it, hear it, hear it. See, God the Father is a person, God the Son is a person, God the Holy Ghost is a person. But each one of them is a triune being by Himself. If I can shock you—and maybe I should—there’s nine of them. Huh, what did you say? Let me explain: God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person with his own personal spirit, with his own personal soul, and his own personal spirit-body. You say, Huh, I never heard that. Well you think you’re in this church to hear things you’ve heard for the last 50 years?" (Benny Hinn, Benny Hinn program on TBN (October 3, 1991).

While his friends say he was all man, Hinn states that all three are God but then adds human qualities to all three.

Is your teaching from the authentic word of God (the Bible which is accurate) or from a synthetic form, from man?

We need to be careful of half truths, you may just get hold of the wrong half.

"Faith was the raw material substance that the Spirit of God used to form the universe." (Kenneth Copeland, Authority of the Believer II (Fort Worth: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1987, audiotape #01-0302), side 1.)

From this basis Copeland explains "Jesus existed only as an image in the heart of God, until such time as the prophets of the Old Testament could positively confess Jesus into existence through their constant prophecies" (Kenneth Copeland, The Power of the Tongue, pp. 8-10).

We find that Jesus is a created being that did not pre-exist according to Copeland but had to be made, here is how he explains the virgin conception.

"Here’s where we’re gonna depart from ordinary church: Now, you see, God is injecting His Word into the earth to produce this Jesus—these faith-filled words that framed the image that’s in Him…He can’t just walk onto the earth and say, "Let it be!" because He doesn’t have the right. He had to sneak it in here around the god of this world that was blockin’ every way that he possibly could." (Kenneth Copeland, The Image of God in You III (Fort Worth, TX: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1989), audiotape #01-1403, side 2.

He continues by adding, "God was making promises to Jesus, and Jesus wasn’t even there. But, you see, God deals with things that are not yet as though they already were. That’s the way He gets them to come to pass." (Kenneth Copeland, What Happened from the Cross to the Throne (Fort Worth, TX: Kenneth Copeland Ministries, 1990), audiotape #02-0017.)

Copeland states "So before Jesus came to the earth, God spoke His Word and then spoke His Word again. How many times did He say the Messiah was coming It was prophesied over hundreds, even thousands, of years. He kept saying, 'He is coming. He is 'coming the circumstances in the earth made it look as if there was no way He could accomplish it; but He just kept saying it. He would not be moved by what He saw.... God would not relent." (the power of the tongue 9-10.) So here God spoke the universe into existence (which the Bible attributes to Jesus) but to make him a human it took a long time of confession.

So Jesus is only a word spoken, this is exactly like what Oneness Pentecostals believe which means he was not a person, and is not God. Clearly to say this is not glorifying him but demoting him to be like anyone else

To be fair Kenneth Copeland has occasionally stated, in contradiction to his earlier statements   taught correctly that Jesus "...was and is God manifested in the flesh." K. Copeland, Believer's Voice of Victory, September, 1991, p.3.) (but then he has said he too is a God.)

But if one says one thing at one time and another thing another time, what is that called? CONFUSION. 

For Copeland also stated BY PROPHECY "Don't be disturbed (this is Jesus) when people accuse you of being God . the more you get to be like me (Jesus) the more there going to think that way of you. They crucified Me for claiming that I was God. But I didn’t claim I was God; I just claimed I walked with Him and that He was in Me. Hallelujah."

In John 8:58 Jesus says of Himself, "...Verily, verily I say unto you, before Abraham was, I AM." The term I AM, is one that God presented to Moses as His name, and was recognized by the Jews as a title of deity (Ex. 3:14; Isa. 44:6; 47:8).

The Scripture most widely used to support the view that Christ emptied Himself of His divinity is Philippians 2:7: "But made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men." The Revised Version has it, 'But emptied Himself, taking the form...' The Greek here means literally to empty. The question we have before us is: In what manner did Jesus empty Himself? Some contend that the kenosis (an emptying), was merely a concealment, a veiling of His divine attributes, not unlike the sun as when veiled by clouds still gives its light but the full radiance is concealed. His humanity depended on the father and his Spirit by choice put aside to use his power independently.

The strongest verse which attests to Christ's divinity is Colossians (1:19) 2:9: "For in Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily." This verse plainly states that the fullness of the Godhead divinity or all that makes God who he is, his divine essence, became incarnate and indwelt the body of Jesus Christ. It does not mean that only the will of God dwelt in Him, nor the divine knowledge, but that the deity had become incarnate and dwelt in human form. Jesus was not just a man but was wholly God and wholly man. Hebrews 13:8, an verse often used by the Faith movement teachers, is proof that Jesus was wholly divine, and yet in human form during His ministry on earth, for He is forever unchangeable. According to Philippians 2:6-8, Jesus came to earth in the form of God, and in the form of a servant. "The eternal, infinite form of God took upon Himself flesh" (John 1:1, 14).

If statements like these are accepted how long will it be before other ones are accepted as well. The envelope always gets pushed. In the early church something like this would never have been listened to. Today they are paid high salaries to teach such false things. If you had a child who came home one day and said mom dad I just joined the _____ because they teach Jesus was a prophet and only a man. Could you say they are wrong? If you accept these men's teachings? I think not.


I'm rich!    


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