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Rod Parsley is the pastor of the over 5000 seat World Harvest Church located in Columbus, Ohio.

Parsley is a powerful motivational preacher who mixes truth with error. He is involved in word faith teachings and latter rain doctrines. He is one of the most popular Pentecostal TV preachers in America right now. He is able to release the anointing to people. He Cuts up prayer clothes to heal by laying hands on them and praying over them. He will even lay his whole body over a pile of letters as he believes he is literally transferring and releasing the “tangible anointing.” The prayer is answered due to the what he calls the corporate anointing.  This is more like a transferable energy, since the anointing is the Holy Spirit who is God and is being used as a force. He tells us his faith is released toward us (faith is Godward not toward man), sometimes it is toward the letters or the cloths. He also states because he prayed every prayer is answered. This is not faith but at best overconfidence. Nowhere are we told in scripture that God will answer every prayer no matter how much faith one exhibits.

' I believe this is your time to receive the tangible transfer of God's miracle-working power, and I want to encourage every one of my Breakthrough Partners and friends to send a prayer cloth along with your prayer needs to be prayed over. When I return your prayer cloth to you, I believe the tangible transfer of God's creative power will flow into your life and birth your miracle! I believe God, Himself, will anoint you to reap a mighty harvest of your physical, spiritual and financial needs... (World Harvest Church Website: Birthing Your Miracle,” as of 7/14/99) 

Testimonies are used to support this non biblical practice. People claim they were healed of sicknesses, finances etc. but just because something may work for the few does not validate it as truth from the Bible. “Every year we receive testimony after testimony of glorious healings, deliverances and salvations as a result of these super-saturated scraps of cloth we receive from around the world. Don't miss this opportunity to receive the tangible transfer of God's anointing into your life.” (ibid. 7/14/99)

 If you are a Christian you have his anointing and do not need to seek out another from someone else, at least according to the Bible.

Warfare is engaged and demons seem responsible for everything except his bad teaching. He says the atmosphere of expectancy is the breeding ground for miracles (Breakthrough Apr.15 1996) Much like the saying of Oral Roberts “miracles are always coming toward you or their passing you by.” Atmosphere is everything for the TV Charismatic's, and Parsley's is thick.

In one of his publications he writes “Forget Paul's Thorn! We know God has the power to heal. He translated us out of the power of darkness and into the kingdom of light...You know Jesus has the power to heal. In this chapter, I am absolutely intent on convincing you that not only does He have the power to heal you, it is His absolute and perfect will to heal you. We do not have to sift through Paul's thorn, Job's boils, or Timothy's sick stomach to try to understand the perfect will of God. You must realize Paul's infirmity was not in his flesh; it was his soulish man - his mind, his will, and emotions. We know this because he told us the thorn was a messenger of Satan sent to buffet him....It is time preachers stop trying to make excuses for their lack of faith and understanding of the Word of God.” (Repairers of the Breach, Results Publishing, 1992, pp. 267, 268 ) Scripture says it was a thorn in his flesh to humble him because of the abundance of revelations.

Everything is blamed on demons, “ You think you just got a problem and you got a devil. You think you just got a headache and you got a devil. You think you just got a problem with your bank account and you got a devil. You think you've got a problem with your temper and you've got a devil. You think you've got a problem with depression and you've got a devil.” (Praise The Lord, Dominion Camp Meeting; July 6, 1999)

“40 day fasts are going to become a common occurrence in the life of the believer”…40 day fast I’m just telling ya stand at this altar and prophecy I just led 6,000 people in a 40 day fast. .. you know what God does for 6,000 people fasting 40 day and 40 nights I tell you what you do, you kill Beelzebub, you kill the fly father, the cycle of the birthing process of the fly is forty days that’s the reason stuff you got rid of comes back… you didn’t kill the larvae but God said you fast 40 days when you spray a field you spray it for 40 days, it not only kills the those flies but the ones they were gonna give birth to ….”(Potters house shown on Lesea June 12 1998) I always wondered why Jesus fasted for 40 days? Now we can kill demons by fasting. Unfortunately demons don’t give birth to other baby demons so he way out of orbit in this one. T his new way of warfare is quite dangerous if one is not under a doctors supervision.

Parsleys has other solutions consisting of such things as “On the inside of you, you will sense something prompting you to say words and syllables. Just open your mouth and let the words flow. I do not care if it is 'la, la, la,' or 'da, da, da.' The devil hates it all.”  (Repairers of the Breach  1992, p. 236) Is it really  this kind of talk that scares the Devil, than little babies who say these words of nonsense are filled with the Holy Ghost.

Parsley finding the place where it is written began to read, “the spirit of the Lord is upon me” I dare you to say I’m anointed! I’m anointed, I’m anointed, its not just him that’s anointed, Your anointed, Your, Your anointed, Your anointed …” Inference is that the spirit is upon us as it is Jesus. Jesus certainly did not go around saying I'm anointed like this and neither should we.

Isa.11:1-5 Jesus had the fullness of the Spirit. The Spirit is mentioned 7 times a number indicating completeness or fullness. “The Spirit of the LORD shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of wisdom and understanding, the Spirit of counsel and might, the Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD. His delight is in the fear of the LORD, …”we have the spirit in a limited, fashion he did not. Also his delight is in the fear of the Lord. Looking at what is being taught this is certainly lacking.

There is no such thing as a Jubilee anointing, go check it out! But Parsley does not stop there he now preaches a financial anointing a great financial revival is coming. 1 Jn.2:20 we have an anointing from the holy one vs.27 the anointing we received from him abides in us it is the same one that teaches and leads us into truth. There is no such thing as different anointing's only different gifts which are all mentioned in Scripture.

Speaking about how the Lord told him people are bound “I’m about to set you free addictions that you had for years are about to fall off of you I’m telling you ,you don’t have to do anything but just receive, that’s it….this is your night, this is your night, as the high priest standing in this Holy place I’m gonna put this shofar to my mouth and the moment I blow it every demon is coming off your shoulders, outta of your mind, outta your finances. When I blow it I want you to shout like you never shouted a shout of victory and freedom that you will .. are you ready ,” (he blows the whistle and everyone is screaming). There is only one high priest and that is Jesus, if its Parsley were in deep trouble. This is a perfect example of what Jesus warned about in Mt.24 many will say they are Christ (anointed). This certainly implies him as our deliverer.

“Go to your phone dial that number on your screen, right now were ready to believe God for your miracle, (leads everyone in a decree) say its my time, for my thing from my God .” listen to me look at somebody look them right in the eye and tell them” I’m anointed I’m painted like a target to receive the favor of the Lord I’m targeted when I walk out of this house the blessings of God are going to be attracted to my life their going to come on me their going to overtake me , wherever I am I’m blessed, I’m blessed I’m blessed I’m blessed, I attract favor I increase in favor with God with men.”

“Well In this year of jubilee god wants to paint or mark you with his anointing a supernatural fragrance which attracts his blessing and faithfulness, in Lk.4:18 the spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me, anointed here means that God literally painted or marked his son with a fragrance which attracted the blessing of the father.” (that’s interesting since it was at the same time God said this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, he was already pleased by him he didn’t anoint him to be well pleased.) We are already in Gods favor by grace there are no extra anointings to increase this.

“right now I want to mark or target your greatest need whether finances health, family situations with the anointing of God for your miracle . In the early church people saw tangible transfer of the anointing from the apostle Paul to those he laid hands on so then they began to give him handkerchief’s for him to pray over and miracles followed Acts 19:12 declares that diseases departed from them and evil spirits went of them . The clothes became a point of contact for the anointing to be transferred to others I want to mark your prayer cloth with the tangible anointing of God which the bible says will destroy every yoke and burden during Dominion camp meeting I believe the anointing of God will be manifested on July 3rd during our year of Jubilee old fashion miracle healing and deliverance prayer service on that day as we do each year directed of the Lord with my self and thousands of people will pray over your prayer cloth … then well send that prayer cloth back to you believing God to transfer his Jubilee anointing into your life and mark you for a miracle .”.. I’m going to place them on our prayer altar throughout dominion '98 camp meeting where they will be saturated in the presence of God then sent back to you. When you write please remember I need YOUR FINANCIAL HELP to help the support this ministry to you.” (With a gift of $15 or more he’ll send you his brand new book the jubilee anointing .)

There is no such thing as a Jubilee anointing in the Scripture but Parsley does not stop there he now preaches a financial anointing, and promises a  great financial revival is coming. 

1 Jn.2:20 we have an anointing from the holy one v.27, the anointing we received from him abides in us. It is the same one that teaches and leads us into truth. There is no such thing as different anointings, only different gifts which are all mentioned in Scripture. If he can’t get this simple teaching right then what about everything else that is tied to this.

Lets look at what the Scripture says. Acts 19:11-12: “Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.”

Theses were extraordinary not common miracles and they were by his hands as an apostle these signs would follow them. This is not a normal practice for a regular Christian nor was it one for the apostles. They were healed by the clothes by their being laid on the sick persons body from the apostle Paul. We find he’s not collecting or sending prayer clothes, Paul did not distribute clothes for people to release their faith. Paul did not put his hands on other peoples prayer clothes for them to get it. It could mean he used these to wipe the sick and they got healed but it wasn’t the handkerchief ministry, anymore than Jesus taught to practice here’s mud or spit in your eye ministry.

Strong's concordance Gr. simikinthion- a narrow apron, or a linen covering, which workmen and servants were accustomed to wear. This was something that Paul wore himself that was used

Acts 5:15 they brought the sick out into the streets and laid them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall (overshadow them) on some of them.” I need to mention that he did not charge a fee for this either or ask for a seed to be sown into his ministry.

Strongs skia shadow: apparently a primary word; “shade” or a shadow (literally or figuratively [darkness of error or an adumbration]:  a) shade caused by the interception of light b) an image cast by an object and representing the form of that object c) a sketch, outline, adumbration

Once again this involves an apostle and he’s there present with them. It has to do with his personal presence as an apostle. What causes a shadow to come over another person? The shadow was cast by Peter leaning over them. It does not say they were healed by his shadow they were wanting him to come near.

While these meetings can be exciting and even entertaining one needs to check the scripture carefully to see if what is being taught about the anointing and miraculous is actually correct. You may be surprised or disappointed depending on which side your on.

 For a more extensive article on Parsley 


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