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In the Evangelical church there is agreement for the most part on how we explain Gods nature. We believe there is one God whose essence is Spirit, who has revealed himself in 3 persons. That the Father is God unbegotten. That Christ Jesus is God begotten of the father. Being the Son of God (the word) from eternity. Who took on human flesh by his virgin birth. He died and rose in the same body and sits at the right hand of the Father until he returns. That the H. Spirit is God just as the Father and Son are. All are different personalities which share in the same essence of uncreated Spirit. Those who claim a contradiction that one cannot be three, do not take the time to hear what we are saying. What we are not saying is that they are one and three in the same exact sense. We are saying God is one in a certain sense and is three in another.

When we say that they are all personal, we distinguish that there are necessary elements that constitute personality in each one. Each has a will, intellect and emotions, besides different titles and names they function in that express their attributes and abilities. All this makes them different personalities. These distinctions do not take away from their unity as one God. For example, It is the Son who died for all mankind, the Father and the Spirit did not. The Son came in human flesh, and still is in the flesh, while the other two never came in the flesh.

Each person has a different position and function yet none act on their own but in unity. There is never more than 3 mentioned as God. All 3 are involved in creation and redemption of man. The Trinity that anti-Trinitarians most often represent is 1+1+1=3 Gods, this is not what we believe. Three persons in one nature; All three are the one God. All of these persons are eternal, co-equal in power and majesty, and as God, deserve our worship.

The view that God is numerically one person only undermines the doctrine God. This has one deny two others who are clearly called God. Those that hold this view claim that the triune nature of God is incompatible with a faith that says there is only one God. Although it appears harmless, it cuts at the very nature of God. They misrepresent what the history of the church taught. They put blame on the Roman Catholic Church, claiming that it taught a Christianized paganism. They have not taken the time to understand why we have come to the Biblical conclusion on the Trinity.

The overall evangelical Church today (with some exceptions) holds to the scriptural interpretation and the historic belief that was delivered in the early church from the apostles. The same men that preserved and protected the Bible sometimes giving their lives, also defended the triune nature from other’s who denied the deity of Christ, and other Christological errors. It is for this reason that Christianity has classified the denial of Jesus Christ's deity and the triune nature of God as the common denominator of all cults. If there is no eternal Son then there is no eternal Father. This phrase very well become the battle cry for the Trinitarian position today.

All Three are called God

The Father is God

Gal.1:1 "Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead;")

Phil.1:2 "Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord"

Eph.1:3, 17; 3:14 ;4:6; 5:20; 1Thess.1:1; 3:11; 2 Thess.1:2; 2:16; Titus 1:4, 1 Pt.1:2-3

The Son is God God Jn.1:1... "and the Word was with God and the word was God."

1 Jn. 5:20..., and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ. This is the true God, and eternal life." Isa.7:14; 9:6, Mt.1:23, Jn.20:28; Rom. 9:5 Col.2:9, Heb. 1:8-9; 1 Jn.5:11,12,21

The Holy Spirit is God Gen. 1:2, Acts 5:3-4, 1Cor.2:11, 1 Cor.6:19, 1 Cor.3:17 To have the Spirit in you makes one

the temple of God. .."Now the Lord (Yahweh) is that Spirit" Isa. 11:2 The Spirit of the Lord. Rom.8:9-16


All three Are Eternal simultaneously existing

the Father is eternal James 1:17

the Son is eternal Hebrews 13:8 " Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Micah 5:2 " speaking of Jesus-whose goings forth are from old (ancient times) from everlasting (eternity)"

the Holy Spirit is eternal Heb. 9:14 "God is spirit" Jn.4:24

All three were responsible for creation.

the Father was involved in the creation; ( Eph. 3:14, Mal 2:10)

the Son was involved in the creation ( Jn.1:3, Heb. 1:2 Col. 1:16 )All things were made through him.

the Holy Spirit was involved in the creation ( Ps. 104:30, Job 26:13 "By his Spirit he made the heavens Job33:4

Actually we shouldn’t be surprised if another movement comes along and says the Son alone existed and the Father wasn't there. They would have just as much scripture to twist for their beliefs. The truth of the matter is if the Bible attributes eternality and participation to all three then we should believe it and not be unbelieving.

Since they all are eternal and present in all the acts of God, responsible for the same activities. All three are the one Elohim, three in unity acting as the One God.

 The maker of the universe, creator of all that exists. He is worshipped by all the intelligent creatures made, both angels and men. He is called the only Lord and God.




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These are excerpts from the book (binder form) The Trinity Defining and defending the Trinity among the Defining and defending the Trinity among the cults




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