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The Rich mans prayer is answered!

Reinhard Bonnke raises the dead.

Can God raise the dead? Yes of course He can. However the question we need to ask is, did He on this occasion? I’m talking about the newest sensational story coming from Reinhard Bonnke who was a guest on Benny Hinn’s program on Feb.28 2002 (and Kenneth Copeland's program through the week of Aug.19, 2002). On Hinn's program he showed a video produced by Cfan (Bonnkes minsitry- Christ for all nations) and gave testimony to a man being raised from the dead at a church he was preaching at in Nigeria Africa. This video is now making the rounds everywhere as a fulfillment of many peoples prophecies of the great miracles that are supposed to occur in our time. Stories are supposedly pouring in from around the globe of thousands being saved. This is becoming a big story, but is it a fish story that keeps on growing as it's told. I'll let you decide.

Before I look at what was said on this program, we need to go back a few years. It appears that there have been many people dying at Reinhard Bonnke’s crusade not once but numerous times. Not one person was raised from the dead. These are only a few incidents cited.

Religious Crusade Claims 14 Lives Posted to the web October 7, 1999


Anxious relatives still besieged hospitals in Benin city, mid-western Nigeria Thursday for enquiries in the aftermath of Tuesday night's religious crusade in which police have confirmed at least 14 people dead.

Reports reaching Lagos said most of the dead and injured worshippers, mainly women and children, were taken to the central hospital, where the staff are having difficulties in coping with desperate visitors.

About 500,000 people were said to have crammed themselves in a school compound where visiting German preacher, Reinhard Bonnke flagged off his weeklong “great gospel campaign”.

A Hell Of A Crusade Posted to the web October 18, 1999 http://allafrica.com/stories/199910180198.html

A well-hyped Reinhard Bonnke crusade in Edo State turns sour as it resulted in a harvest of at least 16 deaths. Now, both the organisers and the bereaved are poised for a titanic legal battle.”

“In Kano, in 1990, and only two weeks ago in Benin, Bonnke's crusades were attended by gnashing teeth and tearful eyes. Actually, both crusades left in their trail a tragedy of multiple deaths.”

“At the end of the squeezing, pushing and shoving, 14 persons were confirmed dead. 50 persons mainly children, were also declared missing. While the stampede lasted, terror reigned supreme as hoodlums vent their unbridled lust on defenceless damsels whom they mercilessly raped.”

“… the family of the late Josephine Efememise, a 36-year-old mother of two is asking for monetary award. Last week, Mr. Theophilus Osagiede, brother to Efememise, headed for the Benin High Court to slam a N60 million suit on Bonnke and seven of the crusade organisers for the death of his sister. Mr. S.O. Omare is his lawyer.”

Three Feared Dead At Bonnke Crusade on the web Jan. 27, http://allafrica.com/stories/200201270072.html

As the millennium crusade of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke entered its second day in Abeokuta Thursday, no fewer than three elderly persons were feared dead during a stampede.

The three victims all male and in their late 60s were apparently trampled upon by the large crowd of other able bodied persons who were present for the miracle crusade.

Deadly Crusades (Lagos) on the web February 26, 2002 http://allafrica.com/stories/200202260471.html

“ in addition to miracles which are witnessed at his crusades, there have been harvests of deaths and injuries. But many Nigerians blame those who always invite him for their failure to provide adequate logistics.” “were trampled to death by the already charged crowd. Investigation revealed that over 100,000 worshippers thronged the stadium meant for about 35,000.’ For instance, at the Moshood Abiola Stadium venue in Abeokuta, over100,000 were crammed into the 35,000 capacity crowd stadium. The same thing happened in Benin, Lagos, Ibadan and Port Harcourt which attracted about 600,000 people.

Bonkke didn’t raise these people when they were killed at his crusades but we are to believe A DEAD MAN GETS RAISED WHEN HE IS BROUGHT TO HIM AND DOESN’T KNOW HE’S THERE! This gets interesting as we look at the details of the story or more accurately the stories being told.

Bonnke was said to have conducted about 63 major crusades and preached to over 27 million people in the last two decades. Over 1.1 million people also confessed Jesus Christ.”

[On Hinn’s program he says up to 8.6 million completed decision cards in one year. This contradicts other statements]-It appears that Bonnke trying to fit as many people as possible in a crusade, he has risked many peoples lives, not once but many times. So the question that needs to be asked is why does someone get raised at church (where the anointing is) and not at any of his crusades? 

Benny Hinn’s program of Feb.28, 2002

On Hinn’s program with his guest Rienhard Bonnke, Hinn began by holding up Impact magazine with the headlines of one of Africas newspapers “Bonnke raises man from death in Initsha” (Impact is the publication of Reinhard Bonnke). Hinn says to Bonkke, “we’ve been talking about it, its happening,” as if this is the beginning of what they have been promising, a time of miracles.

The story is that Bonnke went to a friend’s church to open a new church building (Kingdom life world evangelism) attended by 12,000 people. He was preaching unaware that a hearse with a corpse in a coffin came in downstairs. After he prayed upstairs the dead man downstairs suddenly came to life.

Bonnke stated to Hinn “The wife of that dead man said God gave her a scripture (in the book of Hebrews [11:35]) that woman receive their dead back again by faith and she would not allow her husband to be buried because she believes that where Reinhard Bonnke preaches the anointing is so powerful that the rising from the dead would be possible, now I’m quoting her.”

She speaks of bringing her dead husband to Bonnke to be raised, but if it was God who raised the dead he would not need to be brought to him. She talks about her dead husband being brought to Bonnke because he would be around a great anointing. What about all these others who have died being around this anointing at his crusades? Why were they not raised?

As Bonnke said to Hinn “with all the details I don't have time to mention.” Well a story is in the details, and we will look at them carfully.

The Story of Daniel Eku Raising From the Dead

Daniel in his 1980 Mercedes was on the way to bring a Christmas gift to his father (a goat), as he went down a steep mountain the brakes failed and he crashed into a boulder (stone pillar). Without a seat belt “Daniel was catapulted violently forward” His head hit the windshield the steering wheel went into his chest “the knob punched into his body” and he was coughing blood. (He “began vomiting blood from heavy internal hemorrhage”  http://www.cfan.org). He was rushed to the closest hospital placed in intensive care Onitsha. When he arrived at the hospital he said this is the wrong hospital I want to go to my family doctor 2 hours away.

We are told “Marvelously Daniel held up until he was placed in the local hospital’s intensive care” and his wife was sent for.

In the video he is in the hospitals intensive care unit. When his wife arrives he asks his wife where he is, this was Boromyuo hospital (first hospital). He asks her to take him out of the first hospital if she loves him if she does not want him to die here, she should take him to their friend Josse at St. Eunices clinic (Owerri) ...the medical staff warned her not to take him.

Now I want us to think this through; would anyone who is this bad off, traumatized from being in a severe car accident ask or insist on their being moved, knowing it can mean life or death? Why would he be worried which doctor attends to him, insisting it must be his own doctor. Would any reputable hospital, or any doctor allow this man to be moved in this condition? This would be a death sentenced to drive 1/12 to 2 hours away. From the story these are doctors who did not want him to leave; he needed to be stabilized.

His journey goes from being rushed to Boromyuo hospital in Onitsha to the Federal medical center in Owerri then to St Eunices where Dr. Josse sends him to the morgue.

On the way to Owerri  he says he felt he was dying, his wife was with him and told her to take care of everything the children the ministry and not to worry. As he was dying “two men angels approached, two angels” and gestured for him to keep quiet as he was going to shout. They gave him a notepad (what kind is this, in spirit?), and told him to write down what he heard and saw. They took him to paradise and to the city of God, which he says was indescribable. There were mansions and Jesus said he finished the mansions but the saints are not ready.

Daniel being interviewed on the video states, two angels handed him over to one angel-who took him to heaven. But he is escorted by these two angels to hell. Which is it one or two, this is not a fact one would get wrong? Maybe I'm missing something here.

It seems odd that Eku is able to tell us what heaven is like (and hell too) while the apostle Paul was not. (Especially if we take into account that this angel later says to Eku he was not in right standing with God.)

Bonnke said, “then the angels said to him, we have to show you hell because the prayer of the rich man will be answered today and you are chosen to return from the dead to go back to earth to warn the heedless.” This was said to him in heaven before he was taken to hell.

The Bible has the very opposite to say on this particular story, and should be carefully considered. Luke 16:23-31 the rich man tormented in Hades sees Abraham and asks for some water to cool himself, Abraham explains they are separated by a great gulf and he cannot go do this. “Then the rich man said, 'I beg you therefore, father, that you would send him to my father's house, 'for I have five brothers, that he may testify to them, lest they also come to this place of torment. “Abraham said to him, 'They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. “And he said, 'No, father Abraham; but if one goes to them from the dead, they will repent. “But he said to him, 'If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.’”

Case closed they will not be persuaded; says who? Jesus, who told the story giving His approval on it. We have the Word of God on this. Yet Eku’s testimony from this experience is that what was not granted to other generations is to this one. They will be persuaded! Says who? An angel told him. So is Jesus wrong or Eku?

The rich mans prayer cannot be answered because he asked if someone could go back and warn his family, his family is no longer alive. If this is a parable and not a story, does this mean what Jesus said is not actually true? If it is untrue then how can the rich mans prayer be used for a true event today? But Jesus was not telling something that was untrue but true: when Abraham said “between us and you there is a great gulf fixed, so that those who want to pass from here to you cannot, nor can those from there pass to us ”(Luke 16:24-26). Anytime a parable contains statements like this it is presenting something that is true. But this is a story, because the names of the people mentioned actually exist, we know at least one of them, Abraham. However there are numerous other parables that give warnings of hell that are true.

The rich man is not just saying that someone be sent back from the dead as a warning to everyone, but to his own family; “that you would send him to my father's house.” “And he said, 'No, father Abraham; but if one goes to them from the dead, they will repent.”’ But he said to him, 'If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded though one rise from the dead.”’(Luke 16:30-31) The rich mans request is one of the few examples of God saying NO. Remember Jesus did rise but he was seen by those on earth. Jesus is explaining that those in hell are sealed in their unbelief. Nothing can change it because “it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment” (Heb. 9:27). But Daniel says that God waited 2,000 years and then answered a sinners prayer from hell in a different way. Before you accept this new revelation you had better think about it. The rich mans request is applied to this generation not to his family. But that isn’t what he was asking for, his family, not others. So God answered a prayer from hell the wrong way, 2,000 years later?

God does not reveal eternal truth in His Word only to later contradict it with an experience.

Listen to Jesus' eternal word: Luke 16:31 “But he said to him, ‘If they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded.” The Scriptures are what people need to hear to have faith in the gospel and not go to hell, the Scriptures are what we use to test something to see if it is true. The Scriptures are the very thing this story is challenging For those unable to accept Jesus’ words lets go to two places where this phrase is used and explained: Jesus-Luke 24:44 Then He said to them, “These are the words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things must be fulfilled which were written in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms concerning Me.” Paul-Acts 28:23 “So when they had appointed him a day, many came to him at his lodging, to whom he explained and solemnly testified of the kingdom of God, persuading them concerning Jesus from both the Law of Moses and the Prophets, from morning till evening.”

His journey continues as the angels bring him to hell, he stood in front of a gigantic gate and a sign “welcome to hell” was written. Welcome! This is hardly believable. Who put that sign there! Quite a cordial greeting for those who will be in torment for eternity. Daniel states,” the angel lifted his hand and as he put his hand down the gate opened.”

On the video he says, he heard someone who was a pastor call out that he stole money from the church and wanted to give it back now. The people in hell could see him but not the angel[s]. Then they said “we are bringing you together with Reinhard Bonnke and through him this will come, will make known in the whole world.” “He was given wings and flying through a dark door.” Just when Bonnke had finished his praying he awoke from death. Wow that's timing.

Interesting, this revelation comes from a conversation in hell with angels. Hmmm.

He goes on to say “So while I was shouting And asking the angel for help he said I have another chance to go back… that the request of the rich man has been granted” to this generation. What he implying is that he had to go to hell to fulfill the rich mans request of Lk.16. Not considering the rich man was a unrepentant sinner.

This message is unbiblical, Hell is only for unbelievers; this sounds strangely similar to the false vision called the Divine Revelation of Hell by Mary Baxter. Lazarus didn't go to hell; no apostle ever had a revelation of hell like this nor did they visit it. The separation of paradise in heaven and hell (hades) is even greater today than when the story of the rich man in Lk.16 was told. Hell is under the earth and heaven is beyond space, Paul calls it the third heaven (paradise). The warning about hell has been the same to ALL generations, there is no special commissioning for the last generation and no new revelation can change Jesus’ words that are absolute truth.

But Eku's descriptions of hell is much like the Divine revelation and Dante's inferno.consider: “One group ate their own flesh and vomited it onto the ground, then the vomit would whisk back onto their bodies, and become flesh that they would eat again. The angel said these people were those who had eaten human flesh as an occult practice. Ritual cannibalism is still practised in many parts of the world, including the West.”

“Another group had stolen land from others while on earth. In Hell, they repeatedly dug hard ground with their bare hands. A further group, were fornicators and adulterers. In Hell, they mutilated their sexual organs, which after being destroyed, would be regenerated, only to be self-mutilated again.”

“Pastor Daniel also recognized individuals he knew. There was a former military dictator of Nigeria. He saw a Christian who had become involved with occult practices and fallen away from the Lord, and a pastor who had appropriated funds illicitly from his own church, and lied about it. The former pastor could see Daniel, but not the angel, and pleaded that he would return the money if Daniel could help him escape Hell. But there is no escape; there is no way out of Hell if Jesus is rejected as Lord on earth. All of the people in Hell twisted in agony under an unseen power that gripped them repeatedly. They shouted, wailed and gnashed their teeth.”

Bonkke endorses this story with its false doctrine. This becomes concerning that he does not recognize what this man experienced is not only unbiblical but goes against the clear teaching of Jesus. What kind of a promotion is this? Obviously its a promo for Bonnke's ministry.

I don't think this supposed dead man was in hell and I certainly do not think he talked with God's angels. They would never say such things. I will believe Jesus before men's new revelation. It's safe and its true. But how many people are going to pass by the details and accept the experience, probably too many.

*According to another article posted, written by David Kirkwood who went to Nigeria September 2002 and met to interview pastor Ekechukwu twice. He was told: ”These people were all ageless and raceless. That is, none appeared to be young or middle-aged or elderly, and none had any racial distinctives in their appearance.” [This is interesting when the bible makes the point that all nations, tribes and people and tongues cry out before the Lord about their salvation (Rev.7)]

“Daniel did notice one man who looked elderly among the multitude, and the thought occurred to him that perhaps that man was God, but the escorting angel immediately corrected him. The man was father Abraham.”

We don’t lose our individuality in heaven, we are raised in the same bodies back that died in the resurrection, except without sin, they are glorified. The book of Revelation says there are people from every tribe and tongue, meaning they still have ethnicity. Ageless would hardly be a possibility we would have to have some kind of age even if it is in our prime. But notice he said none appeared to be young or middle-aged or elderly, but he then contradicts himself right after saying that Daniel told him one man who looked elderly among the multitude. So Eku's going to heaven and then hell both have some irregularities in the stories and unbiblical concepts.

Where, When and What?

Bonnke said on Hinn's program on Friday the man a pastor Daniel Ekchukwu wanted to bring a Christmas gift to his father, as he went down a steep mountain the brakes went failed.” This implies he was on his way to his fathers house. In the Report by Robert Murphree and George Canty they say “ On the way back home” he was in the accident. http://www.cfan.org/uk/)  

This is a clear contradiction for the beginning of this story. Bonnke of all people should have the story straight.

In Bonnkes interview with Robertson he asks: I want you to tell us about him. He was in one of your meetings. He was hit by a car. I understand he was stiff and rigormortis had set in. I don't know if they had embalmed him or not. Bonnke responds: They did.”

I thought he was in the car, not hit by one. I guess this is one of the problems, no one is corrected when they say something wrong about the story. It would have been beneficial for Robertson to have read the story and get the facts straight before the interview.

Daniel’s friend Kingsley Iruka who was in the accident, was “shocked though not badly hurt.” This seems to be overlooked. If he was not wearing a seat belt as implied, why was he not thrown into the windshield also? What stopped Eku was the steering wheel. The story tells us he was traveling down a steep road the brakes failed…Gathering speed the vehicle hurtled downhill unstoppable. “Without a seat belt Daniel was catapulted violently forward” http://www.impact.surfcity.org.au/key_speaker.htmlc and www.cfan.org  If this is true how could the other passenger not be hurt and admitted to the hospital in such a severe accident?

There are numerous stories and reports of the names the clinics and hospitals that do not help make this story clear but only bring confusion. After taken from intensive care in the first hospital, Kingsley Ikuru his friend, who was also in the accident ( traveled with him) said they arrived at Federal medical (the 2nd hospital) and his doctor was not there. He was seen by medical staff. Why wasn’t his doctor called before they arrived? This is the very reason he wanted to be moved, to see his own doctor. In one story “When they first arrived at Federal medical center they said it was too late they will not attend to us, its too late he is already dead.” They (the doctor and nurse?) told them to take him to the mortuary. Why didn’t this hospital wait for a doctor to issue a report?

The video then says he instead was rushed to Eunices clinic and met Dr. Josse. What’s the rush if he was already pronounced dead! (this is the third doctor he is taken to).

However on the video it does not tell this other detail that is found on the web: They hurried to see Daniel’s uncle, Okoronkwo Emmanuel living near the hospital and asked if he knew where their own family doctor was. He did not know, but led them to see his own doctor, Dr. Jossy Anuebunisa at the St. Eunice Clinic. Daniel was taken there and seeing Nneka’s determination again the doctor checked. He could only confirm death had taken place. The time registered was 11.30 p.m. of the day of the car accident.” (Report by George Canty http://www.worldchristians.org/main/nigeriareport.htm)

Josse Anebunwa says he thoroughly examined Daniel, he looked at his chest and there were no respiratory movements, used a stethoscope- no breath sounds, no sounds from the heart, no pulse his conclusion right away, he is dead. (Video) He said “his impression is that the patient is dead”, and tells them to bring him to the mortuary. This is not a thorough examination by any means. (Why was he not thoroughly examined before in the second hospital?)

“Death certificate No. P086/01, issued by the St. Eunice Clinic at 108 Orlu Road, Akwakuma, Oweri, Nigeria on 30 November 2001, states “Rev. Dan Eke was dead on arrival at 23:30. No breathing, no pulse, no heartbeat, eyes dilated and fixed, dead. Transfer to morgue.” No one seems to take in account this is the third world and the doctors do not have the facilities that we do to determine death.

The doctor then wrote out his report on the decease of his patient and asked if they wished to have Daniel laid in the clinic’s mortuary. They declined. Instead they again moved the body to Daniel’s father in the village near Owerri and from there to the Ikeduru General Hospital Mortuary, not far away.

The video says he is then brought him to the mortuary by the father and wife (Kingsley is not mentioned). The resident mortician, Mr. Barlington R. Manu, also carried out the normal checks and by then it was after midnight, one o’clock Saturday morning. He said he had no heartbeat or breathing and accepted him as a corpse. What about the death certificate? The death certificate that came from the friend of the family. Why did the medical staff pronounce him dead and then not issue a death certificate for the morgue before he was brought to Dr. Josse a friend of the family.

His wife then says “I began to call on the lord and remind him of his promises another verse that inspired me Heb.11:35.” This is inserted in various places in the story so it is hard to tell when she said this.

This was not mentioned on the video presented on Hinn’s program. “The mortuary having no cold storage facilities, the mortician administered the usual chemical injection and prepared the body for embalming on the following morning.” (cfan.org) “The mortician, Mr. Barlington R. Manu he laid the body out on a mortuary slab between two other dead people.” (Report by George Canty http://www.worldchristians.org/main/nigeriareport.htm)

“Daniels corpse was taken to the morgue, where a chemical was injected to prepare it for embalming. The overseer of the morgue was, as he confirmed to 'The Post Express', awoken by the sound of singing in the morgue, despite the fact that only corpses should have been there. Visibly disturbed, he insisted that the pastor's corpse be removed. Nneka took her husband's corpse to a church in Onitsha, where German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was speaking.”

Here we have a preparation for embalming not an embalming itself. (This is challenged by another report -- new info )

“Ekechukwu had been dead for around 2 days, but on his revival, his body showed no signs of the fatal injuries.” http://home.wol.co.za/~20063822/april2002/christiannewsworldwide.htm]   

For 2½ days there was no pulse, nor any other sign of life.” http://www.laymanstraining.com/news.html

According to these reports, its about 2 days not 3 days as some have stated. Pastors Ibekwe and Onyeka are standing together on the video released by Bonnkes ministry, one pastor says to pastor Luke “he was 3 days in the mortuary.”(He could just have been misinformed). If he died about 10:00 Friday night (pronounced dead 11:30) and was in the church when Bonnke was speaking at 1:00 pm, almost all the reports say he raised about 5:15 pm, this makes it 41 hours, less than 2 full days since the accident. A good amount of time was not spent in the mortuary. If he was in the morgue since 1:00 am Saturday morn it could not be this long.

With all the stories on the net one can only wonder if the video is accurate or the written story posted by CfAN.

This man is shuffled around in an unusual manner; for someone who was dying and then pronounced dead he is continued to be moved around. Were they still using the ambulance after the doctor pronounced him dead and told them to bring him to the morgue? This all becomes very confusing; why was this done. Imagine a skeptic trying to make sense out of a story like this. Only Christians who want to believe any supernatural story will accept this willingly. Any resurrection that occurred in the Bible invited examination; and we should not feel guilty in doing this.(an example is found in 1 Cor.15)

Another point not mentioned on Hinn’s program (that may be in the full video). The Charisma article also states “The Nigerian pastor was injected with embalming fluid before reviving three days later at a Bonnke meeting.” When someone is embalmed all their blood is usually drained from them as they cut holes into the body (usually the neck and the leg) and then replace it with embalming fluid, formaldehyde. So did he have no more blood? Certain organs are sometimes punctured and left useless and the wounds are sewn back. These punctures would be noticeable since they would not be subject to the healing process.

Was he Embalmed?

These are questions that need to be answered specifically for validating this as an actual true event. In modern embalming procedures, the blood is drained from the body and replaced by a solution of formaldehyde in water, called Formalin. Cavity fluid is removed and replaced with a preservative of Formalin mixed with alcohols, emulsifiers, and other substances. Such embalming does not permanently preserve the body; its use is to give the corpse a lifelike appearance during the time it is viewed by mourners. A 40-percent solution of formaldehyde mixed in water and a little methyl alcohol is called formalin. It has also been listed as a cancer-causing substance by the Environmental Protection Agency.

It is the next day, (Sunday) Daniels wife insists he be taken from the morgue to the church in Onitsha where Reinhard Bonnke was to speak, she reminded God of his promises. “Daniel’s father, however, was a Mormon and declared he would decide. He said he would go and “hit him with the Bible seven times”, and if Daniel did not rise, then Nneka must accept the fact that he was not going to rise from the dead, and that must close the matter. He did go and struck the corpse as he said seven times, with no result whatever.” (cfan.org)

She did not take no for an answer….

Nneka said she knew Rienhardt was so anointed that if he was brought there he would rise. Again I need to remind those who are reading this, not one person was ever reported raised from the dead at Bonnke's crusades. In another interview Copeland says “He was already embalmed” Bonnke responds “ he was like a piece of iron.” I'm not sure if this answers the question, but this was not reported either. It was a chemical injected to prepare it for embalming in one report from the original story in the paper. Maybe this is just a small detail that is changed, but it is another change of facts along with all the other facts that seem to be so confused.

“Daniels corpse was taken to the morgue, where a chemical was injected to prepare it for embalming. http://home.wol.co.za/~20063822/april2002/christiannewsworldwide.htm

Charisma report on its Web site “the Nigerian pastor had been certified dead and injected with embalming fluids.” Where are the blood and fluids that were drained off?

“Two doctors certified him clinically dead on arrival and immediately sent his corpse to the mortuary, where in the absence of cooling facilities, he was injected with harsh chemicals to slow down the decaying process. For 2½ days there was no pulse, nor any other sign of life.” http://www.laymanstraining.com/news.html

Robertson: I want you to tell us about him. He was in one of your meetings. He was hit by a car. I understand he was stiff and rigormortis had set in. I don't know if they had embalmed him or not.

Bonnke: They did.

Robertson: He had been embalmed?

Bonnke: He was embalmed, but not the way it is done in America with the removal of organs. They injected chemicals into the body to slow down decay, since there was no refrigeration. (http://www.cbn.com/700club/features/bonnke_raisedpastor.asp)

For the answer to this question by someone who interviewed the mortician. These additional facts may change anyone's mind on the integrity of this story go to: additional facts

To the Church Meeting

They arrived and took him out of the coffin, the report says they were concerned “it was a matter about no terrorist trick of smuggling a bomb into the church” (A dead person turns to back in the life Report: George Canty and Robert Murphree). Once this was cleared he was brought in. The video shows the coffin in the church, a detail that needs to be straightened out in the reporting since it implies it was not allowed in.

“The body was taken out of its coffin and put on a table in the church's conference center, where several pastors began to pray.” http://www.charismanews.com/online/articledisplay.pl?ArticleID=5466

The CfAN video includes footage of Ekechukwu beginning to stir. Why would anyone be videoing a dead man whom only one person thought would come back to life? Common sense asks why was this done if he is dead, did they also believe he would rise?

Bonnke says as “As I was praying upstairs in the name of Jesus (without him knowing who is downstairs) suddenly down there below” “He gasped for air they started to scream somebody had a little video camera there they tore off his shirt you can see how his body was moving and breathing…” On the video Pastor Onyeka said he was 3 days in the mortuary (this is not accurate but could be a mistake on his part) and “I then massaged him in the neck and life came back into it.” It seems everyone wants to have a piece of this pie. This all took a few hours and as the people came to see Daniel they were screaming and he stood right up.

The pastor on the video says it was “after Bonnke prayed for the people that he was notified that he started breathing,” seemingly connecting Bonnke’s prayer with the raising of the dead man. The Post Express in Nigeria wrote Bonnke raises man from death in Onitsha. Bonnke said on Hinn’s program “I must say I had as good as nothing to do with it really it was God from beginning to end.” Well Bonnke is right he did have nothing to do with it despite his claim of saying the name of Jesus upstairs, but the headlines and the wife’s testimony implies that he did. Jesus was present to resurrect the dead and he was aware of the situation speaking the word of life to raise them. On the other hand Bonnke was unaware this man was dead downstairs in the Church.

In the video the pastor says “after Bonnke prayed he took him to the office and then somebody rushed in and said “He is now breathing, he is breathing, he is breathing.” In another report “Reinhard Bonnke meanwhile had left the immediate scene to board a planned plane flight.” Report by George Canty http://www.worldchristians.org/main/nigeriareport.htm

Which is it? Did Bonnke go into the sanctuary  and see the resurrected man or not? why does Bonnke who was there have a different story than others who were there?

This whole story raises more questions than the information given to explain it, because it is not airtight.

After he is raised the first thing he asked for was his file (his notepad) in the video it states, “I realized that the file may be my memory.” Bonnke and Daniel both say “they gave him a notepad to write what he heard down” it was not his memory.

But we are told elsewhere “Daniel spoke for the first time “Water. Water.” They gave him sips and then warm tea. (Living Faith Fellowship.htm).

The reasons of Daniel being brought to Bonnke are interesting as well. Nneka said, “I felt the anointing of God was so strong there that it would resurrect my husband.” she was dependent upon Bonnke being there or this would not occurred. As Bonnke stated on Hinn’s program “she believes that where Rienhard Bonnke preaches the anointing is so powerful that the rising from the dead would be possible.” Yet Bonnke also says he had nothing to do with it he was unaware of the person in the coffin. This is not a biblical view. Jesus didn’t raise anyone without knowing it. They didn’t bring the dead to be around the apostles to be raised.

word faith teacher Creflo Dollar reinterprets this by saying “Her strong faith in God's Word was the catalyst for the hand of God to move in her situation and bring about a miracle in her family's life. (Creflo Dollar Changing your World September 2000  p.13). Dollar puts this miracle on her faith in the word. Yet she believed he had to be brought to Bonnke, not just he would rise (and lets not forget her husband communicating with her when he was dead).

Questions That Need CLEAR Answers

In the report: George Canty and Robert Murphree states “Daniel who was not strapped on, was flung with full force forwards. His (its) head banged against the windshield, and the steering wheel dug deeply into his (its) chest.” “He began to spit blood as a consequence of difficult inner violations (hurts).” (ONITSHA/Nigeria 2nd of December, 2001 A dead person turns to back in the life Report: George Canty and Robert Murphree)

Where is the car, there is no car shown? Certainly such a severe accident one would show the car for proof in making a video. Is there police report? Anything to verify this happened in this way. How is the other passenger was not hurt at all in such an accident? no one seems to be asking such questions.

Why would a man that was so severely injured and barely hanging on be granted by the medical staff to go to another hospital almost 2 hours away; this is absurd even in a third world country. (Maybe it happened this way but it is not a story a hospital would want to get around. I bet the doctors and staff there would have something interesting to say).

One  report also says in the morning of November 30th 2001, Daniel Ekechukwu, the pastor of the Power Chapel Evangelical Church in Onitsha, with his friend Kingsley Iruka. "On the way back home, traveling down a steep road" http://www.cfan.org/offices/usa/testimonies/resurrection/page1.htm 

Another report we are told the accident occurred “On the morning of November 30th 2001, Daniel Ekechukwu, the pastor of the Power Chapel Evangelical Church in Onitsha, Nigeria, was driving with friend his Kingsley Iruka down a very steep incline. Suddenly the brakes failed” (http://www.impact.surfcity.org.au/key_speaker.html). 

Morning means maybe 8-10 o'clock. They may not have a perfect accuracy of time in Africa but they certainly know if its morning, afternoon or night.

We are told the rescue came quickly Bonnke says “the ambulance came and took him to the hospital.” He was administered in the local hospital's intensive care.” Marvelously Daniel held up until he was placed in the local hospital’s intensive care, or the Nigerian best equivalent of it. His wife, Nneka was sent for. She found Daniel still alive but only just. He hung on to life to ask her to have him taken to his family doctor’s hospital in Owerri” Report by Robert Murphree and George Canty (http://www.cfan.org/uk/). When his wife arrived he asked to be taken to another hospital, they would not wait but he was immediately rushed there, which was one and a half hours.

So what happened to all the time after the first to the second hospital? This was a short stay in the local hospital until his wife showed up and Daniel insisted to be moved to his family doctor. The ride from one hospital to the next was one and a half hours. Arriving at Owerri Regional Hospital his doctor is not there and a member of the medical staff took charge and checked Daniel and said he is dead. “ The doctor then wrote out his report on the decease of his patient (not issue a death certificate for the morgue) and asked if they wished to have Daniel laid in the clinic's mortuary. They declined.

They hurried to see Daniel's uncle, Okoronkwo Emmanuel living near the hospital and asked if he knew where their own family doctor was. He did not know, but led them to see his own doctor, Dr. Jossy Anuebunisa at the St. Eunice Clinic, a friend of the family. Josse Anebunwa says he thoroughly examined Daniel, he looked at his chest and there were no respiratory movements, used a stethoscope- no breath sounds, no sounds from the heart, no pulse his conclusion right away, he is dead. (Video). The time registered was 11:30 p.m. of the day of the car accident. How is this possible if the accident occurred in the morning? 

Why would a doctor check his vital signs at least 10 hours after death, he would have had rigor mortis and have turned blue / gray. Rigor mortis begins shortly after death, from three to ten hours after (heat can speed it up) death and disappears after three or four days. Rigidity increases for several hours, experts are able to estimate the approximate time of death using these measurements in combination with other factors. The clotting of the blood begins shortly after death, as does autolysis, the death of the cells. Putrefaction, and decomposition follows. Body discoloration occurs, a reddish-blue discoloration is seen on the underside of the body, resulting from the settling of the blood.

Instead they again moved the body to Daniel's father in the village near Owerri and from there to the Ikeduru General Hospital Mortuary, not far away (about a half hour).

This is over12 hours (if in fact it was in the morning) since the accident occurred. Then Daniel is bought to the mortuary. The resident mortician, Mr. Barlington R. Manu, also carried out the normal checks and by then it was after midnight, one o'clock Saturday morning. source: http://www.livingfaithfellowship.org/happenings/manraisedfromdead.htm

It wasn’t until one o'clock Saturday morning he was brought into the morgue. He laid the body out on a mortuary slab between two other dead people, not in a coffin. So Daniel was not in a coffin for 2 days. “The mortician, Mr. Barlington R. Manu he laid the body out on a mortuary slab between two other dead people.” (Report by George Canty) http://www.worldchristians.org/main/nigeriareport.htm

“As a corpse he was carted around for hours, pulled about, and lay in an airless narrow coffin for hours. (From Rigor Mortis Corpse to Resurrection Man: The Story of Daniel Ekechukwu 

The next morning Dec.2 the mortician dressed the body as for the funeral, and then placed it in a coffin. “With a one and half hours drive to Onitsha, he dressed the body as for the funeral, placed it in a coffin and shut the lid.” (Impact) In fact the only photo we have seen of him in the coffin is him being fully dressed and without any head injuries. Also there is no bloating in the pictures of Daniel in the casket.

Questions: Why did Regional Hospital not issue a death certificate but only has the “member of the medical staff” say he was dead? Why wait to be pronounced dead by his family doctor, after others already stated this? The testimony of the mortician cannot be accepted as proof of Daniel’s death. Because a full medical examination was never really conducted and so it cannot be presented as evidence.

The video says he was rushed to Eunices clinic and was examined by Dr. Josse of Eunice Clinic says he was pronounced dead on 30 November at 11:30. (After he was already pronounced dead by the hospital) But where did all the time go from the morning accident, what kind of story is this? Was it morning or evening?

Some say he was on the way to deliver the gift (Bonnke), most of the stories (Daniels) say he was on his way back home after delivering the gift. Someone needs to get the story straight. There are just as many questions raised from the other facts of the story. (On the way back home is certainly open for interpretation as one does not have any time listed which certainly should not be a problem since it would be listed from the first clinic or hospital he was admitted to.)

There are different stories of how it took place. One says he was embalmed another says he was prepared to be embalmed another says he was not embalmed at all.

On Kenneth Copeland's program on Aug.19, 2002 on LeSea broadcasting Bonkke was a guest talking about this video. A new addition is added to the story; as his wife dozed off she saw a vision of some type and her husband spoke “don't allow me to be buried, I will rise.” This is not how the story was told in the first place. He was sure he is going to die and gave her instructions to get things in order. Now we are told he speaks to her after he is dead, the Bible calls this necromancy and it certainly changes the whole stories validity. This story becomes more interesting as time goes on. 

CfAN mentions no dream or visions which is a crucial part of the story if this took place. Why?

How many angels took him to heaven, one or two to heaven? He says one and also two. What exactly was that conversation in heaven, there are more than one story.

“He said that in hell there was a sign that read: “Welcome to the gates of hell” (Quoted from March 15, 2002 South Africa By Esther Lewis). Another sign is said to be written “welcome to hell,” which is it? Also there is no mention if a welcome sign in hell in the CfAN.org report which is a crucial part of the story. (though it is mentioned by Bonnke)

Was he put in a coffin at the morgue or on the morning he was transferred to the church? The mortician, Mr. Barlington R. Manu he laid the body out on a mortuary slab between two other dead people. Report by George Canty http://www.worldchristians.org/main/nigeriareport.htm)

“with a one and half hours drive to Onitsha, he dressed the body as for the funeral, placed it in a coffin and shut the lid. (Impact)

Bonnke says he came to the church in a hearse, the pastor says in an ambulance. Which is it? Maybe the ambulances are also hearses in third world countries, but its unikely since he was driven to the 2nd hospital in an ambulance not a hearse.

Was he raised on the table or did he sit up in the coffin?

“Reinhard was unaware of the stiff corpse that was removed from its coffin and laid in a basement room under the church.”http://www.laymanstraining.com/news.html

“The body was taken out of its coffin and put on a table in the church's conference center, where several pastors began to pray.”http://www.olivetree.org/news_events.htm 

On the other hand “There pastors lifted Ekechukwu from the coffin in which he had been laid, and were amazed when the man started to breathe again as they prayed for him. The same article also says “The body was taken out of its coffin and put on a table in the church's conference center.”(http://www.pechurchnet.co.za/news/news/n220318.htm)

His body was taken out of the coffin before he was raised confirming other stories reported, yet they also say he began to breath again while in the coffin. Which is it? What is the story one is to believe? Imagine the writers of Scripture having this many contradictory details on a miracle Jesus did.

The e-report by Robert Murphree and George Canty says, “The once-dead man not only rose from his coffin...”

All these facts bring more questions than they do answers. If your giving a story of a resurrection there should be a solid proof, but there seems to be questions all along the trail. Even if there are questions they should be easily answered. I believe in the power of God for today, I would like to believe it, but certainly the proof is insufficient in numerous areas.

What is shown on the video is not always complimentary to what was reported, and there are portions of the story that do not sit right with what was already reported.

Charisma reports at its Web site the Nigerian pastor had been certified dead and injected with embalming fluids before reviving three days later at a Bonnke meeting. There was no mention of this on the video on Benny Hinn's program. Which story is true? Who administered the embalming, when? We are told that he was prepared for the embalming by Dr. Manu. Could the stiffening of the joints and the unnoticeable heartbeat come from the embalming fluid or the preparation of it? Certainly this could give some strange dreams if he was still barely alive. Could it have worn off at the church and he finally came around? Is this probable, yes, is it possible, yes. Did it happen? Who knows.

George Canty is a major promoter of Bonnkes ministry; it is his article on this miracle that is being posted everywhere. Canty and Murphee are called Cfan. field correspondents of Bonnke's ministry, so this has the approval of Cfan. The report by Robert Murphree and George Canty says, “The once-dead man not only rose from his coffin but the serious injuries, which had brought about his death, were also healed without the slightest trace.” When were they healed; before he was raised or after? In the video when they show his corpse (they say they began to video tape when they saw first signs of life), there is no chest cavity crushed nor any marks from a head injury that would be seen as he went into the windshield. Why not? In the video after he was raised there still is no evidence his head went through a windshield or his chest was crushed, no scars at all. Strange indeed! Again the still photo of him in the coffin before he was raised has no signs of injury. A corpses abdomen would be bloated and would have quite a smell and after three days if it is not embalmed, the picture of him in the coffin does not show this.

He revived about three days (more accurately less than two) later at a Bonnke’s meeting, yet by this time he would have stunk not being in any refrigeration (even if he had preliminary injection for embalming). The people who were with him were not bothered by any smell of him being brought into the church; they had no masks on.

Another question that that can legitimately be raised: Did Daniels father who is a Mormon convert? After all, in the Lk. 16 story, the rich man is asking for someone to be sent back for his family to be saved.

For a comparison chart on the events go to: http://www.deceptioninthechurch.com/ekechart.html

One needs to ask why release this on TV at the end of February specifically on Hinn’s program. Why wait this long to bring this to the public if it happened on Dec. 2, three full months later. Remember it was the year before, April 15, 2001 that HBO did a show “A Question Of Miracles” where they reported on Bonnke and Hinn, exposing them both in their claims of “faith healing.” To have them both together promoting this certainly implies that they are trying to vindicate themselves. Bonnke’s ministry is also facing a number of lawsuits from his crusades at this time.

Bonkke has claimed someone being raised previously. Hinn also had a resurrection in Africa in his crusade. “I was in Ghana just recently and we had half a million people show up and a man was raised from the dead on the platform. That’s a FACT people!” He said a man was raised right in front of him on stage in his own crusade, when later pressed by the reporter he said “Oh, John, I would not limit God. Ah, God can raise the dead, absolutely. I have not seen it. In that one case we did hear about it.” (Impact - CNN and Time Magazine). Both Hinn and Bonnke have stakes in stating the miraculous happened, even if it did not. Should we believe Bonnke anymore than Hinn?

This story seems to carry a smell more than a dead man who claimed to be resurrected! If this is A TRUE STORY then how does this fall into Hinn’s hands with Bonnke? Now Kenneth Copeland, CBN, Creflo Dollar, Ray Mcauley and numerous others are all reporting this as a miracle of the 21st century. Everyone is spreading a hopeful rumor without questioning the facts.

Bonnke says the rich mans request (of Luke16) “that a dead man be sent back to the world “last warning to this generation” the angels told him “He will be sent back to earth in response to the rich mans prayer in hell because it’s the end time because the time is short” (Hinn's program). The rich man was an unbeliever. The Bible says God does not hear the prayer of the wicked, of the sinner. The rich man can't repent, how does the rich mans prayer get answered? Does God hear prayers from those in hell? This shows how unbiblical Bonnke is to support such a story, even if the man did actually die and raise.

On his program Hinn asked Bonnke do you see more of this coming? Bonnke responds I believe so. Why ask this when Hinn prophesied just a few years ago that “You’re going to have people raised from the dead watching TBN. Programs, just plain programs. …Teaching programs. It’s not gonna be a Benny Hinn saying… People around the world who will lose loved ones, will say to undertakers, ahh, not yet. I want to take my dead loved one and place him in front of that TV set for 24 hours. … it’s gonna spread. You’re gonna hear it from Kenya to Mexico to Europe to South America, where people will be raised from the dead, so much so, that the word will spread that if some dead person be put in front of this TV screen, they will be raised from the dead. .. By the thousands...(even in a vision Hinn says) I see ahh, a, actually loved ones picking up the hands of the dead and letting them touch the screen, and people are, are getting raised as their hands are touching that screen (TBN Oct.23, 1999.)

Hinn says to Bonnke, you said what is awesome today will become common tomorrow. What is great today, what is exceptional today will be common tomorrow. Bonnke states “first of all humanity grows and the anointing increases.” All this makes for some very strange commentary on this event.

Whatever really happened, we may not know months or even years from now; maybe never. For now there seems to be some fairly large contradictory details that need to be explained. For their sakes I really hope it did happen, because if it didn’t, the church will certainly be wearing egg on its face. Again I believe in miracles, but this one stretches ones credulity. We can add this story to the many other Charismatics who have visited heaven recently.

What’s next? TBN and tours to other Christian stations, a book of course. Daniel tried to come to America to be interviewed as the modern man who was raised from the dead. But he was denied. He is now touring with Bonnke sharing his story. Bonnke says, “ People who see this video [Raised from the Dead] are getting saved by the thousands.” (http://www.cbn.com/700club/features/bonnke_raisedpastor.asp)

The need of a miracle to believe has mostly been unhealthy for true faith; Jesus said so.

But what if it isn't what they say it is? Last but not least the message he brings of heaven and hell. We need to take in consideration that it goes against the Word of God, completely unbiblical, yet it is being promoted by Bonnke and others who show the video and tell the story. All this taken into consideration, this is quite a story, yes, quite a story.

For another article that brings up even more facts that contradict or add to the story.

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