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International Church of Christ

The True Church of Jesus Restored (again) Matthew 16:18

After Peter’s confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, Jesus tells him He will build His church on this rock. That is Peter’s confession, that no matter where anyone is in the world, those who confess Jesus as the Lord, God the Son and Savior, become part of the church, which is an invisible living organism of which Christ is the head.The true church is built on the confession of who Jesus is, not on discipleship, it's based on the person, not on what we do for the person.

"Together we resolved - on June 1, 1979 - to commit our lives to restoring the church that Jesus established in the New Testament." Also it states, "It is our mission to restore Christianity to the form it took in the first century when all the followers of Christ were disciples as well as believers." (Media and Law)

There is no church to be restored or rebuilt as this movement claims, since the church was never missing. Christ said He would build His church and the gates of hell would not hinder it's growth, work or people.

We do not make churches although we use the terminology. The church is already made and continues to grow through history. No devil or man can stop or hinder it because Jesus is the architect, not man. While it is valid to claim that there needs to be reformation throughout the church's history, to restore a church has quite a different meaning.

The Great Commission, audio tape, Weger/Rock/Hodge/Hamann/Fulcher/Fields, "We are disciples that would give up anything to be like Jesus Christ. If not, you can't be a member, that's the only kinds of members Jesus accepted. . ."

This movement's view of Christianity is exclusive. You are not a Christian unless you are doing it the way that it is interpreted by their leader, Kip McKean. Jesus, in John 10:16, spoke of other sheep which were not of this fold, them also I must bring and they will hear my voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd. While we now understand that he meant the Gentiles outside the nation of Israel were to be grafted in, the I.C.C. has interpreted their church to be the one flock. They preach against denominationalism because of its divisions, using 1 Cor. 1:10-13, Paul states each of you are saying in the Corinthian church, I am of Paul, I of Apollos, I of Cephas, and I of Christ, causing division. Yet this is exactly what they are bringing to the body of Christ by their own interpretation of what a Christian is supposed to be like.

By claiming their teacher has restored the true church and the true Gospel their movement has become the catalyst for dividing the church which has already existed. Instead of saying I am of Paul, Peter or Apollos, they say I am of the I.C.C., I am of Kip McKean. In verse 13 Paul states, "Is Christ divided?" Paul recognized that one did not have to be part of their particular church to be part of the body. This is the very reason why he says, I was not crucified for you, and you are not baptized in my name. Everyone enters the church the same way, through the door that is Jesus.

The One True Church

Quotes from the I.C.C. leaders

Do you consider the International Churches of Christ to be the only true church? "The Bible teaches that the true church is one collective body and that every disciple is baptized into the body of Christ. The true church is composed only of people who have Jesus as their Lord and Savior and who are baptized disciples. God's church is spiritually His Kingdom on Earth. It is not, as some denominations practice, a democracy of the membership." (Media and Law, A Church Big Enough To Hold Us All)

Kip McKean, UpsideDown issue 11, pg. 13, 1994: "Revolution was and is in each step and breath of those who dare to embrace the true church of Jesus."

Kip McKean, UpsideDown issue 11, pg. 18: "Certainly to leave the family of God, the true church, is to leave God."

Marty Fuqua, "One Hundred Times As Much", audio tape #1005, 1990, West Coast Conf.,: (From Gen. 9):

"Now look one over to verse 7: 'As for you, be fruitful and increase in number, multiply on the earth and increase upon it.' God only had Noah. God only has us! And he came through the water and we've come through the water, and God says to us: 'Be fruitful and conquer the earth. Conquer the whole thing. Jesus says the whole thing in Matthew 28, go and make disciples of all nations."

The Great Commission audio tape, Weger/Rock, Hodge/Hamann/Fulcher/Fields,

". . .because everyone of us has made the decision. We are going to be disciples, and we know - we know that God's Word makes it very clear only disciples are going to be saved. You know this stuff about wondering whether or not there is only one true church, wake up and smell the roses! God makes it clear. It is not that there are people worshipping in another kingdom someplace. There is one church! There is one God. There is one kingdom of God and this is it! (Cheers from the audience.) And if you wonder whether or not the nice little church that you've been part of for years is a part of it, then somehow, you've have lost your conviction. Because either the truth is the truth always or it is never the truth. See, only disciples are gonna be saved, and only disciples will even understand why they need to be saved."

Phil Lamb, We Are Family, audio tape 1990 West Coast Conf.:

"I want you tonight to open up your heart and realize that you're not only in a great family, you are in the only family that exists on the face of the earth."

Gordon Ferguson, Radical Men, Radical Times Hosea Radical Love of God, Manila World Leadership Conf., Aug. 1994 audio tape #9102:

"What you and I have to get today, because we're the last hope the world has. Nobody else is going to do what we're doing. Nobody else has the right message. Nobody else has the right commitment."

Judy Weger, Faith and Convictions, audio tape, San Diego:

"You know, I think a lot of us are fooled. We have people that, you know, all of a sudden they say, 'You know, I really, you know, I just question your church. I think there are other churches that are OK. I just think there are other churches that are saved'. And you kinda like, where on earth did that come from? 'You experience that with maybe your heart and you're gonna be saved.' Or, 'You know, I just discovered this commitment is just too much. I really didn't know what I was getting into when I was baptized.' Or they say, 'You know, I'm so much happier now that I've left the church . . .' You know what they're really saying? I'm not stupid, I figured this out. They have got sin in their lives. It has nothing to do with the church, It hasn't anything to do with baptism. It doesn't have anything to do with a commitment. They have gone back to their worldly ways . . . (She then reads 2 Tim. 3 about being lovers of themselves. Judy Weger ibid.)

" . . . you have to be convinced that you are of God, that your leaders are of God, that this church is of God . . . There must be no doubt in your mind that this is God's kingdom, God's church, one Lord, one faith, one baptism."

Marty Fuqua, My Highest Joy audio tape 1991 SW. Conf.:

". . . God's modern day movement has gone from just a handful of people from Boston, Massachusetts, that had a dream of seeing the true Gospel of people becoming true Christians, going all around the world."

Kip McKean, Malachi, 1994 Manila World Leadership Conf.:

"Boston, 1979, a group of 30 would be disciples gathered in the living room and commit themselves to at that time, an ideal that had not yet been seen, that the true church would be composed of only disciples, only those people who are committed to Jesus Christ, and those who refused to heed the call of Jesus would be unwelcome in that fellowship, and not recognized by God and His human leaders."

We can thank the Lord that he does not run the Church which is his possession as Kip mcKean.


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