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When can one finally leave this Shepherding movement?

When someone is finally fed up tithing as it continues to increase and giving their hard-earned money to the church to further its own agenda in the name of Christ.

When they have finally said the last confession of sin to their prayer partners and discipler .

When one becomes tired of writing down their own sins for their discipler to help them, when they too struggle with similar weaknesses and they realize they can't be helped from another humans hand.

When they are sick and tired of focusing on their and others deepest secrets and darkest sins and finally want to focus on Christ to be set free.

When they are tired of going out to fulfill their promised quotas for disciples at all hours and places.

When they are tired of showing up for baptisms with the rest of the church at all hours of the day or night.

When they tire of getting Gods blessing on themselves because of their performance when it is good and their discipler leaning on them when it is not.

When they tire of participating or being the recipient in interrogation session, that go late into the night not for reconciliation but with the object of persuading one on the "errors of his ways" and his "factious" behavior.

When one is tired of being manipulated into doing things for God that in their conscience doesn't sit right, that it might be right to do but its the coercion and expecting them to do what everyone else does.

When they become overwhelmed with hearing how great they are and how all the other churches are Laodicean.

When they see clearly that they are claiming they are the only true church in the world and its all up to them.

When they finally are offended to hear their parents and friends they grew up with and are born again Christians are all going to hell because they are not part of their Church.

When they see that there are others Christians in other churches and they are stealing sheep and shearing them.

When they realize the church has orchestrated an atmosphere for the young to be comfortable and participate.

When they realize the church will never change unless the leadership does and the self appointed prophet/ apostle is not budging but keeps to his agenda.

When someone finally realizes this is not a balanced life and they are trying to have them live as an apostle would who had a special calling in the churches beginnings.

When they are tired of asking permission and advice for their own life decisions and are willing to say I can with God make my own decisions And when they decide to think for themselves no matter what the cost even being shunned by their "brothers and sisters" as a result then they are able to leave and not look back but forward to the real new life God has promised in his Son.

They then don't have to worry about  reconciliation service  to bring them back as fall away's because they'll know the true freedom that everyone has been sharing with them about the grace of God.     smiley or sad.gif (2332 bytes)

Only the real Jesus the life giver can have someone set free from religious rituals, lawful practices, and legalistic Christianity that is disguised as the true one. Ask Christ to forgive you of your pride and trying to work for his approval, ask forgiveness of your sins . Come to the cross instead of the water and have the real blood of Jesus be applied to your account.

What happens when one wants to leave

We cannot underestimate this movements hold they have on their members. Someone can be convinced that they have been abused and been betrayed of their confidentiality and still have  a hard time leaving. They can be convinced they are not the only true church leave successfully and the next thing you hear is that they are back inside again! Why?

When someone finally gets the guts to sit down with the leaders to tell them their feelings and the problems they see they are subjected to 2 types of coercion. One is the threatening guilt trip laid on them like they always had problems and did not really surrender to God or were not honest about their confessions. If it is done this way its usually over behavior or doctrine. Clichés' such as don't you trust us, we depended on you and your letting us down Your turning your back on God you'll go to hell and so will your loved ones, you don't want that to happen do you?  A dog always returns to his own vomit !

The other approach is more subtle. It is apologetic, we are sorry if we hurt you, they convince him or her that they need them. That they will be missed and they are so important to the Church. This of course is rarely not done in sincerity because later on they will confront them on not living up to the requirements and try to have them tote the line. Either way the member is coerced not to leave. if you find someone who wants to leave I don't recommend you let them meet with the leaders alone. Go with them for support and don't let them manipulate you with their pushy antics.

                                            What to do after you leave       wpe4.jpg (1910 bytes)

  Relax, you need time to recuperate. God understands your human, your going to have feelings and emotions to work through. Take it slow, pray, ask for God to show you where it began and renounce what you have done to yourself and others. Let him start afresh in your life. Let God deal with you first before you go back out into the field. He doesn't expect you to do this immediately. Know that the Holy Spirit is the comforter he's your best friend in times of loneliness, let him minister to you. Rely on God and not man. Shut yourself up with the Lord learn the voice of your shepherd. Get back to a balanced life as you feel ready to make new friends in another church or at work. Be careful not to be paranoid or cynical or critical which are all human reactions to leaving an abusive setting. The healing process can be long or short but it can't be rushed or controlled. It has to be God that heals for it to be genuine. Learn from your experience don't become bitter but better. Know that you just got a lesson in spiritual discernment and that you can be used in this way to help other. Let you trials and tribulations be turned around for Gods glory and not let any bitterness or anger overtake you. Know that their are lots of people out there that share your hurt and are willing to help , your not alone. If you need help we would love to be able to assist you in your transition into freedom.


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