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        Manchester Cathedral Transforms into a Serpent's Casino

Manchester Cathedral is a Saxon church in Manchester from 700 Ad. In 1215 Robert Greslet, Lord of the Manor decided to build the current church adjacent to his manor house (This became the Parish Church of Manchester. This is one of the oldest churches in the United Kingdom.

In their new cathedral guide book they answer ‘How old is Manchester Cathedral? Answer: “Let us begin with the materials from which it is made. Much of the floor is made of limestone from the south of the Derbyshire Peak District, formed over a period from 325 to 305 million years ago.” [Here is the first clue that something is not right].

Website: “One of our main aspirations at Manchester Cathedral is to help promote the most thoughtful theology.”

”A Cathedral, as the mother church of a diocese, has to relate to all sorts of very diverse local parish churches, communities, and interest groups. It serves as a centre for people originating from all around the world, with a very wide range of contrasting worldviews. We believe in trying to facilitate the most open and honest conversation possible between these different points of view” (underlines mine).

We will look at their “thoughtful theology” and their answers to open conversation between the points of view.
On its website “about us” it says, “be a sign of the presence of God in the world as sacred space for worship, prayer, hospitality and sanctuary”
“witness to the inclusive gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed”
“encourage and support Christian pilgrimage, spiritual formation and Christian education”
“engage in critical theological reflection and action in collaboration with other agencies and especially with the universities”

Sacred space, inclusive gospel, pilgrimage, spiritual formation are all recognized words found in emergent/ new age teaching, this is a church has been refashioned to be something to everyone and stand with next to nothing that Christianity holds to. While one can read of a very short statement of faith that is orthodox, it is missing important details. What they practice is in contradistinction of what they claim to believe.
Sacred space- is where you put aside an area in your home where one makes use of religious symbols, icons, mandalas, artwork and would meditate on them.
inclusive gospel carries the concept of everyone being saved, it is another word for universalism
pilgrimage was often used for Labyrinths that were put in ancient cathedrals for those who could not make a trip to the promised land Spiritual Formation according to ‘Renovare’ is a process, but it is also a journey through which we open our hearts to a deeper connection with God (website). The main promoters of this are Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Ruth Haley Baton, Larry Crabb, Rick Warren and many others.

Often used as a channel where contemplative prayer or meditative prayer is used. Its intent is to create a “spiritual space,” another name is an “inner sanctuary” where meditation exercises are used and one enters the stillness.
This one I’m puzzled at -critical theological reflection, if they did this they would not be involved in everything else they are doing that is NON- Christian. But their position is that they are “Calvinistic Anglicans in discussion with other Catholics of the Reformation,” which explains a lot, or maybe too little considering the direction they have gone.
On their website “Feed your Mind” What is theology?
In this portion they explain, “Frankly, the Church of England has not in the past been all that strong in theology. Unlike the other great churches of the Reformation, …Now, however, the situation has changed. For here is a Church that has largely lost its old privileges and its power, the one thing that used to unite it. And so it has become a rather bewildered Church. We who belong to it find ourselves, more and more, compelled to rethink our corporate identity. This is potentially a very creative situation. And more than ever before in its history, as a result, the Church of England has now started to be a community truly buzzing with fresh theological reflection.

”One sign of this new seriousness about theology was the inauguration of the Michael Ramsey prize for theology in 2005: awarded every two years, under the auspices of the Archbishop of Canterbury, to an outstanding work of original thinking – it may be in any area of theology, by a member of any Church.”
The Archbishop of Canterbury is Dr Rowan Williams, who supports Sharia law and has endorsed a promiscuous Bible which is perplexing, since he wrote a book on “Arius: Heresy and Tradition.”
Manchester Cathedral links with sister cathedrals on four continents, one is St John Divine Cathedral in New York which has long been a promoter of the new age thought and practices. James Parks Morton, dean of the Cathedral displayed a female "Christa" on a cross; Morton, "We are increasingly being called to realize that the body of Christ is the earth-the biosphere-the skin that includes all of us.” Where they developed an environmentally informed theology, spirituality and ecological practices.
Each month Manchester Cathedral publishes Cathedral News and Education News, which is sent to local schools.

(Gazing with Icons By Raylia Chadwick p. 4  Cathedral News July 2010)
“For Icons, traditional, and contemporary, are human images - Divinely Inspired - of God’s heavenly Kingdom reflected here on earth. In this way, they hover between two worlds, rendering the invisible, visible. Such Icons are born out of the inconographer’s life of deep, personal prayer, and contemplation upon the Divine.
As we know, God can never conform to humanre presentations of Him, being beyond all image,
but Icons, by their gentle, invitation to silent prayer, requiring us only to gaze upon them, can reveal to us, as unique individuals, what God means to us, in our own experience, in the hurly burly of modern 21st Century life - work, family, community, human relationships.”

Manchester Cathedral has sadly entered “the shift” that so many others are participating in so it was not surprising that they are promoting “The Spirit of Life” Manchester Cathedral May 2, 2011 (www.thespiritoflife.org.uk)

This is a Mind, Body, Spirit fair, which they claim offers Christian worship “through meditation and mysticism, prophecy and Jesus-Deck Reading, massage and therapies, creative arts, prayer and conversation.”
Mind, Body, Spirit fairs are what the new age movement pus on, I used to frequent them before I became a Christian.

Here we find an active participation of a new age transformation of what once was a church. The basis of this is what they say next. “Drawing on ancient forms of Christian spirituality, there are workshops, stalls, meditations and performances throughout the day.”

What is claimed as ancient forms of Christian spirituality (which are not Christian at all) is not at all. Instead they are Christianizing occult and other religions practices. I’m writing about this church as the example of what is taking place to many others as they move to be inclusive and interfaith. This is why we tell people one thing leads to another because once you open the door to these practices you are lead away from the faith of the Bible into ancient Catholicism/ mysticism and the occult. The spirit of life certainly is not the same as the spirit of truth, it is the spirit of error being brought to people under the guise of new Christian spirituality

Here is the lineup http://www.thespiritoflife.org.uk/upload/userfiles/file/web%20provisional%20programme.pdf
[ many of these links I suspect will not work as they remove them from the public eye)
Some of these practices are harmless others are dangerous.

Section 1 - Labyrinths
Section 2 - Votive candle and a symbol of prayer
Section 4 - Spiritual meditation
Section 5 - personality profiling
Section 6 - Yarn Crafts
Section 7 - Soul Clinics
Section 8 - C3 Creative Arts in mysticism
Section 9 - Two Church Mice, Cards, gemstones, saints, and healing.
Section 10 - LLI Consultancy, Talk to us about issues of fulfillment and personality type and
healing. MBTI workshops in the area.
Section 11 - Jesus Deck readings.
Section 12 - Celtic Springs, Christian travellers in the New Age. Jesus Deck and Christian creation
Section 13 - Spirit of Life, We offer hand and foot massage to revive you, prayer bead making, Jesus Deck reading and prayer for healing.
Section 14 - Franciscan Third Order, Explore spirituality which originated with St
Francis and evolved within the Franciscan
Section 15 - dream interpretation, reflective sites, insight objects, and Ruach cards.
Section 16 - Still Point Monastic Cave Refectory Road themes.
Section 17 - Journey into wholeness - Sally Coleman A "Christian" terrot card Reader promotes why the use of Terrot Cards in a Christian Context.
Section 18 - Taize chant.
Section 19 Emerging Church (Many Inroads into the Roman Catholic Church), Promoting Experimentation. (Sanctus 1)
Posted on http://www.firstplumbline.net/html/spiritoflifemancath.html

See this video on the Spirit of Life Event: http://vimeo.com/23441500

The Bible teaches that “faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Romans 10:17). Instead they have another way that eliminates faith, by seeing images, touching icons and other unbiblcal methods. I will not comment on each thing they are practicing, but some which are the most dangerous.

Nave Labyrinth
1. Small Chapel - Sit, reflect, light a candle and a symbol of prayer”
[ed.note: The Labyrinth- it has nothing to do with Christ or his teachings, it is not found in Christianity of the church, it was used by pagans long before. What it does is introduce contemplative or centering prayer in a subtle way to the participant.]

2. Spirit Walk- Spiritual meditation around the cathedral on headphones.
3. As in Eden- We offer personality profiling and point you to appropriate follow-up literature.”
4. Yarn Crafts Knitting, crochet and sewing as a route to Christian meditation. Building a relationship with God, one stitch at a time. Bring a work in progress or create using our resources.”
5. Soul Clinics 6 C3 Creative Arts”
6. C3 Creative Arts- Creating something unique and beautiful can be a mystical experience where we commune with the spirit of God. It is also great fun! Come and express yourself. Suitable for all ages and abilities.”
[ed. note: Spiritual and mystical experiences are quite different, mystical is of the new age.]

7. Two Church Mice- Cards, gemstones, saints, and healing.
8. LLI Consultancy- Talk to us about issues of fulfillment and personality type and healing. We have information about MBTI workshops in the area.
9. Penny Horseman- Jesus Deck readings.
10. Celtic Springs- Christian travellers in the New Age. Jesus
Deck and Christian creation cards.
11. Spirit of Life- We offer hand and foot massage to revive you, prayer bead making, Jesus Deck reading
and prayer for healing.
12. Franciscan Third Order- Explore spirituality which originated with St Francis and evolved within the Franciscan order.
14. Acorn Christian Healing- A “listening space” for you to come and tell Foundation your story, reflect on your life experience and beliefs. Explore issues without judgment, interruption or prejudice.
15. Eden- People Join us in the big dome for massage, dream interpretation, reflective sites, insight objects, healing and blessing prayer, Jesus Deck Reading and Ruach cards.
[ed.note: what does massage have to do with Christianity? Ruach (spirit) cards - sounds like the occult to me)
16. Still Point A stall and space for engagement and prayer around Cave Refectory Road themes.
17. Andy Varley -Dream interpretation and prophetic art
18. Sally Coleman- Journey into wholeness
[ed.note: wholeness is another type of new age therapy that treats the mind, body and spirit)

In the Programme of events Performances they state each performance lasts about 30 minutes. This is an introductory exposure to the new age so that people can choose what to get involved with. These all replace Bible learning, which if learned would keep them from participating in these.

Be still and know – Musical meditation by Wellspring Nave
Poetry read by Rev Rachel Mann, Poet in Residence, Manchester Cathedral Nave
Fire Breathing vicar! Outside!
Taize chant – a space to enjoy sacred music, to pray and release yourself from the pressures of time
3.30pm Creating the Body of Christ – using multimedia to engage with and challenge our understanding of
God – Sanctus 1Nave 4.30pm Evensong with the Voluntary Choir of Manchester Cathedral Quire

Meditations and Workshops
Listening to God Andrew Bradley
‘Be still and know that I am God’. Explore stillness and spirituality to counteract the business of the world and help you connect with God.
Chapter House
12.30pm Inclusive love
David Gray
When we nurture each other and the world that God made and saw was good, it is more than able and willing – by God’s will – to nurture us in return.
1.30pm Art workshop – Gentle physical relaxation, a Refectory trace the Spirit of Life
Deirdre McConnell
short visualisation and the opportunity to make a trace of the spirit using art materials – however it comes to you.
“Healing Serpent Pauline Warner-
Looking for inspiration in the Old Testament bible stories About Moses and Aaron in Egypt, we find that the God of Moses was the Great Serpent, the Protector and Deliverer.”

[ed.note: This if find is disturbing to hear, the serpent in the bible is the Devil who is NOT the God of Moses but their interpretation reveals whom they think is. (Gen 3:1, 2; Rev.12:9) sounds like masonry where one finds at the 33 degree the devil (Lucifer) is the true god]

Meditating on Icons Steve Hollinghurst
“Meditating on icons as doors into the mystic realm.”
[ed.note: we are not to enter a mystical realm, the Bible warns of occult practices that open the door. Hollingshurst also teaches on encountering the mystic Christ- Drawing on ancient traditions of the Christian Mystics to centre ourselves and go on an imaginative meditation journey to encounter Christ open to people of all spiritual paths.]
Look at this link and see if there is any difference of what is taking place at Manchester Cathedral.

Angelic Encounters John and Olive Drane-
“Angels are all around us, if only we are open to their presence.”

[ed.note: God never tells us to become aware of angels or have contact, he has them minister unbeknown to those who have salvation]

Movement and Meditation Karen Wellman
Speak and listen to the divine through movement and meditation, including simple circle dances. No experience necessary ….
[ed.note: this is clearly a new age type of practice, completely removed from anything the bible teaches]
“Jesus Chapel Ian Adams -
Rediscover Christian spirituality as a tradition rooted in stillness, finding shape in earthly practice.”

When the bible says to be still it is not an eastern meditative practice but one of stop your restlessness and pay attention concentrate on what God says. Our spirituality is NOT rooted in stillness but in pobjective reading and understanding of the word.]

“Chapter House
Christianity and the Goddess Steve Hollinghurst”

[ed.note: The GODDESS! This alone brings this church into an apostasy. The onlky goddesses mentioned in the bible are with false gods.]

“Personality profiling
Les Ireland
“If you know yourself and your own gift of personality, you can make judgements about things that are personality-driven, and tap into resources that will support you in your spiritual journey.”

[ed.note: Personality profiles are not how the bible teaches us to learn spirituality, it is found in other spiritual practices and psychology.]

“Musical Meditation and Blessings
Sally Thornton
“Using music, we create opportunities to ‘be still and know’ in the presence of God. We may invite the classical musicians to move around the audience and play over’ people to bless them.”

“ Bishop of Middleton, the Rt Rev Mark Davies said: “The Manchester Mind Body Spirit attracts thousands of visitors wanting to experience the exhibitions, workshops and music, and to meet authors and artists. For the first time Manchester churches will be on hand at a stand to talk about Christian spirituality. “
“We invite people to stop by the Spirit of Life stand to meet with people who will be happy to talk with them about their experiences of searching for spiritual meaning in today’s world.”
“Bishop Nigel said the unconventional activities were not incompatible with Christian belief.
He said: “The event is a chance to discover and explore old and new Christian spiritual traditions from living in a community to praying with icons, from healing to bead-making, from Franciscan spirituality to contemporary music and movement.” (Manchester Cathedral to host tarot card readers and healers at 'new age' festival Yakub Qureshi March 28, 2011)

Tarot card readers, crystal healers and ‘dream interpretation’ what a lineup of Christian spirituality. This church is an example of what happens when there is no one steering a ship, it will go a ground. We are watching the new age movement enter the church with strength; this means we must be on guard and aware of the agenda.

We are told in Eph. 6:10-11: “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.
Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”

The solution 2 Tim. 2:1-2: “You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.”

See Mike and Ray Yungesdiscussion on the new age:


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