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 Bahai' Religion Directory

This Directory list articles on the Bahá'í faith teachings.

Why address the Bahá'í religion? They claim that they have the answers. That Baha'u'ullah was another manifestation of God- the 2nd coming of Christ and their religion is the correct one for at least a Millennium.

Who are the Bahá'í?  Introduction to their religion

Basics of  the Bahá'ís Beliefs- Overall teaching of their religion

Who is the Way Today? Is Christ the way for his time only ?

The Choice of Absolutes or relativism- What is the real philosophy under the surface that Bahá'í operates from.

Progressive Revelations- Do all religions teach similar things and are from the one God?

Did Jesus Prophesy Baha'u'llah- Examining the Bahá'í's claims of Baha'u'llah which they claim is in  the bible.

Bahais and the missing Power of God- Can one really serve God without being in Christ?

Bahá'í's deny the Bible- While they claim unity with all religions they in fact believe and practice something different.

Bahá'í's deny the Resurrection- The essentials of Christianity and the preaching of the apostles is reinterpreted.

Bahá'í's and the unknown God- can one know God according to their religion or only obey him?

The Coming New World Religion- Bahá'í's are one of the numerous religions working toward a new world order not knowing they are fulfilling biblical prophecy.

Contradictions in the Bahá'í Faith- Just some observations from there writings.

Comparing Baha’u’llah with Jesus- Are there differences? This Chart makes it easy to see.

Symbolism over Substance- Did Jesus rise physically or is it only a spiritual story as Bahai teaches


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