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Bahá'í's DENY a physical resurrection

Not unlike many other freelance interpretations the Bahá'í spiritualize the fact of the resurrection.

Abdu'l-Baha explains the meaning of the resurrection as: 'The disciples were troubled and agitated after the martyrdom of Christ. The Reality of Christ, which signifies His teachings, His bounties, His perfection's and His spiritual power, was hidden and concealed for two or three days after His martyrdom, and was not resplendent and manifest.   NO, rather it was lost; for the believers were few in number and were troubled and agitated.  The Cause of Christ was like a lifeless body, and, when after three days the disciples became assured and steadfast, and began to serve the Cause of Christ, and resolved to spread the divine teachings, putting His counsels into practice, and arising to serve Him, the Reality of Christ became resplendent, and His bounty appeared; His religion found life, His teachings and admonitions became evident and visible. In other words, the Cause of Christ was like a lifeless body, until the life and the bounty of the Holy Spirit surrounded (Ferraby, p. 178.)

He interprets the teachings of Christ spread as the resurrection. Not any different than their immediate cousins Islam they can't deal with a resurrection from the dead.

The resurrections of divine manifestations are not of the body…his resurrection from the interior of the earth is also symbolic… like wise his ascension to heaven is a spiritual not material ascension".(Abdul baha Questions pp.199-120)

By spiritualizing this event Christ then is lowered to be just another teacher in the timeline of history. Paul the apostle who was literally interfered by this so called dead person preached in 1 Cor.15 that if he was not literally raised in the body we are most pitied of men and even liars. if this event is not true than neither is anything else Christ said. then the teachings we have from the apostles (Paul included) resurrected a lie. The whole message of Christianity is encompassed with it being the truth in a world of lies a light In a world of darkness.

"Behold how the generality o mankind hath been endued with the capacity to hearken unto God's most exalted word the Word upon which must depend the gathering together and spiritual resurrection of all men. . . ."(Gleanings of  Bahá'u'lláh, p.97)

The Bible explicitly states that Jesus rose physically from the dead. Only what dies can to be brought back to life. There is no spiritual meaning to this event except the plain meaning that Jesus rose in his own body just as he said he would. He raised others to physical life he being the first of many to be raised to eternal physical life. The resurrection is a proven fact, not by what one finds but by what someone does not find. The body has been missing for over 1960 years, all they needed was to produce it then to quell this new teaching, but they never could do that he really raised from the dead and ascended to heaven in front of many witnesses. Those who deny he came in the flesh the bible says are in the category of anti Christ.

All the other so called manifestations testify he is risen, because they are found and he is not. Because he rose just as he said he would, his grave is as empty today as it was 3 days after he rose. Rev. 1:18: "I am he who lives and was dead and behold I am alive forever more." He was seen by his disciples 11 different times & once by over 500 witnesses at the same time, his resurrection changed the disciples from cowards to courageous witnesses. Unfortunately it doesn’t change the Bahá'í's even with the eye witness testimonies written down.

Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life."( Jn.11:25) That he would raise people from the dead on the last day (Jn.6:39-40). Buddha, Mohammed, and Bahá'u'lláh do not have the ability to do this, their dead! Only someone who has eternal life and is God can accomplish this event.




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