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Pt.2 The new Religion of Other worldly contact


October 1 1986 Ryuho Okawa published the Basic Sutra of Happy Science, “The Dharma of the Right Mind”, which contains condensed core teachings and is received by everyone who wants to join Happy Science as a member. Five days later he established his religious organization (Oct. 6th 1986).

Happy Science (“Kofuku-no-kagaku” in Japanese), known as “The Institute of Research in Human Happiness” at that time) was established and opened its first office in Nishi-ogi -minami, Suginami Ward, Tokyo.

On March 8th 1987 the first lecture marking the start of Happy Science was held (“The Principle of Happiness”) explained the basic teachings and direction of Happy Science, which are “The Exploration of the Right Mind” and “The Principles of Happiness,” (The Fourfold Path of Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection and Progress).

Okawa now travels to the nations spreading his message he received from spirits.

An example of what is taught can be found in the book “The Nine Dimensions: Unveiling The Laws of Eternity.” “The reader will be taken on a journey into the Other World – that place to which we all go when our lives end here on earth. The multidimensional aspects of this Other World are revealed, culminating in the Ninth Dimension – the realm of the saviors. This is the realm inhabited by the Messiahs, beings who only come down to earth every thousand years or more. 

…It is His hope that when the religions and cultures of the world discover the truth of their common spiritual origin, they will be inspired to accept their differences, come together under faith in God, and build an era of harmony and peaceful progress on Earth.”

This concept of Saviors, Messiahs visiting the earth in epochs of time is not new and is drawn from various other sources (a 9th dimension is his individual teaching). You cant include Jesus or Christianity in this religious melting pot, for Jesus said He alone is the truth, the ONLY Messiah. The unity message to build an era of peace appeals to everyones hopes yet again Jesus warned of this taking place in end times. Apparently Okawa is using Jesus (and possibly other names) to endorse his mission, avoiding the actual words of Jesus and his apostles that would bring a conflict.

Other dimensional truth?

“If you have knowledge, it will enable you to make decisions subjectively, without being led astray by other people’s opinions. People who cannot make subjective decisions can only act as members of a group and therefore be controlled by other people’s opinions. This is because they are lacking in knowledge. If they can only exist as members of a group, it is because they lack the knowledge to make decisions on their own. It is often said that truth can set you free, true knowledge provides freedom. Through the acquisition of true knowledge we are able to think and decide freely. Conversely people who are unable decide freely are lacking in knowledge. (P.7 issue 214 Happy Science)

So if one disagrees with Okawas revelation by spirits are they lacking knowledge or have a different knowledge. The actual quote came from Jesus, who said, “the truth would set you free”, HE was and still is the truth. He did not say another’s teachers be used for some other truth. Jesus said he was the good shepherd and did not share this position with others. John 10:1-3 "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber."But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep."To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.”

“There are dimensions beyond the tenth, known as the Macrocosmic Grand Divine Spirit, which is said to encompass as many as twenty dimensions (Okawa 1991app.29-30).

Okawa says, No spirit from the tenth dimension or beyond has incarnated on earth.

We are told Lord Antonius is the God of the Earth, part of the tenth dimensional Grand Sun consciousness who has entrusted Okawa with the mission to unify all thought and religion. This certainly seems related to new age teachings from the ascended masters. Once again this is contrary to the Bible who says there is only one true God

Okawa claims to have attained knowledge of the fourteenth dimension which means he has greater knowledge than Jesus who is in the 9th dimension, (whom was proved was God by his resurrection).

Whenever someone starts to make claims to have continual spirit contact with the dead, we know it cannot be proven in an absolute sense, it is subjective. However, if we go by the bible we know it can be proven they have not made contact that this is not only dangerous but forbidden to pursue.

When someone claims spirit[s] speak and one of them is Jesus and he gives who gives us a different doctrine than the Bible, then we know its not the real Jesus. No matter how convincing or insistent one is, if his Jesus is just another teacher in the “9th dimension” then he is not the same one of the Bible.

The book -Nine dimensions – unveiling the laws of eternity. Okawa says this book contains “why He conceived such a colorful medley of religions, philosophies, sciences, arts, and other forms of expression. It is His hope that when the religions and cultures of the world discover the truth of their common spiritual origin, they will be inspired to accept their differences, come together under faith in God, and build an era of harmony and peaceful progress on Earth.”

Okawa claims that it is a new era, the answers can no longer be found where they once were found. “The mission of world religions, which were founded 2,000 or 2,500 years ago, is now coming to an end. Even Christian societies cannot always find answers to modern issues with the teachings of Jesus Christ. The words of Buddha may also not apply to the issues or problems we have today.

1,400 years ago, Muhammad expounded his teachings, but the teachings inscribed in the Koran contradict much of the norms of modern society.

Because they cannot understand one another on many occasions, Christian teachings and Muslim teachings are causing conflicts all around the world in the 21st century. If the founders of these religions were living today, they would probably tell us to change certain parts or teach us to interpret it in a different way. They would probably teach us how we could work together with other religions and harmonize with one another.

However, this is impossible because their religions are already disappearing in the flow of human history. That is why I have come in their place. I am standing in front of you today to integrate all religions, philosophies, ideologies and contradicting ideas on how to perceive humans. I am trying to teach you a new perspective of humans, society, nation and the world. All answers can be found within my words. Within my books, you can find plenty of seeds for the future. People who will be born 500, 1,000, 2,000 years from now will find answers in my words. (p.11 Issue 210 Master Ryuho Okawa

World Teacher Special Report Now is the Time for Salvation) [underline mine]

So Okawa is presenting himself and his new religion as the answer of all answers. That everyones religion is obsolete, (including Jesus, God in the flesh) and he (Okawa) has the answer for the future. His answer is based on interfaith cooperation, nothing new there; except he is leader.

"I predict that the society of the future will base its learning and scientific advances on a philosophy that affirms the existence of the spirit world and reincarnation. What we need now is a religion that will make this possible and I am convinced that Happy Science is the only religion that can take on this weighty responsibility." (from The Laws of Prosperity)


Statements are made like “you must love beyond the differences of all religions, all nations and all races, you are originally one.”

“We humans have the power to change who we are, improve ourselves, and turn our future into one of great dreams and ideals. That is what makes us children of God. This is our divine nature.”

This clearly goes against the teachings of Jesus and the Bible, for God says we do not have a divine but sinful nature. Clearly this is not part of Okawas teachings. That we are not all children of God, but are adopted by believing in the gospel (Jn.1:12). The ability to improve ourselves does not endorse anyone as a child of God nor validate having a divine nature, God does, making him unique

What about membership? There are no fees, no diet restriction they state by becoming a member you build a spiritual connection with the Lord. Your soul makes quicker progress.

by joining a group of similar minded people, you can contribute to creating an ideal society, which we call “Utopia”. There is a limit to what one person can do, but a lot can be done by many.”

“Everything begins with believing. El Cantare is the wish of mankind.You have the divine mission to shape this wish !Fight, Angels of Light! Fight, Warriors of Light! Gather here, my disciples through karma! The Savior’s command starts here. Henceforth, For the salvation of the whole of mankind, or the construction of the new world, We will have to make the utmost effort, will we not! (Okawa 1994pp. 295-97)

The Warriors of Light are the Kofuku no Kagaku members, who engage in the fight to overcome darkness through the propagation of El Cantares message. But you cant overcome darkness with darkness.

The world population is now over seven billion and growing towards ten billion. My thoughts are focused on how people living in over two-hundred countries can be in harmony with each other, work together and live in happiness on this Earth whose world population is approaching ten billion”.

In October 1999 they opened a new Happy Science General Headquarters building in Shinagawa ward, Tokyo and announced it to be “a base from which Utopia will be created.” In the meantime they are advertising at the Olympics 2012-07-17.

Reincarnation is an essential part of this New Religion

“the soul – is a unique but eternal existence incarnating many times between Heaven and Earth. You are a child of God or Buddha, hence, like a diamond in the rough, the more you refine and polish yourself, the more your soul will shine”

We read Lord El Cantare has also sent down parts of his own consciousness brother souls - to guide humanity in the right direction at the most important times in history. souls who have been born to Earth in the last twenty thousand years are: La Mu - 17,000 years ago on the Mu continent; Thoth - 12,000 years ago in Atlantis; Rient Arl Croud - 7,000 years ago in the Incan Empire; Ophealis - 6,500 years ago in Greece; Hermes - 4,300 years ago in Greece, Crete Island; Gautama Siddhartha (Shakyamuni Buddha) - 2,500 years ago in India. And is currently Ryuho Okawa.

It becomes evident that Ryuho Okawa is well read in theosophy, occult literature and has borrowed other views that are found in alternative religious literature.

The process of reincarnation

El Cantare was to incarnate as Hermes in Greece 4,300 years ago and as Sakyamuni in India 2,600 years ago. (Okawa 1994 p. 44 cited in p.365 The Transformation of a Recent Japanese New Religion Okawa Ryuho and Kofuku no Kagaku by Trevor Astley)

Moria came as Moses over 3,000 years ago, Therabim as Confucius over 2,000 years ago.

Amor came to earth in the form of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.

Moses, Jesus Christ, and Confucius are Ninth-dimensional spirits. It is from this ninth-dimensional world that he says the “personal gods” and “fundamental divinities” of the world religions have incarnated on earth. He teaches the tenth dimension is the highest realm of the terrestrial spirit group. It consists of Grand Sun

Consciousness, Moon Consciousness, and Earth Consciousness.

These were the “initial four ninth-dimensional Divine Spirits” that inhabited the earth. The

fifth ninth-dimensional Divine Spirit was El Ranty, or Aal El Ranty, from which the name Allah was later derived. Under his guidance, a group of sixty million inhabitants of the planet Beta utraveled to the

Earth in a big fleet of space crafts’ landing by the Nile where the first Utopia was established—giving us the later legend of the Garden of Eden (Okawa 1991app. 34-47).

El Ranty and Amor were the principal guiding spirits of La Mu, “the great king of the light of Mu,,,the civilization that thrived in the Pacific some 17,000 years ago before it finally sank into the Ocean 15,300 years ago. Some of the survivors of Mu are said to have escaped to the Atlantic continent of Atlantis. La Mu, incidentally, was also to reincarnate later as Sakyamuni in India (Okawa 1991a, pp. 199-202).

What we have here is a procession of reincarnation with a mixture of theosophy and occult teachings that are commonly found all through the New Age movement. There is no doubt Okawa is a medium for these teachings. Through various multi-faceted means he has systematized names, concepts and practices from all.

In his own publication Happy Science we read "Sri Lanka Visited by Buddha Reincarnate"

Buddha…reborn?” I could hardly believe my ears at that moment. Curious, I decided to visit the nearby Okinawa Temple of Happy Science. Right when I sat in front of the Gohonzon, all of the hatred and bitterness I felt disappeared, and I was instead struck with the image of God praying for peace and love for all human beings.

There is so much happiness here. This religion can help rebuild Sri Lanka from the aftermaths of the civil war and bring prosperity to the country. This is the religion I had been searching for.” (Issue 214 Happy Science)

Dalai Lama has competition. Okawa has a number of alternate explanations that challenge the Bible. I suspect the other religions are also challenged by his reinterpretations.

The early background of the founder’s history may give us insight into his religious spiritual pursuits: While still at elementary school he and his brother were lectured by their father on topics as diverse as the Bible, and the Zen koan collection Mumonkan, and Marxist thought. His dream was to become a scholar or a diplomat; realizing his mediocrity, he would study until late at night…. By dint of such effort he reached the top of his class. (P. 345 The Transformation of a Recent Japanese New Religion Okawa Ryuho and Kofuku no Kagaku)


Members develop a deeper understanding of life, character and leadership qualities, to contribute to the development of the world.

They do this by Meditation which initiates communication with the high realms of Heaven of in the Spirit World. The purpose of meditation is to discover our true selves – a spiritual being residing in a physical body; we are “spiritual beings whose real home is the Spirit World” “The act of discovering your true self is the purpose of meditation.”(book challenge of the Mind p.53)

They are taught to contact the Spirit World by this meditation. They can “receive light from the other world through our brother or sister souls or from more advanced guiding spirits.” It is to “transform it into a source of vitality, a source of energy for our everyday life, and an origin of wisdom to dissolve our problems.

Those who live in a good-hearted way, who have good thoughts and do good deeds, can easily start contacting their guardian and guiding spirits … those who have few good thoughts and rarely good deeds are very likely to come under negative spiritual influences. Therefore, Exploration of the Right Mind is ‘a must’ for right meditation. They recommend Shojas (Monasteries) and a Happy Science Faith Center for peaceful and quiet environments; they are spiritually protected.


They will get comments from people they interview who have attended the lectures. The magazine carries testimonies as well as teachings. They are high tech and polished to proselytize as well as explain their message of enlightenment from the one whom they call master.

In his lectures numerous people claim to have been healed without him focusing on healing.

The Laws of Salvation

“The world after death is not a world of pain or sadness. Of course, for those who lead a bad life, would go to a world like that, but for those who lead a good life would go to a beautiful and calm world that is filled with much more happiness than this world. (p.10 Issue 211 Happy Science)

Ones destination is determined by how good they are, one cannot be assured of being good without the help of Happy Science. For it will "do what Buddhism or Christianity can no longer do: bring salvation to the people in the modern era and of the future" (from The Laws of Prosperity)

That is a man’s opinion that Christianity has failed, a man who calls himself Lord, savior and master and savior.

“The Laws of Salvation is the first ‘Laws Series’ for the start of 2011 and offers salvation for humanity living in the 21st century that spans into the future that accommodates the upcoming era of the ‘Space Age’.

Here is the preface:

“The time has come. I present this book to the many people in Japan and the rest of the world who have not yet awakened to the Truth.

The Savior has appeared again after 2,500 years from Buddha’s death in India. I have already taught a lot of laws in Japanese, but Japanese people have not understood this Truth completely. This is far from being splendid and the Japanese are far from being leaders of the world in the religious area. They should be ashamed about that.

The rebirth of Buddha, in my context, is the same meaning of the reappearance of Christ. El Cantare will save the Earth from the crises and open a new way for the upcoming Space Age. The Savior has proclaimed that the age of mercy and love has come again.” (By Master Ryuho Okawa)

Okawa considers them all from the same source, but it all focused on him. Clearly he is presenting himself as another Christ to our age.


We are told Prayer is a bridge that connects this three-dimensional world with heaven where you can experience the state of oneness with God (Buddha). In Buddhist terms, it is enlightenment, where there is no distinction between the mind of God (Buddha) and the self.”

I cannot recall Buddha ever teaching on God. The message is nearly identical to the gurus message of self enlightenment, only in different garb. “When you enter the world of prayer you must become one with the energy that runs through the entire universe” (the Science of Happiness p.156)

Okawa explains “The world beyond this earth is a world where only thoughts exist. Prayer is like making a telephone call - the act of connecting lines of thought. …No matter how hard we pray, there are times when our prayers do not reach heaven. It is because prayer works according to the spiritual laws. A certain set of laws governs the world of prayer and true prayer must be accompanied by beauty, goodness and love:

The fruit of prayer is the awakening and arousing of a supreme force, an outside power, which transcends the limits of physical existence.

Not only is one instructed to pray to persons who are dead, but prayer elicits a force, the supreme force that is outside oneself. Which to me sounds spiritual dangerous.

Prayer to the Lord

Expresses their gratitude to Lord El Cantare for giving us power, wisdom, love and light

Prayer to Guardian and Guiding Spirits helps them to connect with our guardian spirit – they claim our subconscious resides in the Spirit World. They offer gratitude to a brother or sister soul for guiding and protecting them.

They claim All Happy Science prayers are of a great spiritual power … inspired by such consciousness as El Cantare, Shakyamuni Buddha, Hermes, and Jesus Christ.

Reference book - The Science of Happiness

Happy Science prayers: The Dharma of the Right Mind is the main sutra (prayer), it contains the core teachings of Happy Science, it was inspired by Shakyamuni Buddhas consciousness and therefore has the power to purify our minds with the light of Buddha. This prayer has 10,000 times more power than the Lotus Sutra or Heart Sutra of Buddhism.

Okawa s new religion has a spiritual explanation The “one Law of God is divided into seven colors of spiritual, not physical, essence, representing the differing natures of the ninth-dimensional inhabitants. These colors are: Gold, representing the Law and Mercy, and the color of the Buddha (Sakyamuni in the former age and Okawa in the present age); White, representing Love, and the color of Jesus Christ; Red, representing Righteousness or Miracles, and the color of Moses; Blue, representing Philosophy and thought, and the color of Zeus; Green representing Nature and Harmony, and the color of Manu (the first man in Indian mythology and author of “The Code of Manu”); Purple, representing Order and Propriety, and the color of Confucius; and Silver, representing Science, and the color of Isaac Newton (Okawa 1991c, pp. 182-85; Niju Isseiki 1991,pp. 106-107)

Let me conclude with what Ryuho Okawa wrote in his book “The Golden Laws.” He explains the true history of humankind through the eyes of the Eternal Buddha revealing extraordinary facts about the souls of individuals, who influenced our history and the world as it is today.

The spiritual Truth of Eastern figures in human history (including the Middle Eastern region) Moses, Elijah;Krishna was born as Jesus of Nazareth in 4 B.C. Heere we find that Jesus was Krishna in an early incarnation which does present his unified theory on spiritual origins.

He explains: (4 B.C. - 30 AD), also known as Jesus of Nazareth or simply Jesus is the central figure of Christianity, a Savior and the Messiah foretold in the Old Testament. From the point of view of the Spirit World, Jesus Christ is one of the highest spirits in the 9th dimension who shares the ultimate responsibilities for the planet Earth. Previously he was born on earth as Krishna (4700 B.C.) and later on as Clario in Egypt. Whilst preaching on earth, Jesus Christ was directly guided by El Cantare to whom he often referred to as “Father”. The teaching of love, which gave Jesus’ message its universality and held the key to his teachings becoming a world religion, in fact, was guided by one of El Cantare’s brother souls, Hermes.

Later on part of the life form known as Mohammed was reincarnated as Swiss priest Ulrich (or Huldrych) Zwingli (1484 – 1531) known as the leader of reformation in Switzerland. The true earthly lives of the spirit of Shakyamuni Buddha are: La Mu (the Mu continent - 17,000 years ago), Thoth (Atlantis - 12,000 years ago), Rient Arl Croud (the Incan Empire - 7,000 years ago), Ophealis (Greece - 6,500 years ago), Hermes (Greece - 4,300 years ago), Ryuho Okawa (Japan - present reincarnation).

Numerous other names are mentioned: Vishnu, Shiva, Yao (also known as Taotang Shi), Shun Yu the Great Nagarjuna, Honen T’ien-t’ai Chih-I Bodhidharma Mencius Hsun-tzu Lao-tzu Chuang-tzu Wang Yang-ming Ame-no-Minakanushi-no-Mikoto, Taka-Mi-Musuhi-no-Mikoto Kamu-Musuhi-no-Kami Amaterasu-O-Mikami, Yamato-Takeru-no-Mikoto, Shotoku Taishi or Prince Shotoku, Saicho Kukai, also known as Kobo Daishi, Genshin, Shinran, Eisai, Dogen Zenji, Nichiren, Kanzo Uchimura, Masaharu Taniguchi, Shinji Takahashi

Influential teachers of the western world are also included

Michael Nostradamus, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John Davison Rockefeller, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Plato, Georg Wilhelm, Friedrich Hegel, Aristotle, Solon, Socrates, Seneca the Younger, Marcus Aurelius, St. Augustine, Thomas More, Francis Bacon, Martin Luther, Oliver Cromwell, Thomas Aquinas, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Charles Robert Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, Soren, Aabye, Kierkegaard, Karl Theodor Jaspers, Zeus, Apollo.

All people are reincarnated. It’s not a surprise that Emanuel Swedenborg is also found among his list described as a famous Swedish scientist, theosophist and mystic who wrote prolifically on his travels to the Spirit World and recorded his discoveries in 18 theological works, of which the best known is “Heaven and Hell”. Emanuel Swedenborg was one among those in recent history who have seen the Akashic Records in the Real World while still incarnate on Earth. His soul came from the Tathagata Realm of the 8th dimension in the Spirit Word and previously was reincarnated as John the Baptist, who had baptized Jesus Christ about 2000 years ago and a famous priest Genshin (942-1017) who had a great influence on the founding of the Pure Land sects in Buddhism.

To sum this up, Ryuho Okawa’s new religion is a combination of all the old ones, he being the conduit of spirit communication.

Websites where there teachings and books can be found are

More can be read of the leader and his history - Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 1995 22/3-4

Well spoken testimonies are found all over the web, but here are those who hold the opposite view- Calling them a cult 'MLM' The American Dream Made Nightmare



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