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Witnessing to the Witness at your door series

"I donít want to be Born Again"

God wants to give us a new nature, this is what it means to be born again. It is based on the gospel, Jesusí work for man that was accepted by the Father. When we believe the gospel we become a new creation by the Holy Spirit indwelling us, and we are able to do the will of God.

Ask a Jehovah Witnesses and they will say that I want to be in paradise on earth in the kingdom, I donít want to be born again.
In John 3:7 Jesus sates emphatically, 'You must be born again.' It is not an option. If you are not born again then you are not part of the New Covenant and you will not be found in the kingdom.

The Jehovah Witnesses teach only 144,000 can be born again. Only they go to heaven because they were born again. This is why so few partake in communion, it is for this elite class of people
(I have not met one in all my years of conversing with them and going to their once a year memorial service when they do taker their communion elements). See
www.letusreason.org/JW51.htm through 55.

They teach to enter the kingdom age they are not resurrected, but copied. They are not the original people because the original went out of existence. So if you die before Jesus comes to set His kingdom up on earth you will not be there. Why? Because God makes of copy of you, you went out of existence; your copy will supposedly be there.

The bible makes it clear that very few will be left alive through the Tribulation period which ends by Armageddon, the seconf coming of Christ.

So your copy will be there, but you will not, (you no longer exist). God makes an exact replica from his perfect memory. Remember the Jehovah Witness is told that Paradise on earth is the kingdom of God, a 1,000 years long.

John writes: Jesus answered and said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."(John 3:3)

Notice that it says he cannot see the kingdom of God, not heaven but the Kingdom which they believe is done by the resurrection of their copy on Paradise earth. Therefore the Jehovah Witness that goes door to door according to their own teaching cannot enter the kingdom age. They will not be in Paradise on earth. How sad.

After you have them read the scripture out loud ask the Jehovah Witness did God speak or did the devil try to trick you by reading the scripture?

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