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directory on  Islam

The differences in the Bible and the Quran

Which is the real Islam? - Does the Qur'an teach peace or violence, and to whom?

The start of the conflict- Abraham's seed of promise and the blessing to all nations.

The Qur'an's Jesus- What does the Qur'an teach about Jesus, the Son, begotten and the father?

Basic Teachings of Islam-What are the teachings that are fundamental to their religion.

The Prophet of Deut.18- Islam claims this prophet spoken of is Mohammed , Christianity proves otherwise.

The Comforter- Islam uses the Bible to say the one later sent is Mohammed the prophet how to refute this.

Do Muslims believe the Bible -Muslims refer to the bible often but what do they really think of it?

Is Gods name Allah?- What does scripture say Gods name is? Is Allah  a valid interpretation?

Crucifixion and the Koran- It is the capstone of Christianity yet Islam rejects this event, how do they explain it?

Who is the greater Prophet?- Jesus or Mohammed, a comparison chart.

Islam's proof that Christ did not die- Did Christ fake his own death, does the bible teach he did not really die?



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A good site for a Muslim to begin to understand the Bible and who Jesus is - in Arabic and English  http://www.thegrace.com/

For more information on answering the Islamic religion from a Christian perspective


for more interesting topics and testimonies



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