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The Inclusive Universal Counterfeit god[s]

 A new world religion is being formed, and it has everything to do with the church compromising.

I canít think of a better counterfeit to introduce the false Christ to the world, saying he is the son of all the gods of the nations. While at the same time diminishing the importance of Israelís role in delivering us the Son of God through its lineage.

The whole bible is focused on God and his Son, on his covenant with Israel and the lineage of whom he would be incarnated through.

Recently at a foursquare conference some Hawaiian pastors spoke on the Hawaiian people knowing the true God (Io, who they claim is Triune) before the missionaries came. Some were mentored by Daniel Kikawa (whose mentor is Don Richardson). Both who are pioneers in this inclusive universal god movement.

 What does it mean when you hear someone say that their supreme god from a nation like Korea, or Japan, or Hawaii sent the Son of God? Biblically, It changes who the Father is and gives the church a counterfeit son and gospel.

In the last days Jesus commends the church twice for  keeping His word, and not denying His name Rev 3:8. There is something important about this applied to prophecy. If one uses another gods name for the Father or the Son they are denying both. Why because these other gods whom some call supreme are not the true God of Israel that sent the Son.

I made this video to convey in the simplest manner possible what is taking place, so people understand this movement the church is facing.  This has become a road to unity with all gods (Gods of other religions) and we need to know about it.

Over 45 minutes (with power point and video)


USA $12.00 includes shipping


Overseas $13.00 (outside USA)