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                                                        The Resurrection and Rapture p.1


There have been so many false prophecies of the Lord coming for his church or to establish his kingdom on earth. Numerous false dreams and visions of a rapture, both pre and post that few take this doctrine seriously or as imminent. So many people today deny that there is a rapture, no matter what the timing is. For there are  disagreements on not just the timing of this event, but whether it even occurs in the future, or has already occurred.

Did Jesus speak of it, promise it?  Is this a new doctrine, made up one, or, is it found in Scripture. Paul says to the Church in 1 Cor. 15:51 Behold, I tell you a mystery: (as Col. 1:26-27 states). The Bible says the living saints are transformed at the same time of the resurrection. They are uniquely connected.

 Is this event only spoken of in the New Testament or  is it illustrated in the Feast days? What is the last trump, The shofar sounds that immediately transforms both the living and the dead in Christ to meet Christ in the air. Will the world know? The question is why, and what happens to us. Is it distinguished as a separate event from the second coming where Jesus establishes his kingdom on earth, or is it the second coming?

Are there consequences for denying the scriptures that pertain to this event. In this DVD I offer number of points from Scripture that we should consider to better understand this subject. 


              41 minutes

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