The world filled with Ism's

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The world is filled with ismís

What ism do you believe and practice?

agnosticism - means one without knowledge. it comes from the word ignoramus, one who is ignorant. [a- no gnosis- knowing or knowledge] this knowledge can only come from ones experience. an agnostic is someone who has no proof there is a god so holds back his opinion until all the facts are in. but refuses to see and acknowledge the facts as verifiable.
activism - life is to be filled with actions and enjoyed.

asceticism - a denial of pleasure, to control ones passions.

Anachronism- speaking of something in a time that  it couldn't have existed

Anarchism- The political view of the abolition of government.

Atheism - a denial that there is a god, does not believe there any proof of his existence. [a - no theist - god]. does not believe there is any reasonable proof to be presented.
conformism - recognition by others is imperative --- i am what i choose to believe.

conservatism - maintaining a traditional order, moderation. in politics it means to have less government activism or overreach and more individual freedom

deism - came from the 17th -18th century, god created the world but does not intervene supernaturally today, but lets life run its course. God is the first cause the source of immutable laws the world operates on natural and self sustaining laws in science. one cannot know god from the bible.

epicurianism - pleasure is the highest good and ideal in life, regulated with temperance peace of mind and cultural pursuits. egalitarianism is the belief that all men are equal in intrinsic worth and are entitled to equal access to the rights and privileges of their society.

hedonism - pleasure is happiness. the only proper goal of moral endeavor. one who overcomes suffering by pleasure.

henotheism- the belief that there is one god along with the existence of other deities. there is one major god with others under him

Individualism - we can depend on no one but ourselves --- self sufficiency

facism -socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, dictatorial control and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism. government authority under a dictator

fanaticism- one who is completely sold out for a cause, devoted to an idea (both good or bad) that they are willing to do whatever they can to accomplish their goal.

humanism -a system where human ideals are central to living

inclusivism - a belief that is broad, includes what normally would be excluded.

liberalism- a worldview with open-minded tolerance, wanting to progress without hindrance by having no barriers. people who practice a philosophy that holds to no absolutes in policies, beliefs or religion. they are supposed to be tolerant of anyone's opinion or belief system.

materialism - matter is all there is---i am what i'm made of, own and do. what you see is all there is.

modernism- to bring up to date with the current view of the culture

Monotheism - one who believes there is only one god [jews, christians, moslems, bahai]. there are differing opinions on whether the pursuit to know this god can be achieved. both biblical Judaism and Christianity believe he is a personal god who is knowable and intimate in their relationship.

Pantheism - god is identical with the world all around us, all is god and all is divine. god does not possess personality or have transcendence. if god is in all things than he has become subject to the laws he then created. then the natural laws become more powerful than he and they become god because the greater rules over the lesser.

Panentheism- That God is permeated in his creation though he is greater then it.The universe is part of but not all of God.b

polytheism - one who believes in many gods. then all are equal and have the same intelligence.

platonism -the true world is the unseen world of ideas and thought.

Relativism - it doesn't matter what you believe as long as you believe something and you feel its right for you, although it may not be right for someone else it is for you.

pluralism- diverse groups working within their own confines to the same goal, diverse beliefs that accept each other as equally the same.

secularism - religion is all right in its right place --- one is sufficient without god. religion is for those who canít cope on their own and need a crutch.

scientism- the belief that science has the answers for our philosophical needs or social problems.

socialism- a social system in which the means of producing and distributing goods are owned collectively.. was the building base for communism under the dictatorship of the proletariat in marxist-leninist theory

stoism - reason is the highest good, people are unaffected by pleasure and pain.

Theism - is the belief there is a god a creator, both beyond and within the world who can intervene supernaturally. a creator and sustainer who sovereignly controls the world, that all things find their meaning and substance in this being.


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