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A letter from a participant of a G-12 meeting.

I recently left a G12 church in Riverside, Ca. I was concerned about all the rules and how they only talked about the "Power of the blood of Jesus". They divided his blood into seven different ways to be applied to what we needed or wanted. Example: By the power of the blood that Jesus shed when they tore off his beard, we can apply this for acceptance. And by the power of the blood of Jesus that he shed, when they placed the crown of thorns on his head, we can apply this to our finances, power, fame, and glory so the curse can be cancelled and we can be restored to have a victorious life. And there are five other ways it tells you to apply His blood for a total of seven. This book is called: The Power Of Jesus' Blood (The seven times Jesus shed his blood), by Cesar Castellanos D. This handbook is given to cell groups. Anyway, we left! They never answered my questions and never replied to my e-mails either. My brother continued to go, but soon after they asked him to leave and was told to leave the church family, and not make any contact with anyone there either. I had a problem with why they would divide his blood into seven selfish things that we wanted?! And where in the bible does it state we can divide and apply his blood as an ointment?! Well, I just thought I would share this with you. Right now, they are supposedly getting a new building, and are constantly asking for money. At their "Encounters" everyone throws up and acts strange. They try pushing you back so you can fall, and the leaders start speaking in tongues supposedly? They also charge different prices to attend the "Encounters". Appears to be a business.  Most of all, I hope this helps others.  

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