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   Does TBN represent Jesus?

Trinity Broadcasting was established in 1973, and has grown into the world’s largest religious broadcaster, with more than 1,200 outlets ( November 1999 figures). I have had some hope that things would cahnge over the years, they have but not for the better.

 The Crouches oversee a $100-million-plus-a-year enterprise. In 1998 they’re ministry was asked to be sold and they turned it down, Crouch said he would  never sell. Its worth was about 1.9 billion then. Their salary--TBN’s founder and president, received over a 64 percent raise in 1998. The newspaper said it was “the largest pay increase in the country for the top executive of a major not-for-profit group.” Crouch’s earnings went from $159,500 in 1997 to $262,915 the following year. Jan, the organization’s vice president, also received a big raise. Her earnings more than doubled, going from $159,500 to $321,375 during the same time period.

Recently Trinity Broadcasting Network has purchased a Newport Beach house for close to $5 million, according to Orange County Realtors. The Crouches had previously been living in a smaller house in the same neighborhood. Their new three-story, nearly 9,500-square-foot house, has six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a billiard room, a climate-controlled wine cellar, a sweeping staircase and a crystal chandelier  has an elevator,  a six-car garage, a tennis court and a pool with a fountain.

Another of the Crouch's estates is TBN's ranch in Colleyville, TX, just minutes away from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The 80-plus acre ranch contains eight houses and horse stables, is estimated to be worth about $10 million. TBN is no small time operation, it goes into almost all the countries of the world. The question that needs to be asked is, what do people see when they veiw TBN?

In the Jan. of 2000 newsletter it  has on the front the Rev.14:6 global network. The Crouches now view their satellite broadcasting as the angel mentioned in the book of Revelation. Never mind that angels are creatures God made, they interpret it as their programming going to all the world through their satelite.

Those who have a high profile in the ministry (on TV) need to be aware that their lifestyle affects the image the entire Church shows to the public. Now the public compares people in the pulpit to the TV evangelists, thinking they are all like this-conniving for money. The unsaved world sees what is going on, and can usually spot a con; this type of broadcasting continues to stumble many in the church and we continues to be mocked by the world. No doubt they believe in the message they are spreading and are comfortable preparing for the kingdom they are making.

Over the years I have seen some outrageous things take place on TBN, from those who have another gospel to no gospel like Robert Schuller; those who coerce people to give money to them for God's blessing, to those who teach new revelations that are a figment of their own mind. False prophets appear regularly on the program and are accepted  as the real deal. Catholicism with its idolatry is held in equal status with Biblical Christianity. Today one hears more of kingdom dominionism, the church taking over the world for Jesus before he comes than Jesus coming for the church. The victory of the present church overtaking the world with a greater display of power from the apostles in the book of Acts. There have been a lot of unbiblical changes introduced to the Church over the last few years, many of these were launched through TBN's broadcasts. 

Well hasn't TBN done some good? Yes, I'm aware there are still a few good people on the programming; there are some teachings on creationism that explain the flaws of evolution; and yes, there are a few that explain the gospel to the unsaved and are not preaching to the choir. But the majority are not teaching sound doctrine, we still have the element of those who are hosted  that do not hold to the core doctrines of the faith. It does not seem to matter if one does not believe in one of the main fundamentals, the trinity, as T.D. Jakes certainly is welcomed as well as other oneness Pentecostals who are anti-tinitarian. But can we expect anymore from an owner who said doctrine is something he doesn't want to get involved in.

My question is where is this all heading? Well with the movers and the shakers that regularly appear one does not have to second guess.

The electronic media has become the teaching medium for much of the Church instead of an evangelistic outreach to the unsaved. There is a good reason for this, that will be discussed at the end of the article. I have watched TBN go from bad to worse and people are influenced to believe that good teachers are those who have big programs on TV.  We have forgotten our reward is in heaven and we will be rewarded on what we do for the Lord openly or privately, large or small. But a worldly perspective has come into the church prompting us to have our  stars to represent Christ just like Hollywood has theirs. Many seem to have held these men in high esteem as the standard for what real evangelism and Christianity is; they are not. There are many small congregations and evangelists who are not famous doing God’s work all over the world and making a real difference. Unfortunately, these local churches and ministries suffer because the money that could be used to help those in local congregations and their communities is going instead to those who receive the most publicity. The job of evangelism is left to a few famous performers on television, because people are under the assumption that more people will be reached with less money. 

“Well, I'm on the little fixed income.  I can't afford' --you can't afford not to do something, to plant something.  If you're going to obey the command of Jesus Christ and go into all the world and preach the gospel, the only way many can do that is to send someone else . . . to give so that others can go” (Spring Praise-a-Thon 4/1/91). TBN gives the people the idea that only the famous on TV are qualified to share the gospel and they deserve our support. Certainly we should give to support the gospel, but is that what is happening here? 

And yet with all this going on there are but a few people preaching an unadulterated gospel.  What has become the purpose of TBN. Its focus is on the body with hardly any true evangelism going on despite their touting numbers -14 millions of souls saved like MacDonalds hamburgers. Because someone believes in Jesus he is counted in the tally even though he may not have heard what sin is, that he is a sinner and that Jesus is the only way to be saved from the penalty of our sin. What exactly are they believing in?

The clear presentation of the gospel is replaced with things that tickle the ears; the Bible codes-Paul Crouch believes his guest Yacov Ramsel who says he found in Isa.30 twin towers-- September 11-- and Manhattan in it. Bible codes are esoteric interpretations. People often turn to this type of interpretation when they are unable to receive the literal word of God. Ramsel says encoded in the Bible in Gen.7:13-14 where Noah is getting the animals on the ark. Starting with the third letter in the eight word counting forward every 15th letter spells Paul adjacent to name in the same ELS is Jan the name of his wife. Starting with the 4th letter with third word counting every twentieth letter spells TBN. Adjacent letters in the same ELS spell at least eleven different words that are directly associated with the work of TBN such as faith of the gospel and Matt his son and his wife. There is no questioning this, but accepting it as if it is the gospel truth.

The Omega Code was a full-length feature film produced by TBN based upon a secret code hidden within the Scripture. It was a Christian hit despite its unbiblical premise and teaching. The majority who went to see it were TBN supporters.

I'm not going to mention all the examples I can give but here are a few incidences over the years that should make ones hair raise.

The holy ghost bartender Rodney- Howard Browne brought laughter and mirth into the house and was exposed for all to see how silly this has all become, this in turn brought the Toronto blessing which brought the Brownsville revival etc.we can trace all this to TBN's favorite revelator Benny Hinn. Then came the gold dust and a host of non biblical manifestations; on and on it goes...

On the November 9, 1990 Praise-a-Thon, Hinn told Crouch a new revelation. “Paul, I can say this -- Are you ready for this? We may have two years before the rapture. . . Can I be blunt with ya? I don't know if we have two years left. . . I'm gonna prove to you from the Word tonight, that we have less than two years.” Crouch then asked people to give because of the time element we have left. 1993 came and went with no rapture. Surprised?

In March Rev. John J. Hinkle of Christ Church in Los Angeles, shared a revelation to the TBN audience. “I was awaken and the lord spoke to me in the most awesome voice I heard it outside and inside and as I sat up he said “On Thursday night, March the 11th, the Lord spoke to me in a loud firm voice,” … “On Thursday, June the 9th, I will rip the evil out of this world. And I turned the calendar to 1994 and there it was Thursday June the 9th that he would rip the evil out of this world. And I knew then that the most cataclysmic experience that the world has ever known since the resurrection.” Crouch interjects: remember first of all it was made clear to John this was not the 2nd coming of Christ this not the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ its just something is going to happen on June the 9th.

June 9th 1994 came and went, evil was not ripped from our world (as if the Bible said it would be) no apologies were found from the mouth of TBN, Crouch or John Hinkle who uttered this false revelation. Where is the accountability, the integrity that is supposed to be found in Christian leadership? Remember this is going out to the whole world not just a church.

Lavern Tripp in the 1997 TBN praise-a-thon speaking as Jesus in the first person about the boy with the loaves and fishes: “For all these people...I already knew what I was going to do when I asked him the question but I wanted to see what he would do and what he would say. I knew what I was going to do when you came in to this but I wanted to see what you going do.

Now, the little boy with the bread and with the fish, he gave everything he had to my disciples, they didn’t think it was much because they said, “There’s just a little boy here and all he’s got is some loaves and fish, and what is that among so many?” But it was a lot to me, and it was a lot to him. And when he gave something that was precious to him, I gave him something back. I gave him back twelve times what he gave, and I’m going to do the same thing now. I’m going to do the same thing now.

He gave all he had. I knew what I was going to do when I asked the question. Now, I am the Bread of Life, and I have come to give life to the whole world. And I asked them where were we going to get bread to feed this multitude.

I am moved with compassion at the hurting, hungry people of the world. I am moved with compassion, and I move in the lives of those who have my compassion and my Spirit. I already know I’m going to do it. I just want to see what you’re going to do. I haven’t changed. I’m the same right now as I was then. I still move with compassion to the hungry, hurting people. I’m still moved with compassion to the hurting people, and I’ve got little boys with bread and fish. To some of my disciples, it don’t look like much to them, but they don’t see what I see. And when my little ones bring their baskets and give it to me, I’m going to bless it. I’m going to break it, and I’m going to multiply it. And when this thing is over with, I want you to look how much you’re going to pick up that’s going to be left over....

I already know I’m going to do it. I just want to see what you’re going to do. I haven’t changed. I’m the same right now as I was then. I still move with compassion to the hungry, hurting people… The whole world is going to see..what I do now because it’s going to be quick and it’s going to be fast, and multitudes are going to be satisfied because I am the Bread and I am the Life. And it shall be done through my little ones…through my little ones, I will feed the multitudes of the world. Yes, I’m going to give back to them, but I am the God of more than enough, and I take what people think are nothing and turn it into major things. That’s the way my kingdom works….

You can get in my kingdom by believing on me and trusting in me. I have a Kingdom Book called the Bible, and it will instruct you in the ways of the kingdom. And you already know, in the kingdom, that when you give, you shall receive. I take your gift, and I bless it, and I multiply it, and it will grow and grow and grow and Grow and GROW until my light and my glory fills the earth….

I have come as your Savior, your King, and your Lord. So, come now, my little ones. Come now my little ones and bring that that I have given to you. Lay it in my hands, and I’m going to bless you with fire from on high. Nothing will ever shake you or move you again. Nothing will ever shake you or move you again because a fire will burn it out before it can even get to you. ..whooh.. There it comes. There it comes. There’s your healing. There it is. Even as you begin to say I am gonna move, I’ve already moved. There I am. There’s the healing in your belly. There’s the healing in your chest. There’s the healing in your joints. There’s the healing in your blood. There’s the healing in your eyes. There’s the healing in your nose. There’s the healing in your neck. There’s the healing in your feet....whowhoooh..

For the fire has come. The fire has come to burn out all the chaff, ...to burn out all the disease, ..the sickness, ..to burn out all the enemy has done. For this is My Day. This is MY DAY. For the Day of the Lord has Come!” (Congregation begins speaking in tongues)

This was not prophecy but speaking in the first person as Jesus himself, it would need to be seen and heard to be understand what is operating here. This is more like new age channeling.  I have underlined the I” and me” to point this out. Let me ask you has the day of the Lord come? Is this is the Tribulation,  someone is confused and I don't think it's Jesus. Unfortunately most people would not even catch this and would wholeheartedly accept it.

This is the variety one gets watching TBN, and it is all approved by the owners. Why? Because anything goes in the name of Jesus, they make no distinctions, because they do not believe we are to judge or discern a thing, and they teach the people the same. Well almost no judgment, they do judge those who discern their programming and have pointed out someglaring problems, in fact they have condemned them to the nth degree. Paul Crouch said he will shoot heresy hunters (theology) if God doesn't. (Praise-a-thon (TBN) 4/2/91) God, we proclaim DEATH to anything or anyone that will lift a hand against this network and this ministry that belongs to You, God. It is Your work, it is Your idea, it is Your property, it is Your airwaves, it is Your world, and we proclaim DEATH to anything that would stand in the way of God's great voice of proclamation to the whole world. In the name of Jesus, and all the people said Amen!” (Praise The Lord TBN, 11/7/97). I remember Jesus rebuking the sons of thunder for this very spirit.

Crouch at times has reacted to those who use their discernment on those who taught the we are gods doctrine (ps.82)  and said  “I AM A LITTLE GOD... I am a little god. Critics be gone!” (Praise the Lord show July 7, 1986). Is this is the attitude of a Christian leader? Time went on and he said “God draws no distinction between Himself and us. God opens up the union of the very godhead (Trinity), and brings us into it.” (Praise-a-thon” TBN, 11/90) While Jesus makes us have a spiritual unity that he enjoys Jn.17 does not have the meaning that we become part of God, or little gods.

So we come to today--

Healing is big and a constant theme on TBN, stories abound as eachnperson day after day shares miracles and healings that even the apostles may not have seen.

  Recently we have all learned that Jan Crouch had some kind of cancer. Despite my disagreement with TBN I’m saddened to hear this and would want to see her recover, I have some questions to ask that any sensible person should ask.

It seems to me being surrounded by all these healers who claim these fantastic stories avails to nothing. What does it take to awake people to the fact that these men do not have the gift of healing and miracles as they claim! Was Benny Hinn their personal friend called up to heal? Are the hundreds of people who claim to see miracles on a daily basis called up? No, instead Jan knew what any sensible person knows--she went to the doctor and had surgery for her cancer. Yet we hear that she refuses chemo-therapy because she says she is healed.  Does his make sense? If she is claiming healing after her surgery why didn’t she do so before her surgery. Well it becomes as obvious that she does not trust her health to Hinn or any other to heal and she was not willing to risk her life, nor her word faith confession theology for it. 

Della Reese a unity minister who stars on Touched by angel TV program on a TBN 2002 interviewed by Clifton Davis another former TV star is allowed to promote her new thought pantheism: “well you see God has given, Jesus had 12 disciples following him God has given faculties that we can use and strength is one of those faculties, its already inside you the reason that most people don’t get what they’re after they’re looking for it out here my stuff is not out all my stuff is in here all your stuff is in here you see. And you have to stop looking for somebody to do it, when go in here to the Christ inside of you and call up the strength, call up Andrew that’s your disciple Andrew come out here I need to be strong now I need you to do this for me, I need to stand tall now y’see and and he will come up to you, nobody else is necessary y’see that , and that’s the thing that I’m trying to teach that we don’t know. Clifton Davis responds, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Della), absolutely, everything that I needed to be what I am and do what I have to do was born when I was born, it's all here inside of me. Now its not God’s fault if I don’t reach in there and use it you see” Clifton Davis responds “and there are so many who are blind to those spiritual things” (Della breaks in) “absolutely”  “and need their spiritual insight uh they can put glasses on their spiritual insight so they can see that Christ has come in and wants to dwell within them.” Della: “Well the thing is you don’t think enough about you, you see most people don’t think there wonderful, you see. I’m made in the image and likeness of God, he said that I’m the greatest thing he ever made, so my attitude might be haughty to you but its natural for me.”(PTL , February 21, 2002)

Clifton Davis shows that he cannot discern that she is not speaking about a orthodox Christian view, and yet he states so many who are blind to those spiritual things, hmm. This is new age speak Della is giving to the millions who watch.

Think about how influenced people are who watch so faithfully and ignore those who  distort or peddle another gospel. They have no discernment, in fact TBN will ruin any discernment that you have, not develop it. And if you are asking what is discernment, you better find out and get some fast, because the time we are living in it just may mean your survival.

A woman who was friend has recently gone to be with the Lord once said, “If the antichrist was on the scene TBN would probably interview him,” I agree.

So, if Benny Hinn were to point to a certain man and say this is the messiah that has been visiting me personally over the years the people would certainly believe him without question. I know, because I have had people argue with me saying they saw Jesus physically show up at his meetings. Some are so well deluded that they can talk themselves into seeing something they think is Christ or were able to see an apparition and accept it as a physical manifestation of Jesus. 

So where is the integrity TBN has for all that they do in the Lords name? Is there any limit to where they will stop. I see none, take for example...

Paul Crouch talking about God having a need and sowing a seed on his broadcast in 2002 (like Creflo Dollar and Mike Murdock) And I want to tell ya and I’m telling you right now, and the word of the Lord is in my mouth as I speak this to you because the word of the lord came to me very clearly just as clear as I hear my audible voice right now and he said son did I give my only begotten son Jesus Christ to the world expecting nothing in return? And for a while I just sat there kind of in stunned silence and I thought about it, and I said of course, and then it just began to flood into my soul, what did God need he had a need, God had a need he’d lost his first family, Adam and Eve had sinned they betrayed him, they had given the whole world over Satan and God needed something, he needed sons and daughters, so what did he do? He gave away the very thing he needed, his only beloved begotten son, the best gift heaven could possibly have given, and what did God receive in return for his gift. Well you know the answer because your one of those sons or daughters just as I am. He received millions, no billions of sons and daughters as a result of his gift.”

If this is true then our God is not the I AM, the self sufficient one, the being who has all knowledge all power and love within Himself, He is missing something! God does not need one thing, He is infinite in all his characteristics and attributes, He is in need of nothing. It is He who will be to us whatever we need, He is our sustainer and protector. His very name means self suffucient one who never changes. What is true of His being before is true of Him today, that He has no change from eternity past to eternity future. If what Crouch is saying is true then God had a need! Remember this is God the Father speaking to him in an audible voice telling this. God sent his son out of love not out of need, this was an action on God’s part for us.  

The whole point that Crouch is making is that this is the pattern we are to follow for tithing to their ministry, in other words since God gave his best -- so should those giving to them. They use clever and innovative ways to gather funds to further extend their empire of representing another Christ. The fact that every tactic in word and style has been used over the years for people to support this kind of programming. 

Through prosperity promoters a great end-time transfer of wealth to the church has been promised. John Avanzini broke the power of debt with his words, R.W. Shambach who in the 1999 the Praise-A-Thon promised if people make the 2000 dollar faith pledge to TBN, not only will God give them the 2000 dollars before the year 2000 but he will also make them totally debt free and their WHOLE family will be saved before the year 2000. Each year brought another clever God inspired revelation like burning the debts on the fire to release all who faith pledged. Pledge 2000 and give 10% or wait until some money comes in.

The Bible says in Prov. 21: 6 “Getting treasures by a lying tongue is the fleeting fantasy of those who seek death.”

Paul Crouch has said (on the TBN show “Praise The Lord” during their money-raising telethon) “if you have been healed or saved or blessed through TBN and have not contributed to (the) station, you are robbing God and will lose your reward in heaven.”       ( recorded by Ed Tarkowski, e-mail Mon, 04 Aug 1997 20:34:13 -0600) 

This has been going on for along time, Paul Crouch states, If you're broke. if you're at your wit's end, if you're out of a job, out of work, let me tell ya.  Not only are we gonna bless the world and preach Christ to millions and multitudes around the world, but you can be saved, yourself, by planting seed in this fertile soil called TBN(Paul Crouch Praise the Lord TBN July 21, 1992) 

R.W. Shambach says “You don’t eat your seed, you don’t spend your seed , you sow your seed and when you sow it your gonna reap a harvest.” I tell you folks he’ll send it back to you in a harvest some 30, some 60 some 90 and some 100 fold.” 

Nothing can be more powerful than your giving and anything can be said to justify it, Rod Parsley says,  you can sow for whatever your soul lusts to have  (TBN TELETHON April 6, 2003).

Can't people tell that the seed is the word and he has changed the meaning to money?  It has been said “He that serves God for money will serve the Devil for better wages” (Roger L’eStrange).

Many are convinced poverty is a curse, so if you want to get out of debt send in your offering and it will be blessed 100 fold.  If poverty is a curse then almost all those names mentioned in Heb.11 hall of faith were cursed, God said they were blessed. In fact it specifically makes the point that they were pilgrims not looking for a kingdom on earth but heaven, thats why they gave up these things. 

Benny Hinn had once said “You are as tired and as sick of money-hungry, greedy hypocrites to where you almost threw up,” “They come to empty your pockets, promising you mountains of gold. You haven't gotten one mountain yet! (Benny Hinn 4/3/91 TBN Spring 1991 Praise-a-Thon, reference from Jackie Alnor) 

Yet Hinn would never stay on this position long as he would go back to “The wicked are piling up the funds and I love the way John [Avazini] teaches on this. He's the best there is on how to get the wealth of the wicked. Man, I like it! (Praise-a-Thon, TBN, November 6, 1990.) There getting the wealth from those who sow the seed, certainly something to think upon. Yes John certainly knows how to lift the money out of peoples pockets and put it in theirs. As people would give the required amount he asked for he would say over their debt we multiply it back one hundred fold... we speak the hundred fold over you and break the debt.” The word spoken by the profit of money.

The prosperity preachers promise all the success they have achieved to their followers,  if they only will plant a seed (money) by faith into their blessed (soil) ministry. Their contributors don’t have the discernment to see what is going on, these prosperity teachers are fleecing the flock instead of feeding the flock. They have preached the “gospel of money” for so long that those who listen to them actually think it is the gospel! Jesus said you cannot serve two masters; it's God or Mammon. There’s nothing wrong with having money, but there is a lot wrong with money having you. How can you tell the difference? If you want to know what someone really believes, watch how they live, what their lifestyle is, what they talk about the most. If they promote and enjoy an opulent lifestyle, they have ignored Jesus’ warning about loving God or loving money: You cannot serve both! (Matthew 6:24) 

In fact Jesus said the seed is the word and when it is sown on the thorns it endures only a short time until “the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desires for other things entering in choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful” (Mark 4:19). Contray to what they say it has the opposite effect.

Yet Crouch is able to say:  Those of us who do give are going to get all the reward, while the TBN cheering squad stands behind him in support Crouch touted “We're gonna get it all. They're going to be waitin' on us, boy. They're going to be washing our feet. They're going to be bringing you your late night TV snack dinner. They're going to be waiting on us in heaven, yes. You laugh, but that's absolutely true.” (Paul Crouch, TBN Praise-a-Thon, 11/7/95)  Whose the they; its those who do not give to TBN. I sorry to break this news to Crouch but heaven is not like earth, and true believers will be serving Jesus not the owners and participants of a TV station.

Studies have shown the poor and needy are those who give the most often, elderly women, the sick and desperate give sacrificially to get improvement.They are the ones taken advantage of. Our hearts should break to see these people not improving in their situations yet sacrificially giving. Jesus had warned Mt 23:14 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you devour widows' houses,Proverbs 22:16 “He who oppresses the poor to increase his riches, And he who gives to the rich, will surely come to poverty.”

I know people who have given money to TBN for years (some in large amounts over time) and when they were in need and wrote they were turned down. TBN has massed a fortune yet it cannot help the few that need help. I don't care how many so called orphanages they build for the few children as a tax shelter, there is no excuse for asking people to give and give, and use the scripture its better to give than receive and then not give when they are asked.  The fact is most ministries that give on TBN give to those that they will have a hand in or expect a favor to be returned. Y'know, wash my back and I'll wash yours brotherhood.

People assume they preach the same gospel because they hear the name of Jesus. These TV evangelists wear thousand-dollar suits, expensive shoes, drive the best cars and stay at luxury hotels when traveling. They have things most will not see in their lifetime. Its all justified because their followers are convinced they are “God’s anointed servants” and deserve the best. and if you say anything your called jealous, never mind what's right according to Jesus! The local Church is getting ripped off because its members send in huge amounts of money that should go to local congregations and the local ministries to TV evangelists who live extravagant lifestyles and have to pay enormous amounts of money for air time and satellites. And they are not really doing evangelism in the Biblical sense, so we are no better off than before. 

Why has electronic media  become the teaching medium for much of the Church instead of an evangelistic outreach. WE the church have become lazy, we like entertainment; we have forfeited knowledge and have become Biblically illiterate. These ministries have become an in-reach to the church. The Gospel is not a necessary focus in their ministry; they are pandering to the Church to help expand their ministry to the Church.  Instead of there helping us to be equipped to evangelize and become personally involved in being used of the Lord, people watch the preachers and give them their money  waiting for the promised blessing and thinking they are doing God's service.

We have a gospel of greed instead of a gospel of grace. The prosperity doctrine abuses the tithing law to make the preachers millionaires, and barely anyone questions the ethics or scriptural proof of this doctrine because they have bought into it. Those who promote coveting by telling people to give money to their fruitful ministry as a means to get more from God by distorted Biblical promises are to be avoided. They are extorting people to get the funds for their ministry. I’m not saying ministries do not need support, they do, but to twist the word of God to mean something it does not to get this support by promising hundred/ thousand fold blessings is seditious.

Christian Television, may have started out as a good way of reaching the unsaved, but it has become the electronic church and the focus of spirituality for too many people. With all this manipulation, empty promises, false teaching, false prophesying I think it is time, it's overdue for all those who love the truth and Jesus that are presently part of the TBN machinery to stand up for the truth or leave and find some other means to get their message out. The fact is many good people are being used to validate what is at  best a mixture of heresy and truth. Yet the only truth there is are those who are good and have united with TBN thinking it is a means to get the message to the world. There are other means. The fact that one can been seen sandwiched in with teachers of blatant heresy should be conspicuous enough that they are being affiliated with the whole programming. Those who watch are unable to discern one from another. Removing oneself from their programming may have them take stock in what they are doing and force change, otherwise I see no change forthcoming.

If TBN (and others like it) went off the air we would for the most part have a great improvement in the church. This may seem harsh to say but there is a good reason for this. Many would  stop filling their hearts and minds with falsehood, they would stop depending on these teachers and prophets influencing their spiritual life. Some would have to finally get involved and do the work instead of depend on the few to reach the many from the boob tube. The money that has been leaving the church would go back in it and we would see hands on ministries in our community flourish. It would become necessary for people to grow in their understanding  and knowledge and become personally involved. That's the way I see it, either Christian TV changes or we do. 



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