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Who is Mr. Moon?

his teachings and goals

Moon was born in 1920, in the province of Pyungan Buk-do, in what is now North Korea. Moon was reared in a Presbyterian family. However, despite his supposed Christian upbringing he developed an interest in Spiritism which was evident from his early childhood. Unification Church leaders have claimed that while in his teens Moon had a visitation from Jesus on Easter morning, 1936. During this encounter Jesus supposedly "revealed that he was destined to accomplish a great mission in which Jesus would work with him" (Young Oon Kim, The Divine Principle and Its Application, p. 8). A host of responsibilities were delegated to him. Some claim Jesus actually told Moon he would be the "completer" of man's salvation, the "Savior, the Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah" - a claim Moon made himself. (Today's World, September 1992, pp. 20-21). When asked how he knew this was Jesus he said, he looked just like his pictures, an answer that should be concerning to anyone, even the non Christian. For Jesus to tell Mr. Moon is to go against everything that the Jesus of the bible has spoken. But this doesn't seem to bother his followers since moon has already taught them not to pay heed to what the bible says but only what he says the bible says. "You can do it even without the Old and New Testaments. You do not need them anymore." (Sun Myung Moon, "My Life of Faith", Today's World, May, 1995, p. 15).   

The Moonies teach that the Bible is "not the truth itself, but a textbook  teaching the truth." Divine Principle p.9) Moon's 536-page the  Divine Principle (1952), is considered to be their scriptures (supposedly revealed directly to Moon by Jesus Christ), and interprets the Bible. In it we read such wonderful words as  The New Testament words of Jesus and the Holy Spirit will lose their light in later times as new truth is revealed; just as the Old Testament words lost their light when Jesus and the Holy Spirit came. (DP p.118)

This is not true because Jesus will constantly quote the OT to prove what he was teaching and who he was.

His first encounter with Jesus was followed by communication to the dead. Moses, Buddha and a numerous others. Something the bible strictly forbids, which shows the source of his revelation is not God but in fact Satan the very one he assumes to have conquered.

Moon later changed his name to Sun meaning "someone who has clarified the Truth, Shinning Sun and Moon), who changed his name from Young Myung Moon. Clearly this is a case of blinded by a light.

How did this all begin?

A group in North Korea which was deeply involved in mystical revelations and awaited the impending arrival of a new messiah. This comes from a cult text of the 15th cent by Chung Kam Nok. They believed Korea was the new Jerusalem and that the messiah would be born in Korea. Somehow this missed what the scriptures say about Jerusalem and about his already being born and coming back the same way he left, via the sky. This apparently made an impression on Moon as these elements would later be found in his theology and in the Divine Principle.

Moon claims he got the call at 16 years of age in Korea from God on a mountain side while he was deep in prayer. Moon's states that he did not accept the call because he realized the great responsibility and importance of such a request. It was through contact with the good spiritual world, Jesus Christ, Saints, that Moon learned the deep mysteries of the Bible. He was told the true mission of the Messiah, the original sin, and how God has worked through history to prepare the world to receive the Messiah. By this contact of spirits he learned that the original plan was not for Jesus to die, this was a "second option." It was required because of  the lack of faith of the Jewish people to receive their Messiah. 

 A spirit connection

In 1965 Moon and his close advisor, Bo Hi Pak, participated in a sťance with famed spirit medium Arthur Ford. Ford channeled a spirit he called "Fletcher." In this sťance "Fletcher" described Moon: those who will be the human instrument through whom the World Teacher will be able to speak...Jesus of Galilee will not return - it is not necessary...the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, can speak through Moon more clearly - more completely - than he is able to speak through any one individual today...There is but one Christ. He may wear different names, because men speak different tongues, but there is but one God, one Christ, on Spirit of Truth....Remember to make the distinction between the Spirit of Truth, which is the Christ, and any individual with a human name...The Spirit of Truth didn't begin with any man - it ends with no man - it uses men. Right now it is using in a very remarkable way the man who is in your presence." This world teacher is well known in new age circles by the name of Matreiya who Benjamin Creme is playing the role of John the Baptist for.

Moon's involvement with Spiritism is still evident today as he "continually receives 'new revelations,' practices a form of soul travel whereby he allegedly projects himself into the spirit realm to see Jesus and the saints, and claims to be an 'expert' on the spirit world." (James Bjornstad, The Moon Is Not The Son, p. 30).

That occult visitations come from his involvement in Spiritism is evidenced in Moon's book, God's Warning to the World, in which he states, "Early in my life God called me for a mission as His instrument...I committed myself unyieldingly in pursuit of truth, searching the hills and valleys of the spiritual world. The time suddenly came to me when heaven opened up, and I was privileged to communicate with Jesus Christ and the living God directly. Since then I have received many astonishing revelations" (p. 10). Further insight is gained from the introduction of the Unification Church manual, Outline of the Principle - Level 4. Referring to Moon, it states, "Only God really knows the kind of path he traveled. He freely communicated with Jesus and the saints in Paradise" (p. 2, 1980 ed.). "When I was a teenager I had a trip to the Spirit world. I met Jesus. John the Baptist. When I came back the Bible took on an entirely new meaning. If you don’t believe me go to the Spirit world and contact them yourself." Well I don’t think we are going to see a rush of people to validate his experience. Except maybe the Mormon church and channellers.

Bo Hi Pak's Washington Times newspaper, which is reportedly losing $200 million a year Rev. Sun Myung Moon made headlines again in sometime ago when reports surfaced that the Korean-born leader of the Unification Church was "channeling" voices from the dead and that he had contacted his late son, Heung Jin Nim Moon.

More striking were revelations that a black church member from Africa was being possessed by Heung Jin Nim, who had been killed in a 1984 car crash at age 17. According to the Washington Post, church members were startled by the news, but they went along with it because it came from Moon. (they dare not go against Father) But as the bizarre story started to unfold the appearance and subsequent coronation of the unnamed Zimbabwean as Moon's son, some church members became skeptical, others had been working to quench rumors of theological differences inside the church.

The Zimbabwean, described as a baby-faced black man in his early 20s, has been a member of the church for the past three years. Last year he began claiming to hear the voice of Heung Jin Nim. After a church-sponsored investigation concluded that the man probably was Moon's son, he came to America and met with Moon. According to the Post, the man knew the answers to five questions only Moon's deceased son could have known, and thus won Moon's enthusiastic acceptance.

His dead son seems to still speak as messages come through, "Of course, in order that the Ministers feel at home, you must declare your love to Brother Jesus, but at the same time do not forget your goal, which is to bring them to the Lord of the Second Advent." (supposedly by the spirit of Heung Jin Moon, The Victory of Love,  The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, 1992], p.41.)  

Dr. Tyler O. Hendricks, President of the Unification Church of America, writes, in the Unification News of December 1995, "The Messiah is the incarnation of God, the Creator who deserves our infinite gratitude because he bestowed upon us infinite love" (p. 29). He continues, in the same article, "...the UC is the church which demands continual sacrifice of its members, centering on the fate of one individual, the Messiah, Reverend Sun Myung Moon" (p. 29). Moon, himself states, in his speech given on True Parent's Day, April 18, 1996.

True parents day is one of four holy days to the Unification church. Moon believes when the whole world celebrates all these holidays it will be a sign that the Unifications God has redeemed us all ,Heaven is the place we enter after celebrating God’s day Parents day, world day and Children’s day on a worldwide level." (National WFWP conference in Boston Unification new Nov.1993).

According to Moons philosophy a new age dawned in 1960 "At that time the marriage of the lamb prophesied in the 19th chpt of Rev. took place. Thus the Lord of the 2nd advent and his bride became the true parents of mankind. (this occurred by his marrying Hak Ja han) (The Moon is not the Son p.62-63). He also claims that he is the only one who can open the scroll sealed with 7 seals in the book of Revelation (Divine Principle pp. 133,519).

Clearly Moon and his followers believe, and teach: he is the third Adam, he and his wife are the True Parents, his is the True Family; it is restore the first perfect God-centered family on earth. With this one model as a center, all the rest of the world can be adopted into this family" (God's Warning, pp. 145-46). Through this "restoration," he asserts, "True ancestry from God will be established and heaven on earth can then be literally achieved" (Ibid., p. 147-48).One of Moon's mission that was commissioned from Jesus was to form a large family siring perfect children. In the spring of 1980 this was accomplished with his 12th child born, salvation has been won.

Is this so? Recently they have been embarrassed publicly when Moon's elder son, Hyo Jin Moon, and his wife Nansook, got a divorce. It was the Rev. Moon who matched and "blessed" them in marriage as Hyo Jin married Nansook a 15 year-old school girl at the time. So much for the perfect family and marriage. moon cannot blame this on the girl for reason that he picked. But  more serious findings squash any excuse from the Rev.  Nansook described a pattern of abuse, coming from drug abuse. She describes Hyo Jin beating her in 1994 while she was seven months pregnant. Nansook complained that her in-laws did next to nothing to confront Hyo Jin although aware of his problem. "Although Hyo Jin's family knew of his addictions and his abuse of me and the children, I received very little emotional or physical support from them," Nansook wrote. "I was constantly at the mercy of Hyo Jin's erratic and cruel behavior." It is these stories that are hidden from the members and public .

The recent divorce has brought to the publicmuch of what they would want hidden. His ex-wife has accused Hyo Jin of adultery, both physical and mental abuse, drug and alcohol abuse which he himself admitted to. He has frequented the Betty Ford clinic for treatment and was released from the program  for refusing to follow the orders of doctors.

Nan Sook Hong  told a Boston Globe reporter that she was chosen to be Hyo Jin's wife by a psychic in Korea who Moon had sought out. Considering Moon's mission is to choose marriage partners for his followers  he did not do this for his son instead he went to a psychic for advice in marriage.

The Jesus of the Rev. Moon

What the Unification Church presents publicly and to their members are two different things. It's intentions of strengthening the family  through  strict moral discipline and serving the needs of humanity seems wonderful commendable and even Christian. That is on the surface and what they want you to see, but the true Unification Church is a mind control cult of no equal. 

Moon teaches some outright bizarre things about Christ '...His body was invaded by Satan, and He was killed. Therefore, even when Christians believe in and become one body with Jesus whose body was invaded by Satan, their bodies still remain subject to Satan's invasion. In this manner, however devout a man of faith may be, he cannot fulfill physical salvation by redemption through Jesus crucifixion alone '(Divine Principle, p. 148).

The Bible, shows the opposite in that Satan was defeated at the cross and presently in the lives of Christians.(Col.2:17, 1 John 3:8)

For Moon, Jesus' death was failure. For Paul, it was the central point of the Gospel, the purchase of salvation, the guarantee of liberty from both sin and the Law -Moon has stated with reference to Jesus nature Jesus was this Messiah, the second Adam. But he doesn’t end there, John the Baptist is also a failure (D P p. 156-162). Moon teaches, "Abraham was the father of faith, Moses was a man of faith, Jesus was the son of man, trying to carry out his mission at the cost of his life. But they are, in a way, failures." (Sun Myung Moon, "Victory or Defeat, " from Master Speaks, March 31, 1973, p. 1.)

Moon in Jesus' place teaches: "I am now making a prototype of the perfect family, accomplishing what Jesus could not do." (Sun Myung Moon, from the Unification Church Magazine, Today's World, May, 1995, p.12.) It is after many great spiritual battles with Satan, Moon achieved perfection and became one with God, qualifying him to be Jesus replacement.

Mr. Moon himself said of himself, "I had to accomplish all left unaccomplished by my predecessor. . . .When you think of that, you must feel indebted to me and cannot lift your face before me." (Master Speaks, 7/4/73, p.3) This sounds like the humility found in  Christ doesn't it? Who is the one who left things unaccomplished? Jesus.

Moon's goal to start a new human race under his leadership. "I must save America… I know the direction that human kind must go, and I, with the help of God, will lead the world there…my wife and I can now stand on a worldwide foundation as true first true parents." (True parents and the completed testament age" (Speech given during Mr. and Mrs. Moons 32 city tour in USA May 13 June 27 1993). Adam failed to accomplish this task. Jesus, the second Adam, also failed in this mission. Thus, according to Moon, full salvation requires a "completer." When Jesus failed to accomplish his purpose "it became God's desire to send another Messiah, a second son here on earth" (DP, p.135). This is the third Adam, the Lord of the Second Advent. (Ibid., p. 145).

Moon's own Kingdom of God on earth will be established by what he identifies as the "third Adam". The  "third Adam" is Rev. Moon and that he has already begun to establish God's kingdom. "He [God] is living in me. I am the incarnation of Himself... The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world."

According to Rev. Moon, "Adam and Eve were God's first children" and were placed in the garden to mature into perfection in God. Moon teaches it was God's intent to "make Adam and Eve one in heavenly matrimony" at which point "they would have borne sinless children and become the mother and father for all humankind. They would have been the 'True Parents,' establishing the heavenly Kingdom on earth" (Ibid., p. 37). "Humankind needs the Messiah. The Messiah comes as the True Man who can establish the sinless family just like Adam and Eve were supposed to establish in the Garden of Eden for all humankind. Once the Messiah's family is established, all human beings can be engrafted into it and we can build a society, nation and world." (Sun Myung Moon,  Unification Church Magazine, Today's World, September 1996, pp. 8-9).

Moon teaches "Through adultery, the archangel who became Satan stole the intended bride of heaven." (Sun Myung Moon, Today's World, May/June 1994, p. 22.) According to Unification doctrine, however, they failed in this mission as Eve succumbed to the seduction of the archangel, Satan, having sexual intercourse with him. Her eyes were then opened and, realizing what she had done, she attempted to correct this by having relations with Adam, prior to God's appointed time. Eve successfully seduced Adam and, after having sexual relations with her, his eyes were also opened and he felt fear and shame over what he had done.  (Unification Theology and Christian Thought, pp. 60-63). (when she was 16-17 years old- Moon teaches that if she had only made it to the age of 21, then she would have been perfect- and her children with Adam would have been perfect ).

The bible teaches from the beginning they were told to be fruitful and multiply, so all this is nonsense. The serpent seed doctrine (Lucifer having sex with Eve) has been taught by numerous other non believers and some who claimed to be believers) It is heretical and pure fantasy, as is the majority of moon's teachings

Moon states when humanity finds its true parent to free itself from the grips of Satan. "To help fulfill this very purpose I have been called upon by God… I have suffered persecution and confronted death with only one purpose in mind, so that I can live with the heart of true parents to love races of all colors in the world."

This teaching concerning the "True Parents" is the central tenet of Unification theology, for it is through this alone that mankind will be restored to God. "By the restoration of True Parents we will be reborn as children of our heavenly Father, God. This will mean full salvation as His true children, not merely salvation as the adopted children." (Ibid., p. 42). "All people will be made new through the True Parents. 

"Thus, we have to attend Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon as the True Parents of humankind coming with the seed of the true child of new life. Also, we have to experience rebirth through the International Holy Blessing, which is the divine ceremony to transfer lineage through receiving the seed of the child of true life" (Prof. Taek Yong Oh, Today's World, June, 1997, p. 17) .

One cannot find a hint of any of this from the bible however Moon is able to get away with these teachings, even claiming Jesus as inspiration because his followers are complete bible illiterate's. 

His theology is that Jesus may be savior of our spirits, but not our bodies. So we need Reverend Moon, to accomplish our physical salvation, to accomplish what Jesus failed to do. Why? Because he did not marry.

All people will be empowered to bring sinless children into the world...This is the day when God's original ideal will be realized for the first time...His own son as perfected third Adam will initiate an entirely new history upon the earth. On that day, we shall become living images of God. God will bring His kingdom to earth" (Unification Theology and Christian Thought, p. 43).

"Even Almighty God cannot experience the values of love, life, and His ideal when He is alone. That is why God created His object, His image, man and woman...So man and woman together are the visible form of God, and God is the invisible form of man and woman...Human being is incarnate God...So man and woman, the object of God, is as important in value as God Himself" (Ibid. p. 4-5). "God desired to substantiate Himself in the world, and He finally approached that point with the birth of the original parents, Adam and Eve" (Ibid., p. 12). 

Here, in his theology of Adam and Eve, one gets an even clearer picture of Moon's erroneous view of man and God. "God is the father of Adam and Eve, and naturally He must have some resemblance to them...Before Adam and Eve fell they were the walking, physical God here on earth. As the visible form of God, they were to take over Lordship of the physical world, whereas God remained the invisible Lord of the entire spirit world...Why did God create human beings? God wanted to assume tangible form and the day Adam and Eve were born was almost like the day of God's own birth. As Adam and Eve grew to completion, God spiritually grew into a greater fulfillment together with them. God and his children were one and the same person actually..." (Ibid.). I’m not sure if he’s reading Copeland’s material or Copeland's reading his. Another alternative is that they are receiving revelation from the same source.

"Jesus knew that God was looking forward to having his only begotten daughter, so Jesus looked forward to restoring a woman in that position" (Ibid., p. 38). "God intended him [Jesus] to bring forth upon this earth his own sinless children. Then Jesus and his bride would have become the True Parents for humankind, and all humankind would have found life by grafting onto them" (Ibid., p. 42).

"Should Jesus have married? Jesus should have married. Is Jesus a woman or a man? If there is a woman saint, would Jesus not desire to marry her?"  ( Buenos Aires Sheraton hotel speech Nov.23 1996) Moon is not the least bit concerned in inserting his own carnal thoughts to Jesus.

Moon's speeches which span a lifetime consists of thousands of volumes, all recorded as it is to them Holy Doctrine.  Moon's teachings, his belief system are far beyond the scope of just an article or a book to address. We can take note that everything he says counters what the bible says almost 100%.

What of the essentials of the Christian faith for 2,000 years. He says In contradiction concerning Jesus, he is not God but a man in whom God is incarnate. "In like manner Jesus, being one body with God may be called a second God (Image of God) but he can by no means be God himself. It is true that he who has seen Jesus has seen God ;but Jesus did not say this to indicate that he was God himself," (Divine Principle p.211) "We must understand that this (John 8.58) also does not signify that Jesus was God Himself Jesus, on earth was a man no different from US except for the fact that He was born without original sin." (Divine Principle p. 212).

The principle does not deny the attitude faith held by many Christians that Jesus is God, since it is true a perfected man is one body with God." (D P p. 209)

Since he was crucified before marrying, Jesus did not complete his mission." and like Adam and Eve before Him, Jesus failed. His death on the cross only effected a partial, salvation that was incomplete. He only accomplished salvation in the spiritual level, leaving salvation in the physical realm yet to be accomplished (Ibid., p. 78). And that would be done by the Lord of the 2nd advent, himself.

This moon explains, "We, therefore must realize that Jesus did not come to die on the cross (p.144) Jesus failed in his mission which was to marry and have perfect children. Moon teaches it was God's plan for Jesus to marry and for he and his wife to become the True Parents, succeeding where Adam failed. According to Unification theology, it is God's ultimate desire to give a physical bride (not just the symbolic church) to His son. Moon states, "Jesus came to this earth to be the true, everlasting father of humankind" (Ibid.), thus fulfilling that which Adam failed to accomplish. He further teaches Jesus did not come to earth to die; it was not God's plan for him to go to the cross. However, man, in his lack of faith and because of his sinfulness, crucified Jesus and thwarted God's original plan (Ibid., pp. 122, 129-35) This should be absolutely rejected by Christians of the least discernment. This makes Jesus a sinner like anyone else and would even make other Christian cults blush. Moon who is bold enough to be a self proclaimed messianic pretender seems to have no limits to his attacks on historic Christianity. Jesus did not fail but Moon has, by not seeing the simplicity of the Gospel. There is a lesson to be learned here for all those who follow new revelators of the last days. they all share a commonality they are unable to read the Bible for its literal interpretation. They deny its essential message.

Here from a speech that appeared in Midweek of march 19th of this year with a 2 page ad we find the most ridiculous revelations yet. I read a lot of cult material in my research but much of what he said are so graphic, bizarre and disgusting it boggles the mind how the paper allowed this to go to print. So I cannot mention it all and it certainly was not pleasant to read.

"What did Adam and Eve plant in the garden of Eden? It was the seed of free sex. Can that be denied. That is the reason they covered their lower parts."…"If the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil were a literal fruit, then Adam and Eve should have covered their mouths or their hands. So why did they hide their lower parts? Reverend Moon is an intelligent man. I am not doing what I am doing because I am inferior to you.. It cannot be denied that the fall was caused by fornication.( Buenos Aires Sheraton hotel speech Nov.23 1996) Mr. moon certainly shows what he thinks of many things especially himself.

"Look at the OT era….Look at Rebecca the wife of Isaac. Isn’t she the one the one who stole the blessing for Jacob by cheating her eldest son. , Esau, and her own husband Isaac? Why would God love such a woman? How can we have faith in such a God? No one until now has answered these questions. Rev. Moon is the first person to provide the answers, because Rev. Moon is the only one who knows all the secrets of God." Now let us discover the dividing line between heaven and hell. Is it up in the air? Where is it? It is your sexual organ. This is a serious matter….Who can deny this." "If you wonder whether Rev. Moon will go to heaven or hell, please check Spirit world. There you will find out…You have to realize Rev. Moon overcame death hundreds of times in order to find this path. Rev. Moon is the person who brought God to tears hundreds of times. No one in history has loved God more than Rev Moon has".( Buenos Aires Sheraton hotel speech, Nov.23 1996). 

He has even the audacity to say "No one throughout history has known God better than I do." (Sun Myung Moon, "In Search of the Origin of the Universe", Today's World, September, 1996, p. 9.)

It is for this very reason this man is so dangerous. Most cult's are in the hands of a body of leaders, Moon by himself has enormous wealth and power over his subjects. With control over people in such a way that he can marry thousands and next year plans are to be millions. This can at anytime have the potential to become a Heaven's gate or a Jim Jones with this kind of dementia.

"Actually, have you ever stopped to wonder if there is anything that Father doesn't do? There's no such thing; he does everything. Now we know these are phenomena of the Last Days. So what is the conclusion? Pay no attention to anything else; just hold on to Reverend Moon. Thus, when Father gives a direction, we can reply confidently, "Yes." We don't discuss it; we just go ahead, because we know that we are better off that way” (Proclamation of the Messiah by Reverend Sun Myung Moon). Yes don’t discuss he would rather have it that way. What better tool to implement mind control than to not question anything said.

What Does the Reverend who was visited by Jesus have to say about Christians who follow Jesus?

After speaking on atheists being silent he says of Christians, "On the other side Christians entrap us, crying heresy because our doctrines differ, and they try to destroy us. But in this case, this so called heretical cult is on the side of truth" ( Buenos Aires Sheraton hotel speech Nov.23, 1996). Are they? How would they know? Because the good Rev. told them so.

"America, representing the right wing, struck Reverend Moon. The left wing, as well as Christianity and Islam also struck Reverend Moon. The fact that they struck Reverend Moon, without any clear reason, puts them on Satan's side. Ironically, this Christian nation struck Reverend Moon and is now on Satan's side. This fact has never occurred to them. It means they are striking God” (Proclamation of the Messiah by Reverend Sun Myung Moon). Here is Moons control, if you are against him your Satan and are fighting God. This is classic cultism. He gives no specific reason to explain any of this except to fall back on his mission which he interpreted to be from God, and in fact is not.

“Even the religious people are now on Satan's side. The Jews and the Christians came against me and God. "... How could America, which God fostered, and which was so righteous, decline in a mere 40 years? It is because they opposed Reverend Moon and God. Reverend Moon has established the historical record for bearing suffering and persecution…. All of this is the result of Reverend Moon being struck and persecuted so much, so Father doesn't mind being struck. (Thank you, Father.)” … There is not a single person, family, tribe or country that did not come against Father. Everyone went against Reverend Moon” ( Proclamation of the Messiah by Reverend Sun Myung Moon)

Rev. Moon has bluntly said, "I know the established Christian theology....I know the enemy, but the enemy doesn't know me. Thus the enemy has already lost the war" (Rev. Moon, Today's World, Feb 95, p. 14). In some ways he is right , we have numerous people who have become comrades with him despite his claims to be the Messiah and God. There are those who will side with anyone as long as the money comes in. Then there is the prestige of being seen with a modern day moral leader, a martyr for a cause. But can anyone come to this conclusion after reading some of his material where his focus is on sex. He is more a disguised liberal, who is false messiah, prophet/teacher that has in essence gained the whole world and in reality lost his own soul. But then that was Jesus' words and we don't need Him anymore, we have Moon!

Moon is soon to exit this world, then what will his followers do?

Pt3  Moon's teaching on God

References from Cornerstone magazine

Watchman fellowship

Divine Principle

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and other newspaper articles


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