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What Would Buddha Do

It has been 10 years have passed since a Michigan church began distributing wristbands labeled "WWJD" which has become a Christian slogan for "What Would Jesus Do?" The idea was to remind us of Jesus as our example. Since then books and songs have been inspired with this slogan.

Now in a sign of the country's growing religious diversity, members of another faith also are thinking about wearing their spirituality on their sleeves.

Now someone has come up with the "WWBD" idea, standing for "What Would Buddha." California based Ulysses Press will start selling books and wristbands labeled "WWBD."

In the newspaper article they are asked, "Does someone need to be Buddhist to read the book or wear the band? No." That's the key to religious diversity today. Americans feel free to look for spiritual wisdom in many different traditions. They use different spiritual practices that they find meaningful. And the Buddhist tradition, has a lot of good advice for people's daily lives."

What would Buddha do? We already know what Buddha did, he ran off leaving his family to seek enlightenment. He almost died pursuing self enlightenment. Jesus on the other hand lived with his family despite their rejection of his claims. Before he died made sure he gave his mother over in Johns hands for her care. Despite all the good things we hear about Buddha and his ethics, he did not lived up to all of them, he was no better or worse than anyone of us. He needed salvation and what Jesus did for him like anyone else.

The examples of being good are certainly in Buddhism but from what motive? It is to advance self onto the road of enlightenment and freedom. Jesus on the other hand said for us to lose our life in him so we can find it. We do not do good works to gain our salvation, but because it was given to us as a free gift.While many work diligently  to be better people morally and ethically and certainly that is to be commended. The fundamental difference between Christ's teachings and the Buddha's (as well as others) is that Christ did all the work and surrender means to have him live his life through us. This is where all the other religions fail no matter how auspicious they are. They cannot deliver since their human leaders have died and left their teachings to follow, which the adherents do in their own strength. Christianity's teacher has risen from the dead and rules  in the spirit of all those who have accepted him for whom he is and what he has done. In this there can be no bridge to fill the gap.

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