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Believing the Devils lies more than God’s Truth

What’s it like to go to heaven? Paul an apostle went and gave no description to the church. John was there and gave but a few details. Apparently these were not enough for a people that are supposed to be trained to walk by faith on earth; that is why Jesus chose new believer Choo Thomas to write her “NEW book” on going to heaven.

Choo claims that she became a Christian in 1992, “I literally fell in love with Jesus after I went to church a few times and I wanted to give every area of my being to Him the rest of my life.”

Two years later, she saw Jesus' visible presence at a Neighborhood Assembly of God in Tacoma, Washington and in 1995, she began having physical manifestations from the Holy Spirit.
In 1996, the Lord Jesus escorted Choo into heaven and told her to record what she has seen and heard, bringing forth the book, “Heaven is so Real”.

This book was published in October, 2003. The forward is by the “REV. DR.” Yonggi Cho of Korea (this presents a problem immediately to anyone aware of Cho’s teachings- he mixes Christianity with Buddhism and new age concepts). Dr. Yonggi Cho translated her book over two months. “So, the day the book was printed, and it exploded in Korea and is number one bestseller there. And almighty God using Dr. Youggi Cho such awesome way. He has almost 800, 000 members in his church, so God is using him for this book, he chose him for this book.”

This book has found itself in the top 10 of Christian charismatic books. It is an international bestseller in the year it was published. On her website - the September issue of Charisma and Christian life magazine the book “Heaven is so real” is listed as #7 in the top 10 sellers of Christian Charismatic books.

This is very disappointing to hear how gullible and naďve charismatics can be. To buy this book and believe its content is outrageous because it’s an obvious fraud. What alarms me is how one can present a truth from the bible and call their experience the word from Jesus and make their experience the superior truth.

Choo Thomas also sings Holy Songs (Heavenly songs) Choo Thomas' spirital song, inspired by the Holy Spirit, is now available for download. The song is 1 hour long.

The singing sounds like some new age mantra. I’m not sure what language this is in, if it is a language or just eerie sounds –in some ways it is reminiscent of Yoko Ono. Listen to this for an a hour and you will have entered a altered state. She also has holy dancing after her trips to Heaven and Hell

Her website links and promotes Rick Joyner’s book the Final Quest; Mary Baxter’s book the Divine Revelation of Hell; 23 minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese as well as others of this sort. What is also linked to Choo Thomas’ website is Dr. Aiko who is pictured with Yonngi Cho and Jack Hayford. What she has to say is also a blend of new age concepts, other religious ideas with Christianity (i.e. laser prayers).

From the start, none of this is healthy for someone who wants the truth found in God’s word from His mouth. We are in an outbreak of new age assaults and lying signs and wonders- people are going to heaven more often than the space shuttle goes to space. It is all very Unbelievable- and I will prove it.

A Vision And the Fire of God

She says “I received the fire of the Holy Spirit while I was praying at home in January 1994. About a month later, I saw the Lord’s presence while I was worshiping at the Neighborhood Assembly of God in Tacoma,

Washington. He was sitting by the pulpit. His legs were crossed, and I could see Him as clearly as a real person, except I couldn’t see His face. As I perceived Him, He had silky white hair and was wearing a pure white robe. His person was visible to me for almost five minutes. After seeing Him my body was on fire with unspeakable joy, and I became wholeheartedly committed to Jesus. Soon after this life-changing experience, my family and I began attending Puget Sound Christian Center in Tacoma, Washington.

The Lord sitting at the pulpit with his legs crossed? She is the only one to see him in his special appearance!

Her testimony is revealing because she describes herself “watching a Benny Hinn crusade on television, I stood up and lifted my hands in prayer. Then I fell on the floor for almost three hours. The anointing of God’s Holy Spirit was so strong that I couldn’t get up, and all I could do was sing and talk in tongues and laugh”

It is Benny Hinn who continually talks about seeing the Lord when he prays, and he has appeared in his room. So it is not surprising to see the affect of his influence on those who adore him.

Hinn says: I really believe it was the moment that God began moving in my life....I saw Jesus walk into my bedroom.  He was wearing a robe that was whiter than white and a deep red mantle was draped over the robe.” 

“When I talk to the Lord, He comes, … most times, I see Him wearing a blue, beautiful, almost like a - like a silkish looking garment. And under it would be a white garment. Sometimes I'd see Him wear white and a scarlet garment…”

Those who follow mystics like Hinn can certainly have the same spiritual delusion operating in their lives, it is catchy.

Choo tells us, through a prophetic utterance given by a pastor named Larry Randolph, God spoke directly to me on December 3, 1995. Pastor Randolph prophesied:

I saw the blessing of the Lord in the realm of prophetic ministry and the Lord opening your spirit in a great way to prophetic ministry, dreams and words of knowledge . . . I saw the Lord speaking to you in the night seasons, between 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. . . . [He will] begin to awaken you and visit you, give you dreams, visions and insight . . . God told me that you’re one of the daughters that He’s put His Spirit upon to prophesy. (Pastor Randolph at Puget Sound Christian Center in Tacoma, Washington)

She states as he spoke “my body began to shiver and quake under the power of God. she then says I was reminded of the words of the prophet Joel: Joel 2:28–30 she wondered, if she was to be one of the Lord’s special maidservants who would see wonders in heaven and earth? What an honor to be selected as a vessel of the Lord’s love, grace and power in these last days.”

She explains Pastor Randolph: It’s not showing off what God gives you; it’s keeping secrets. God’s going to tell you things about people that you’ll never tell people. You’ll pray for and intercede [for them], and hold them up in prayer because you’re going to be a friend of God—and that’s a true prophet. It’s just a friend of God. A friend of God. He’s going to tell you secrets about other people’s lives and about things He’s doing in the earth. So, get ready in 1996 for a fresh anointing of the prophetic to come upon your life. And in the new year, as you wait before the Lord, God’s going to put a fresh Spirit upon you, an anointing of prophecy is going to come upon you.”

By this prophecy and other events she is being led into an area she is unable to cope with correctly. Instead of the secrets of people being revealed, which would be overwhelming enough, she is given something far more grave – going to heaven. Not once but 17 times.

She admits “I didn’t do any full-time church work or know many of God’s words, but He chose me for His special work anyway. By showing me heaven and all the other visions I have been privileged to experience, He began to prepare me for the ministry He has called me to” (p.3 On Heaven’s Road)

Convinced she is chosen to have a special work before she is grounded in God’s word does present an immediate problem. The stage is set for her to be used by a supernatural experience that will not coincide with the Bible at all but will become an influence to other non-grounded people in the church.

A message from Choo Thomas regarding “Heaven is so Real” she writes:

Dear Pastor and Readers,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

Heaven is so Real is our Lord's end time book. He only used my body to write this book. He wants all believers and unbelievers to read it and prepare for His coming.”

She goes on to say He also said, that any pastor who reads this book, must share it with their congregations. He wants all the church body to see His face when we get to heaven.”
Are we to be depenedent on her book to have people get to heaven? What happened to reading the Bible. It seems that every person who supposedly goes to heaven (or hell) has the same statments - read my words. As if their new revelation supercedes the one Jesus gave his appointed apostles. Who of his church body is not going to heaven? This makes no sense for Jesus to say this.

She also says “and showed me hell twice. He also showed me things during the time of the tribulation, after He took His people to heaven.”

After the end of all these visions, He showed me the rapturing.When you read this book you will see how the Lord took care of this book from the beginning to end of publishing.

I only wrote down what He showed me and told me. This book is a great tool for the salvation of souls.”

Again, what about using the Bible? She also gives testimony of all the people being brought to the Lord from her book. This is self- engratiating. She talks about her nine year old granddaughter who read this book and is continually talking about this book to others. … “She is so anointed by this book that she started with Genesis and is reading the whole Bible. “

Maybe she should have started with the Bible before this book! By the way how do you get anointed from a book? I wonder if she even understands what the anointing is.

In her epilogue she states: “I believe so many readers have felt that they have been with Jesus in heaven and had seen the things the Lord showed me with this book. That is why they received an anointing from this book.
We receive the Holy Spirit from a book! Especially one other than the Bible- the Bible says Jesus is the baptizer of the Holy Spirit and wants us to believe and live the words He gave through His apostles. I don’t see any statement from Jesus about others coiming with more revelation from Him for the church at the end of time. What I do read is his warning, that many will come in his name- to decieve, because they are deceived.

She describes supernatural events from reading her book. “Some say strange things happen to their bodies like their stomach getting tight and some received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. All these things are happening to people because it is our Lord Jesus' book. As He has said this from the beginning, He has put a special anointing on this book so that people will be convicted and transform and He will be everything to them.”

please read this book more than once! If you don't have a desire to read it, please put your hands on the book and pray in the name of Jesus for His understanding. The devil hates this book because it is Jesus'. I have heard that some people are so hungry for this book, even after they read it several times, they carry it wherever they go. Some, even after reading it, don't have much to say about it. The reason this really bothers me is because the Lord told me that the only people who will love this book are those who love Him and are ready and waiting for His coming.

Well I have to say that is is pure intimidation to accept her book and I’m going on record calling this fraud. Jesus did not pick this woman and dozens of others who are all essentially saying the same things ABOUT THEIR BOOK) That if you don’t love her words you don’t love Jesus and are not waiting for his coming. That is disgusting to me.

“Our Lord Jesus loves each and every one of us so much that He chose me for this book to give His people one last chance to prepare before He comes for us. For those who don't know much about the bible, some things are not that clear in the bible; (remember John 14:3) “and if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am”. That is the reason He chose me for His end time work.” (end of epilogue quotes).

So in essence she is going to make things clearer with her experience and new revelation that goes beyond the pages of Holy Writ. And we have no choice but accept it or we are not loving the Lord.

This is not even presenting an equality with Scripture but a superiority because Jesus chose her to write it.  In her book she writes “My daughter, you are an End-Times prophetess,’ the Lord told me, “and you are living proof of My Word and My prophecies…” (p. 168). “He wants me to serve as living proof of the Bible and His prophecies, because many people do not believe what they read in the Bible, nor do they believe He is coming soon for His people” (p. 177). “He had shown me how desperate many people are to know the truth about heaven, and I realized emphatically that my book would be the means whereby they could really know” (p.124).

Her book will be the vehicle God will tell people the truth about heaven, is not the Bible able to do this? Of course it is; it has been doing this for thousands of years long before her book came to print.

Here’s more: “Every word in this book is true.  The words of Jesus have been transcribed exactly as He said them to me” (p. 153). Then this should be added to the Bible because it is a direct revelation like John the apostle wrote in the book of Revelation on Jesus. In fact she says this: Like John, I had been called to write, and my mission was the same as his-to let people know that the marriage supper of the Lamb has already been prepared, and blessed are those who are invited to be there on the last day”  (p.129).

If one is claiming that new truth had been communicated by inspiration or experience, they are adding to god’s word. Here, the true Jesus tells us about His final revelation- Revelation 22:18: “For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book.”

Her message continues:

“When you read this book, you will know that it is not easy to see our Lord's face.

“I know how hard it is to enter His Kingdom. Pastors, please read each and every page of this book very seriously for you and your loved ones and believe everything in this book, as it is written, and as you prepare for our Lord's soon coming and also please promote this book for our Lord's glory. He spent countless hours with me for this book.”

”Remember, none of our salvations are secure until the end. (A message from Choo Thomas regarding “Heaven is so Real”)

Now that we understand how this book is being lifted up as God’s new word to us, it is implied that we are unable to question its veracity. This is quite arrogant. Your salvation is not secure because she does not see it as being by grace through faith.  She explains “Innocence, trust, purity of heart, fascination, a sense of wonder, belief, joy, happiness, present-moment living-all these are some of the magical qualities of childhood that God wants us to exhibit to GET TO HEAVEN (p. 133).

You may have thought it was by grace and faith through the work of Jesus, but according to the Jesus she met, you are wrong. This is all tied to the new words Jesus gave her about heaven; it’s a catch 22. If you don’t believe her book then you do not have the qualities of a child and are unfit for heaven.

This transcript is of Choo Thomas to heaven is from a video (this needs to be seen to understand her mannerisms and speech) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8642465773795515476&q=Choo+Thomas

The Lord Jesus Himself took me to heaven seventeen times with my transformed body, like when I was 15 or 16 years old. Before this, He prepared everything step-by-step. 1994 He anointed me my entire body with Holy Fire, then a month later, He showed me with His visual presence at the church during worship service. Then 1995, Easter Sunday, He anointed me with shaking body and ever since, my body shakes at the church, during my prayer time. You see, my body is moving back and forth right now, if I don’t do this, my stomach get very tight and it feel like exploding; that’s why I’m moving back and forth. So please don’t think anything wrong with my body. That’s the Holy Spirit doing this because I’m talking about Jesus, that’s why. And then, after this, He baptized me with Holy Spirit, with new tongues, Heavenly songs, Holy Laughter and I was so anointed for three hours and I was on the floor, I couldn’t get up because it was too powerful. After that, few months later, pastor Larry Randolf, he prophesized for me that he told me that the God wants to use me in such a special way. And all his prophecy was come true , thousand times, more. And after this, January, 1996 , Lord Jesus, He was visiting me with His visual presence. And He visited me for 10 times to tell me how He going to use, and the all the things, His plans and He was telling me about it, as in the book. But He didn’t tell me He was going to take me to Heaven. So, after 10 times, February 19, 96, He began to take me to Heaven with my transformed body, like His Spirit body, my body. Each time, before He took me to Heaven, He brought me to the beach, earthly beach. The very first time before he took me Heaven, He took me to one side of the beach He showed me small body of water crystal clear then He showed me huge shiny tunnel. So after that he took me to heaven.”

First she claims Jesus was visiting her with His visual presence 10 times. This is disturbing to hear what she is encountering because it certainly is not Jesus Christ who is at the right hand of the Father.

She commuted to heaven 17 times with her transformed body (but its reversed back each time on earth). I don’t think so! A transformed body means a resurrected body that makes one immortal. According to the Bible all believers get this body at the same time. Even those who are in heaven do not have their transformed body. We have to wait for the resurrection and rapture for the glorified body.

She says of this holy Fire “I received the fire of the Holy Spirit while I was praying at home in January 1994” (A Vision And the Fire of God).

There is no such thing as a holy fire anointing- in fact when one looks this reference up they find the disciples only experienced one baptism (the Bible tells us only one baptism- Spirit Eph.4:5). There is only one mention of this baptism of fire and it is not for believers Matt 3:11-12: “I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance, but He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. “His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather His wheat into the barn; but He will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.” (also Luke 3:16-17) certainly a reference to Mt.25:41 ( also Mt.3:10; Rev.14:10).

We know this means judgment because John and Jesus explain it: He gathers “the wheat into His barn; but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire.”

Luke 3:9, 17: “And even now the ax is laid to the root of the trees. Therefore every tree which does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” V.17 “His winnowing fan is in His hand, and He will thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and gather the wheat into His barn; but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire.”

Jesus said Acts 1:5 “for John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” Only the Holy Spirit is for believers, not the Holy Spirit plus fire. No believer was ever baptized in fire according to the Bible. God can purge things from our live and there are fiery trials but not a baptism of fire sent from heaven.

“the shaking body” she describes corresponds to the Toronto church manifestations that were taking place at this time (which Yonggi Cho prophesied about). “Ever since my body shakes at the church during prayer time

She tells us that it is moving back and forth as seen on the video, if she does not do this her stomach gets very tight and it feel like it will explode, so she must move. This sounds demonically dictated- not a property of the Holy Spirit. Yet she assures people that there is nothing wrong- it is the Holy Spirit doing it because she is talking about Jesus” Yet no one through history ever had this effect from the Holy Spirit when they talk about Jesus (especially in the Bible). The Lord does not make you feel bad in the body to make you move like this. This is a Toronto experience. Each of her visits to heaven are acompanied by violent manifestations in which Choo loses control of her body. 

On Easter Sunday 1995 while attending services at Puget Sound Christian Center, my body began to shake violently, and we had to stay for second service. I was experiencing the same phenomenon known among Quakers, Shakers and early Pentecostals. Since then, my body never stops shaking in church or during my prayer time at home.” (this is beginning to sound like Brownsville as well as Toronto)

Here are quotes from the book:

On the night of January 19, the Lord’s presence was so intense in my bedroom that I shook, perspired and felt very weak for more than an hour”  (p. 7) “Because of the trembling of my body that always accompanied the Lord’s visits, Roger was now sleeping in the guest bedroom”  (p. 14) “During the night of February 12, my body shook more violently than it ever had.  I was almost hurled from the bed because it was so forceful.  I tried to grab the sheet to steady myself, but I couldn’t because I had no control over my body.  The shaking was unremittingly forceful, and I grew afraid.” (p. 17)

Her comment of being afraid is astute. She is so convinced this is the Lord that she cannot enetrtain any doubts despite the demonic nature of her exerience. To be hurled from the bed has much to do with the manifestations of the false revivals that have taken place and reminiscient of aka ‘the exorcist’ movie. This loss of control is the opposite effect of what the Holy Spirit does. “Sometimes the power of His anointing on my hands and arms is so strong that I feel as if my hands are actually breaking apart.  One Sunday morning my hand touched my eyes thirty-six times, and before each of these touches, my hands made seven different strange movements” (p. 205).

This is showing that she has a serious spiritual problem. Again, this is founded in the Toronto experience (Vineyard of John Arnott). It comes to no surprise to find out that she visited there and probably got the anointing that was passed on by the laying on hands of one of the leaders. Toronto Vineyard is a church where people were encouraged to act like animals, bark, roar, roll on the floor, cluck like chickens, pretend to fly- besides acting drunk. Not by any means a healthy atmosphere to grow in the truth of God’s word.

She mentions Larry Randolf- he is a Toronto Airport Vineyard leader who is totally involved in the Toronto church - “The thing he (Satan) is threatened by is what we're carrying in the womb of our spirit: the seed of God... When God processes this thing and we come out the other end, we are going to be a people, one new man in the earth, that are going to exhibit and showcase the Kingdom of God in such a degree that the nations, kings are going to come to our feet and ask of us the things of God” (at the Toronto church, Nov. 18, 1994).

Typical statement from those in Kingdom Now theology. The context of Randolf's teaching is that this process is taking place now, and the nations will submit to the church.

Maybe Randolph’s prophecy went something like this one “...You haven't seen anything. God's women are rising. The spirit of Debra's falling on the women. The spirit of prophecy is coming upon the women. Signs and wonders and miracles…” (Larry Randolph, Renewal and Revival Today, Toronto Airport Vineyard, November 18, 1994).

She says she was later baptized with the Holy Spirit –having tongues and holy laughter. Again this laughter is not a Bible experience and was a manifestation from the false anointing at Toronto and from Rodney Howard Browne. There is no question there is something else operating here that is NOT the Holy Spirit.

After going through the tunnel, Choo writes:

“The Lord and I walked along the road that came down from the top of the hill. Eventually we reached a huge white gate that stood in front of a large white building. We walked through the gate and proceeded towards the white building. We entered and walked down a long corridor that led to a very large room. Which we entered . As I looked down, I realized for the first time that I was wearing a different robe than I had on at the beach, and I could feel something heavy was resting on my head. I reached up and discovered a beautiful crown had been placed there without my realizing it. Then I looked directly at the Lord. He was sitting on a throne, and He wore a radiant gown and golden crown. Others were there with me, kneeling on the floor and prostrating themselves before Him. The walls of the room were made of large shiny stones that glowed. The multicolored rocks provided an effect that made the room seem warm and happy, as well as mysterious. Then, just as quickly as I had been transported up the mountain and into the white building, I found myself on the beach again”.

This is nothing like what the Bible describes. While others are bowed in adoration she is not. She is able to look the Lord in the face. There is a problem with people who go to heaven have an unveiling of Jesus before the church does. We wait to see him face to face together. Notice that Paul does not say he saw the Lord in heaven, he was not greeted by him or given a tour like so many are today. 2 Cor 12:4: “how he was caught up into Paradise and heard inexpressible words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.” In fact, He says it is illegal to tell people. He was an apostle, Choo is not.

Choo Thomas: “Very first time He only showed me His throne room. Then after that we came down from heaven and the, we were sitting on the sand on earthly beach. And then He began to talk. He say, We just went to Kingdom of Heaven. The only one who will come there are obedient and pure hearted and He say preaching gospel is very important and He waited for awhile and He say those who don’t tithe, they are disobedient Christians. That was the last word He say the first trip.”

Is this what he tells her after she goes to heaven and sees the throne room!-(is there a throne room?). That one must be obedient to get to heaven and tithing is part of this obedience. This does not sound like the Jesus we know in the bible but parroting a tele-evangelist. Of all the things Jesus would say to the church on disobedience this would hardly be priority, since he does not command us to tithe in the New Testament. So he is contradicting Himself.

Not only do I disbelieve this story but I call it an outright fraud.

“After that, He took me to heaven 16 more times. Each time He took me there, He showed me different things.”

From Choo’s own words Jesus does not teach His own gospel of grace. Thomas tells us a completely new revelation from her journies to heaven. Not every Christian goes to heaven.  “When we got to the top, I looked over a brown and lifeless valley.  Everywhere there was brown.  The whole region seemed to be filled with dead grass.”I noticed multitudes of people who were wearing sand-colored robes roaming aimlessly in the vicinity of the pit’s yawning mouth.   Their heads were hanging low, and they looked very dejected and hopeless. “Who are these people, Lord?” I asked.

“They are disobedient ‘Christians” “How long will they have to stay in this barren, lifeless place?”Forever, My daughter.  The only ones who will enter My kingdom are the pure of heart-My obedient children.”  (p. 46 also p.249)

These people that are lost and are not cast into hell.  Thomas has discovered a third place where people will spend eternity. Like the Roman Catholic purgatory, those who are not obedient and pure enough spend eternity wandering in a desert like place. this makes salvation by works not by grace through faith.

Elsewhere, Thomas tells us some of the conditions for actually getting inside heaven. Over and over again Choo tells us that Jesus told her; that she is His special daughter; to accept these extra biblical revelations. 

HOST SPEAKING “Besides experiencing heaven, Choo was also show hell twice.

She described hell vision as follows: I could see fumes and dark smoke rising from a deep pit. It was like the crater of a volcano, and inside I could see flames scorching a multitude of people who were screaming and crying in the kind of agony that only the severely burned truly know.

The people were naked, without hair, and standing close to one another, moving like worms, and the flames were scorching their bodies. There was no escape for those who were captured in the pit-its walls were too deep for them to climb, and hot coals of fire were all around the edges.

The flames would leap out unexpectedly from all directions. People would move away, and then as soon as they seemed to think that they were safe, another fire would burst forth. There was no rest for these unfortunate victims of sin; they were doomed to spend all eternity being scorched and burned as they endeavored to escape the flames of hell. “Who are these people?” I asked. “My daughter, these people did not know Me.”

She then describes another visit, “then, next visiting he showed me another sad thing. It was aborted babies. He took me to this one place it was a huge building. They looked like warehouse. When we walked in it, all I see was babies, tiny, tiny naked babies. And they were lying side by side. Humm, and I began to cry. Lord, why is so many babies. He say, they aborted babies. I said what are you going to do with them. He say If their mother be saved and they come to heaven, they will have their baby back. That was it.

A warehouse full of babies! Now we have God depending on the belief of the mother to save a child who has no say in this. Not a hopeful scenario to something the bible is mostly silent on.

“… He showed me beach, you see daughter how beautiful this beach is, I know my children like this beach and when He took me to fishing, I know my children like fishing, that’s why I prepare so many things what they like and I realized in heaven is well a thousand times beautiful than on Earth, but a lot of things like on Earth like roads, buildings, trees, bushes, rocks, flowers, rough places outside the kingdom; there are so many things there; but that they are thousand times beautiful on Earthly things, just beautiful. …. That is why He took me there to show what He prepared for His children, so let each and everyone know what heaven is waiting for us, so before He comes, He want all the Christians to know this things, so they can be excited and go there. That is why I believe He showed me these things. He doesn’t tell me everything, you know, thoroughly, He just show me some certain things, just say very few words, necessary words He tells me.

So heaven is just like earth, roads, bushes, beaches, fish. Too bad the Bible mentions none of this. God wrote the Bible and tells us the book of Revelation closes God’s revelation to man.

Choo is tampering with the revelation that specifically reveals Jesus, she puts her book on an equal status.

One must settle the question of who is telling the truth? Jesus of the Bible or the Jesus of Choo Thomas.

She even posted -- Dear Readers,

I am forwarding Sister Shelby Corbitt’s book link about the rapture for 2007.  I know we are not supposed to say the exact year or day or hour, but please don't judge it too quickly. There is a housewife who claims that the Rapture will take place this summer.

You might want to read it via the URL below. http://www.2007rapture.com/about/

I don’t have to read it, I already know she is wrong- for the Bible says no man knows the day or hour.

But then she also claims the Lord showed me almost countless times visions of the rapture since October 2006 until January 2007.”Then she contradicts this in the next paragraph saying “He hasn’t showed me the rapture vision since May 13th, 1996”

“Well, the end of the visitation was after I took care of the manuscript of the book. Then He brought me to the earthly beach. And we spend about a couple of hours. He told me He will bring me there every Monday. That was May 27, 1996. Ever since, He never missed once, He bring me there every Monday with my transformed body. He wake me up about a few minutes after 12 o-clock every Monday Morning. He shakes my body for 30 minutes, exactly 30 minutes; never less, never more, and His presence shows and His spirit body, my spirit body and we go to the beach. And the, when we go there, you know, He talks mostly, I listen. Then I sing, I dance with my spirit body and this is the best time of my life right now.”

People can choose what to believe, but I can honestly say that if they believe any of her testimony they are not believing what the Bible teaches.

Creation House should be ashamed of promoting such nonsense through a book, is there no discernment left with book publishers?

Choo Thomas tells us “On January 19, 1996, I woke up at 3:00 in the morning. My body was shaking... I turned my head on the pillow to look in the direction of the sound, and there, all aglow, was a figure dressed in white garments. IT WAS THE LORD...”

Going back to the beginning- she has no testing of who this being of light is. From her own words that contradict the Bible it cannot be the Jesus of the Bible. I recommend for people to stop trying to scratch their itching ears for something new and learn directly from the Bible what God has said about these subjects, because this is what Jesus called the truth. Lest they find themselves in the same condition as Choo who has been visited by another Jesus and fulfill what Jesus warned in Matt 24:4: “Take heed that no one deceives you.”

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