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Mahikari is a religion originating in the 20th century in Japan, it is attributed to Yoshikazu Okada. Okada was originally with the church of world Messianity (founder- Mokichi Okada; there is no relationship though they have the same last name) which taught a form of spiritual healing (God’s healing light – Johrei) that is directed to the patient. Yoshikazu Okada broke from them and Nahikari carries many correlations to the teachings of world Messianity.

Okada Yoshikazu,was born in 1901 in Nakayam later became known as Okada Kotama, His father became major general in the imperial army. His father's dying wish was that his son follow in the family footsteps. The young Okada attended military school but later retired from the army because of an illness in 1941.

In 1959 Yoshikazu Okada received a revelation - Okada awoke after five days of being in an unconscious state with a high fever, he received a revelation from Su-God. He was given a healing mission. God said to Okada: “The time of Heaven has come. Rise. Your name shall be Kotama. Raise your hand. The world shall enter severe times.

Most rationale people attribute a severe health condition could be the cause of Okada thinking he received a revelation. A delirious fever can certainly be the source, but then this does not explain the other revelations that followed under different circumstances. Okada claimed he was often woken up in the early hours of the morning by god and these 'revelations' flowed through him in the form of a type of automatic writing. Except for the fact of permanent physiological damage from a fever for this long, this does not dismiss the possibility of someone receiving a revelation from a spirit who they believe is god. But if it was truly God, would it be contrary to the Bible of whom he refers and quotes sporadically in his writings. The Bible states it is the word of God through his prophets throughout history, Okada disagrees. I will let you be the judge as we look at the more controversial end time revelations Okada received from god.

After the first revelation, Okada did nothing for about a week. The story unfolds; as he was walking down the street, he saw a stray dog that was sick. He raised his hand on the dog, and to his surprise, the dog appeared to be cured. As a result, Okada had the confidence to begin giving tekazashi to people. This story has a few slight variations but they all have the similar content. Sukyo Mahikari used to claim that, prior to this revelation, Okada was not involved in any religion but clearly he was (the church of world Messianity). Many had found Okada to be a staff member of Sekai Kyusei Kyo from about 1947 and 1957. This group practices Jorei (God’s healing light), in the same manner Mahikari practitioners use the hands to radiate a healing spiritual energy (give okiyome). If Okada already knew how to do this the story of the dog is moot. What would be the purpose of god giving a new revelation of a technique Okada already was acquainted with?

Okada himself mentions the dog incident in Gotaidanshu on pp. 280-281 (a collection of interviews with Okada from 1985). Okada said: It was 27 February 1959, I think, when I was worshipping God at home, and I heard a loud voice say, "Thy name shall be Kotama. The world shall enter severe times." My daughter said..."if God gives you a name, you should ask him for a little more elaborate name." I said, "It's not right to complain." So, I called myself Kotama. Then He said to me, "Raise the hand and cure people of diseases."... For about a week, I was not at all inclined to act on this. However, without planning it, I tried raising my hand to a dog, and this cured the dog.”

Here Okada is clearly claiming that God gave him the name Kotama as part of the February 27 revelation, and that he started using the name Kotama from that time. According to SKK sources and various people writing for the Japanese-language online Mahikari discussion groups, they report that Sekai Kyusei Kyo (SKK) members habitually addressed Okada as Kotama Sensei (teacher) when he was an SKK staff member, years before the 1959 date given. He began to work apart from his church before the revelation though the teachings were essentially the same. In 1971 the society of Johrei was formed it also broke off from the church of World Messianity (founder: Mokichi Okada).

What is apparent is that he says he was worshipping, something difficult if one has a high fever or unconscious.

Their publications are- Holy Words (Goseigen), a collection of revelations received by Mr. Kotama Okada , the Yokoshi Prayer Book, and the monthly Sukyo Mahikari International Journal. There are also some introductory books to Sukyo Mahikari. The contents and opinions expressed in these books are the responsibility of the authors”(Official website) .

Goseigen is like their Bible that is used by Sukyo Mahikari - the largest Mahikari group. Goseigen (English version has 292 pages, almost 500 pages in the Japanese edition) has 52 revelations. The English edition of Goseigen was copyrighted in 1982. All members are taught that the words contained in this book. The book Goseigen is considered holy, it is forbidden to be placed on the floor, or without first washing ones hands. Goseigen calls itself the "Book of Warning to the World" (p. 4). Okada advises that Goseigen should not be opened to the public thoughtlessly (p. 4). Much of what is contained is not talked about to those who are not part of Mahikari.

It has been pointed out by some former members that the 1969 edition of Goseigen does not have the words 'Raise your hand' in the text of the first revelation but appears in later texts. Which does bring impunity to his story of the dog being healed and his mission beginning.

Yoshikazu Okada (Kotama) taught the practice of Mahikari-no-waza which is the use of God’s True Light for the purification of all pollutants, spiritual, mental and physical. When a member is initiated they receive a pendant that is used to focus on the light. Mahikari believes the light they distribute is cleansing, it purifies everything spiritually, mentally and physically, and together with the practice of their teachings, enables health, harmony and material well-being. The Pendant is precious and is not to touch the ground or the light/energy will be stopped.

Mahikari members are expected to receive the Holy Teachings known as Mioshie-the Mahikari gospel. They teach that suffering results from "dust" that accumulates on the soul. The dust can be wiped away through the purchase of an amulet and raising one's hand over another's forehead (the dust teaching is similar to another Japanese religion of Tenrikyo, where they call thoughts that differ from god as dust).

This religious gospel taught that suffering results from "dust" that accumulates on the soul. Such dust could be wiped away through the purchase of an amulet and raising one's hand over another's forehead

There are many who claim to have revelations directly from God with some very similar teachings. They teach the world is emerging from an "Old Age" into a "New Age" and that people and the world must be purified in preparation for the coming "Paradise on Earth" through cataclysmic events. They warn that a portion of mankind might be annihilated by the baptism of fire (which is a light that destroys for non-believers). The great cleansing must be carried out is a phrase and concept that is constantly repeated throughout his writings.

It combines other beliefs (Buddhism, Shinto) and is in some ways similar in construct to the basics of Bahai, except for one point- its focus is on the end of the world by destruction and then a new beginning. There is a constant warning of the severity of destruction that accompanies many of the revelations.

“The Fire of Gehenna in the spiritual world is going to blaze up with increasing intensity so that the lid of the earth and also that of hell will be blown up together. There are many contaminated souls swarming who will be falling into its wide open mouth” (p.153 revealed August 20, 1961.)

“I shall tell you the truth since this world is approaching in all aspects, 'the day of deadlock and annihilation of the materialistically oriented pseudo-civilisation.'...( p. 157 revealed August 5, 1962.)

“It is natural for you to think that there is no advancement without education. However it is extremely difficult to go beyond the limits of human wisdom if you try to advance only with education. Far from it, in reality, it ends as a dream. By then I will also execute the drastic catastrophe of the heaven and earth” (p. 95-95 revealed August 10, 1960.)

It is written that "At the time of the baptism with fire many holy spirits will simultaneously descend from the spiritual world. For this very purpose many millions of holy spirits in the spiritual world, including the spirits of holy men, such as Buddha, Moses, Jesus Christ and so on, are now awaiting the time of their descent.”

One would assume he is talking about an event from the Bible from his language, clearly he is not, he reinterprets everything using the Bible names.

Membership and other teachings

1970 figures claimed up to 300,000 to 400,000 members. Membership today are estimated to be 100,000 to 200,000 range others say 500,000 - 3,000,000. There are no records for this.

The Main World Shrine and Sukyo Mahikari Headquarters Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture Japan. North America Regional Headquarters is located in Rancho Santa Margarita California.

They teach karma from past lives determines our current circumstances like Buddhism and Hinduism teaches.   “Okada taught in kenshu (the Sukyo Mahikari introductory course) that there are three worlds: the physical world the astral world (invisible), and the spiritual world (also invisible). “He taught that the spiritual world is inhabited by gods and by high-level spirits who do not reincarnate anymore.” He said that “people are supposed to reincarnate roughly every 300 years until they are sufficiently purified to stop reincarnating, at which time they go to the spiritual world.”

Offering food to Ancestors in the spirit world  “we can help our ancestors cope with their astral world training more easily by inaugurating an ancestors' altar and placing offerings of food and drink in front of the altar daily. We are taught that ancestors can absorb the spiritual energy of the food so that they won't feel hungry. There are an awful lot of detailed rules about how to set up the altar and name tablets, how to clean them, how to make food offerings to ancestors, how to greet them respectfully, which teachings to read to them, how much okiyome to give them, where to place flowers, etc., etc. (Reference- http://mahikaribasics.bravehost.com/question2.html#2)

Website statements

On their North American website- “As in any other spiritual path, the path of Sukyo Mahikari is very much a personal journey towards God.

Sukyo refers to "the universal laws God established at the time of the Creation so that all things in the universe can prosper eternally," and Mahikari means "True Light," the Light of God that purifies the spiritual aspect of all things. Through the experience of receiving True Light, Sukyo Mahikari believes it can become much easier for a person to awaken to the existence of God, and God's universal principles.”

We are told “One of the objectives of Sukyo Mahikari teachings is to help people become more aware of the divine principles that govern all creation.”

To “deepen one's spiritual understanding and find a higher purpose in life.”

A core teaching of Sukyo Mahikari is "The origin of the world is one; the origin of all human beings is one; and the origin of all religions is one." Therefore, all human beings are brothers and sisters whose purpose is to cooperate and to live together in harmony.”

They teach today, “This path enables one to unite with God and live in harmony with nature.”

The website says, “Sukyo Mahikari strives to manifest a heavenly world: A civilization of peace, abundant health, and material well-being. It endeavors to re-establish a pristine and pollution-free world.”

Sounds docile and inviting, a noble goal…There seems to be a different message to the public, and what is contained in its writings from the founder for the members.

On their website we find this statement:

Kotama Okada’s “intention was to help people throughout the world create a more peaceful and harmonious civilization based on the tenet that "The origin of the world is one, the origin of all human beings is one, and the origin of all religions is one." The one is Creator God, whatever He may be called in various religions and elevated philosophies of the world.”

That “Sukyo Mahikari is not the only path to God nor is it the only way to come closer to God. It is one of many paths leading to the same Universal Truth.”

This last portion I find disingenuous with the statements of Okada’s writings and the book Goseigen that they base their religion on.

Okada taught that all other religions are only partially true and to be done away with. The Mahikari teachings are considered the only true ones.

God talking to Okada:
There is "distortion" in all Shintoism, Buddhism, and Christianity. Here also exists one of the causes of another quake in this world and the chaos of the world. Thou shall correct them to the best of Thy ability.”
all Underline- mine

Then, Ningen (Sub Humans) as well as religion, will not only become unnecessary on the Earth, but also cause foul disaster to god. Therefore, I must throw them into the foul fire of Gehenna” (p.252 revealed March 10,) 1965 (Goseigen the book of revelations to Okada)

“Therefore, religions have come to an end and all mankind cannot but altogether choose the way of Tuning-in-with-God (KAMIMUKI). It is a big mistake made by religious leaders to have guided men to turn to the right. The time has come when they have to be made to turn to the left. Do thou understand? (ibid. p. 140)

“Priests of Shinto, Christianity and Buddhism, abandon your masquerading costumes and man-made titles. Cut off your eyes and hands of obstinacy and delusion. Become harmonious and stand in line”

“Thus, let them be united with the Divine Plan of SU-NO-KAMI and spiritually elevate to attain godhood. When this is done, they, for the first time, can meet the Divine Will; and their prayer can reach God” (ibid. p.144)

“What are the five major religions and ideologies for? Deeply and carefully ponder. Let them realize their serious sin. Otherwise, there will not be any method available to save them” (ibid. p. 148 underline mine)

“I made Gautama and Jesus be aware of this. However, their followers twisted it somewhere and at some time and began to call themselves Shintoists, Buddhists and Christians at their own discretion without God's order to do so. They began to be absorbed in producing their own selfish manner of religious faith and have completely destroyed the true aspect of the Supra-Religious Teaching and the Divine World. They have no value at all. If religions remain in the present condition, they will only give a hundred harms and no profit for the unity of mankind in the eyes of God. They become much worse than massive, but worthless existences. ..... (ibid. p. 149 underline mine)
All priests and people of Shinto, Buddhism and Christianity must return to the original teachings, which existed in the days of Gautama and Jesus, who followed the Master God, SU. They must become disciples who are able to radiate the Light of MA (Truth)” (ibid. p.191

The various religions of today have even come to be called religions for the handling of funeral services, faiths of sacred music and dancing that use God, or just sight-seeing enterprises. They have lost their power to perform spiritual miracles and give salvation and cannot save mankind or solve the world's problems. The more you support such religions and traditions the more you will be standing in the way of the progress of the divine plan.” (From Sunkyo, p. 25 teachings given by Okada) Underline mine.

Mahikari does seem to imply indirectly and at times directly it is the original religion, that Okada is God’s vessel for our time and that all religions are inferior to Mahikari because he is in direct contact with God, who gave him revelations.

 “As for those who do not understand whether thou are just a man or a living god, leave them be perplexed...being the one who was sent from god” (p. 84 revealed August 10, 1960.)

“The reason why I have hidden thee for twenty years and let thee go through various sufferings, is in order for Me to make preparation to make thee take today's role. It was due to god's great mercy.... make much of the divine mission of the first messiah and wholeheartedly dedicate thyself to it” (p 161-2 revealed August 5, 1962.)

“There is distortion in all Shintoism, Buddhism and Christianity. Thou shall correct them to the best of thy ability” (P. 73 revealed March 5, 1960.)

One of the basic tenets of Sukyo Mahikari is to unite all main religions, they claim all religions sprang from Japan which is supposedly the spiritual and physical origin of the human race. The role of Mahikari to unite is to return all humanity back to its origin. Yoshikazu Okada taught that a Japanese deity called Aramitama, which Mohammed called Allah originated in Japan and is now enshrined at Ise. Also the God Jehovah is a Japanese God and when he destroyed Solomon's temple, the manna urn, a gold cup inscribed with the Hebrew words I AM THAT I AM from the Ark of the Covenant, was returned to Japan and is now enshrined at Ise Shrine. That only the Emperor of Japan is permitted to see it.

Sooner or later, the time will come when all the people of the world, starting with the Pope, will have to visit Ise Shrine and worship there. Otherwise the time will come when horrible judgments will be given by God". So the God of Israel and Christendom is enshrined in Japan, believers must make pilgrimage to Japan the "land of Mecca".

Within its teaching are what are called 5 different races with Japan being the Origin of all: “Secondly, as I have said, god created the races of five different colours. They are yellow, red, white, blue and black. There are two kinds in the yellow race - that is Obito and Kibito - the so-to-speak head family and branch family. (Note: Obito refers to the Japanese race and Kibito refers to the Chinese race, which implies the Japanese are the headrace and all other races are below them). The land called Hinomoto (Japan), in, which thou are living, is the land of spirit's origin. It is the original place where god created spiritual forms and spiritual images. He placed Obito (the king race) here and dispatched and spread all five races throughout the world as branch races (note: inferior races). It is the peerless (Fuji) place in which god placed the ones with the role to unite, called Sumera, as His deputies to govern this world. However, it is now gravely important for Yamato Bito (Japanese people) to become awakened to their spiritual origin as Hito (gods children-true humans) born in the land of origin of the spiritual forms of the five races. It is a matter of importance for all Yamato Bito to fulfil their spiritual mission for all five races and the next pure civilization” (p. 275 revealed February 5, 1966.) Underline mine

The Star of David appears on the place of worship and has great significance to them. It is reported that Moses went to Japan when he disappeared from Mt Sinai. He was trained by Shinto priests and given twenty of the thirty six Commandments and the Star of David to take back to Israel.

“At last, the arrival of the heavenly god and the age of the holy place of heavenly flame (Japan) and the time of the appearance of the centre of KAGOME, Y(The Star of David) that is Chon (god) is upon us. It is a matter of grave importance. The appearance of the master god (god of Japan), who is praised as the sun of god of god's kingdom has been described as ASA (heavenly masters appearance)” (p. 280 revealed Oct. 11, 1966.)

“Only one Fuji exists in the world, and it is the navel of the spiritual world of the entire world. It is ...Y (Star of David). This is also what I made Moses use as his crest. (p. 291 revealed Jan. 25, 1967.)

There are numerous other strange teachings that they take from other religions, change, and apply to themselves.

Is Jesus buried in Japan?

Yoshikazu Okada states in his teachings in the Japanese Mahikari Journal No. 185, "As you know very well, Jesus didn't die, in fact, through the crucifixion historically....that's a lie" (Feb. 1978 (pp. 15-16).

"In kenshu Sukuinushisama (Okada) clearly taught that Jesus did not die on the cross, but his younger brother died in his place." (p. 360). This concept is similar to Islam, which claims possibly Judas took his place for him to escape.

One article on this religion noted that in a later publication of Mahikari - Thank God For The Answers At Last (1990), the chapter containing this information was removed.

This invented religion distorts and twists the words of the Bible without any effort of trying o be accurate. Mahikari claims the last resting place of Jesus Christ is in Japan. They teach he died on the same day as Yoshikazu Okada (The founder of Mahikari and now considered by them to be the God of salvation for humankind) on June 23rd (May 4th of the lunar calendar), nearly 2000 years apart.

We happen to know what day Jesus died, on the feast day of Passover which is in April, not May or June.

The "Kirisuto legend" (Kirisuto is the Japanese way of saying Christ) focuses on two ancient tomb-mounds in a remote Aomori Prefecture (northern Japan) village called Herai; the name has been changed to Shingo. On the signpost on the main road to the mounds is the Star of David. The two mounds are a few metres apart at the top of a little hill, on each mound is a wooden cross. At the bottom are two signboards, one in Japanese and the other in English stating "Jesus Christ's Tomb." It explains that Christ first arrived in Japan at the age of 21 and after studying ancient Shintoism for 10 years he evolved a doctrine and returned to Judea to teach it. The authorities opposed this and decided to crucify him. Jesus' brother, Isukiri, volunteered to die on Jesus' behalf. Christ returned to Japan at the age of 37 and ultimately settled in Japan, passing away at the age of 106. The remains of Isukiri were brought to Japan and entombed, accounting for the second grave."

There is absolutely no proof to this ludicrous claim, Jesus only referred to the Hebrew prophets and never once taught Shintoism. It becomes obvious why they want to lay claim to Jesus whom is the highest ideal in man and by far the most influential man that walked the earth.

It is claimed Shintoism existed prior to Christ and Buddha, but there are no Shinto scriptures. There are certain writings that embody the spirit of Shinto and are central to it. The Kojiki (Record of Ancient Matters) and the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) The Nihongi- the age of the gods.

A.K. Tebecis "I have visited the graves twice and have confirmed all that I had read about the area. What surprised me most was the relative complacency the Japanese seemed to show to the fact that Jesus had walked in their country." (p. 355 In Mahikari - Thank God For The Answers At Last (1988) by Dr A. K. Tebecis)

Tebecis in 1997 stated on a national TV program (The 7.30 Report, ABC TV, 28th October 1997) that he is "not sure" if Jesus is buried in Japan.

References: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~skyaxe/tomb.htm


God embodied in Okada

Yoshikazu Okada claimed to be the physical embodiment of Yonimasu-o-amatsu, a Shinto deity. He received constant revelations throughout his life that is collected into Goseigenshu (master of Salvation).

God gave the words directly to Yoshikazu Okada, Mahikari's founder (1959). Okada was instructed by God to use the name Kotama (Ball of Light). ‘The time of Heaven has come. Rise. Thy name shall be Kotama (ball of light). Exercise the Art of Purification. The world shall enter severe times” (p. 13 revealed Feb. 27, 1959.)

“The spirit of truth has entered thee. Thou shall speak what, thou heareth. The time of heaven has come. Rise. Thy name shall be Kotama. Exercise the art of purification. The world shall enter severe times” (p. 13 revealed February 27, 1959.)

Many of the revelations given are in the first person “ I [God] feel extreme pity for the present world which indulges in excessive use of medicine....”

Later Kotama was instructed to use another more holy name reflecting the progression of the divine plan - Seio - holy bird, or golden phoenix. It is said this is the same name found inside the pendant worn by all primary Mahikari members so they can 'radiate' light.

Okada claims, “Needless to say, you should not fail to respect the Herald of god, your Master. Although he is a human, he is at the same time the master of divine heralds” (P. 69 revealed March 5, 1960)

“As for those who do not understand whether thou are just a man or a living god, leave them be perplexed...being the one who was sent from god.” (p. 84 revealed August 10, 1960.)

“The time of the true chosen people of god has come. Since thou are the true herald of god and Buddha, thou shall no longer allow the waste of life and the waste of mankind” ( p 151 revealed August 20, 1961.)

Some the revelations in Goseigen sound similar to Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s spirit world.

“Since the time I brought Moses, Gautama, Jesus and others back to the fourth dimensional spiritual world, up to now many of those who have been called 'one overshadowed by god' have been merely possessed by a minor dragon god, a mountain wizard, or mostly by an aged fox or raccoon. Most fortunetellers are like that. Almost all of them are charlatans and cannot teach the true arrangement of god. A complete contrast, which you can see at this time, is that god is commencing a divine task after some hundreds of millions of years, and now is the start of the first 5,000 years of its process. Thus, thy words truly become the holy words for this reason. Since thou have a close relationship with god, god has made thee appear by terminating the state of thy being hidden. Thou shall convey what thou hear and speak and carry out obediently as thou are taught. Therefore, those who do not follow and keep my word straightforwardly will pitifully make their own compensation more serious. God is going to gradually let men see the proof of the salvation through thee, which is completely different from the salvation up to now” (p. 195-6-7 revealed November 12, 1963.)

A Mahikari Jesus?

“In preparation for this moment, I let Gautama predict, 'the man who preaches the true spiritual path will appear from among laymen 3,000 years after my death.' I also let Jesus speak, 'when He, the spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth.... I shall now use thee” (p. 27 revealed May 5, 1959.)

First of all the spirit of truth has come ever since Jesus sent him into the world. If it is after Gautama’s death then we have hundreds of years to wait still, since most agree he was born 600 years before Christ. But it is puzzling that the voice is supposed to be God, if he means Jesus’ death then we have nearly 1,000 more years to wait. Since the implication is that is Okada, none of this makes any sense from God who supposed to know the future.

“I sent Moses, Gautama, Jesus and others to the land of Yomotsu (Europe)” (p. 252 revealed March 10, 1965.)

Did Moses or Jesus really visit Europe? No, there is no record on this except for what Okada says on this matter.

Okada also refers to Jesus' last will and testament, saying: "Jesus called the God he worshipped Messiah, but the Bible does not explain why he called God, Messiah. In Jesus' last will and testament, Jesus calls Messiah by the Japanese name of Ametsuchi Mahitotsu Oh kamu. Jesus signed the will personally, therefore God, Messiah in the Bible, is Ametsuchi Mahitotsu Oh kamu sama and Jesus' last will is in Japan” (Japanese Mahikari Journal No. 263 Aug. 1984 pp. 37-38).

There is no proof of this except for what Okada says, which can be enough for his members. Jesus never called God, the Messiah, in fact that the Bible calls Jesus the only the Messiah. The Messiah is God in the flesh, which seems to go completely contrary to their beliefs that redefine this after 1900 years.

“god's arrangement of his divine plan covers hundreds of millions of years, and it has never been revealed to any holiness or saints in the history of mankind… I have received His permission to publish them as a book, hoping it will become a source of nourishment for the souls of the five races. It has been the secret of the divine arrangement since the most ancient time, which even Moses, Gautama Buddha and Jesus were not permitted to reveal to the public even though they had knowledge of it” (October 10, 1969, preface to Goseigen.)

Okada’s claims exclusivity to God’s knowledge is superior What is clear is that Okada is believed to be sent to save humankind, and it gives a divine role of the Japanese people as chosen for this task as the seed people or chosen ones (Mahikari members).

They are to fullfil their roles in creating the new millennium, as Armageddon nears -

“It is a matter of great significance that the fire of the Olympiad is coming back to the East from the Pyramid, the divine temple, which came from the god of Spirit-Origin Land (Japan). Thou shall realise that this is the sign to start collecting gods of Spirit who are the divided fire of Amaterasuhi-Hikari-Motsu-Kuni, to the Land of the Origin of Spirit, the land of the Origin of Five Races (Japan). The age of true Olympics shall come. The chaotic phenomena of this world and the purification of all souls on the earth shall be intensified further. This further intensification will force all men to start tuning in with god. If they do not they cannot avoid being put to an end. The age is approaching when the Messiah will be descending upon the earth. Various phenomena shall intensify in its violence. Thou shall decipher through minute signs” (p. 224 revealed May 25, 1964.)

“God will use thee as a channel to let human souls open up in the sunlight-the positiveness-renew themselves, have the mind of the righteous way and remold themselves into seed people for the next civilisation. This is also one of the reasons that I command thee to reveal the teachings as the holy words. Therefore, I will manifest the sign of discernment with increasing strictness between those who show the two different attitudes towards the Holy words (Goseigen) and what I make thee reveal: namely those who will try to criticise and those who possess true sincerity and the sense of true service. In the end, criticism will turn out to be evil; and some, who find fault, will end up in receiving judgement. Make them be cautious” (p .212-213 revealed December 5, 1963.)

A threat of cleansing is found throughout its pages and it is expressed in many ways and no uncertain words,  “Originally, the spiritual world of the land of spirit's origin (Japan) is the original land, the land of the original spiritual essence - where various gods were given life and the spiritual form was created. Therefore, in order to establish the heavenly civilisation and peace for the world, the spiritual world of the land of sunrise (Japan) must be changed into the land and people, which are spiritually pure, peaceful and free of chaos. Ponder! The land of sunrise is the land of spirits origin and the land of spiritual flame. The most holy place of earth has been contaminated and it is about to influence the most holy place of heaven. Therefore the great cleansing must be carried out” (p. 236-7 revealed February 15, 1965.) underline mine.

 “Men shall receive the Baptism of Fire and serious compensation phenomena. The admonition of the Final Judgement and the Baptism of Fire taught by Moses, John and Jesus was the prediction I had them make for this Time of Heaven” (P. 48 revealed May 30, 1959.)

“The very time is approaching when I cannot but carry out the great Misogi-Harahi (cleansing) of this earth. They will end up being blown away” (p. 62 revealed August 15, 1959.)

   “An interesting but horrible world shall come. This is the true meaning of the return to the world of righteous way which was predicted by Gautama (Buddha). (p. 51-52 revealed May 30, 1959.)

“ If god gives a brief order to the Gods of Four Pillars, a sudden change of climate, arson by a fire dragon, fire of unknown origin, death of multitudes in fire, serious disorder of machines, and disaster can all be arranged like, as you say, 'a piece of cake' for the purpose of the serious cleansing” (p. 274, revealed February 5 1966.)

 “It is because god needs to maintain heaven and earth, so that he cannot help but carry out the intense cleansing of impure and contaminated mankind. It may become inevitable for god to put an end to the great mass of shabby and rotten mankind.... For this reason, as a transitory necessary step to cause a great change for the true civilisation, … This is the End of the World” (p. 138-139 revealed August 20, 1961.)

“This great turnabout after the interval of some hundreds of millions of years is going to be carried out by god. The time, which will come before humans find any countermeasure, is called the End of the World” (p. 140 revealed August 20, 1961.)

“At the same time, 'the End of the World' has a significance of the dawn of the civilisation which is under the control of the god of truth. It will be established by the chosen people who appear after the period of time of nurturing seed people” (p. 141, revealed, August 20 1961.)

“Thus religious belief was originally allowed as a convenient method before the coming of the true belief in god based upon tuning in with god. Since it has been misled in an unexpected direction, I have sent ones with the role to destroy it. If men do not realise, I cannot but promote the preparation for the 'Fire of Gehenna' on earth” (p. 144 revealed August 20, 1961.)

“Otherwise, I will have to change the surface of the Earth into 'the Fiery Ocean of Gehenna.' The preparation is now being made” (p. 148 revealed August 20, 1961.)

“For this purpose, I must vigorously intensify the spiritual essence of Fire, both in the world of divine spirits and the physical world. At the same time, the contaminated ball of Earth must be burnt away with the Ball of Fire in order for God to descend from Heaven...Thou shall make men ready for this arrangement”( p. 159 revealed August 5, 1962).

“God will surely manifest the phenomena of judgement clearly upon them at an unexpected moment and carry out the Art of beating them to a pulp” (p.161 revealed August 5, 1962).

“I have taught about the coming of god's judgement - the end of the world, the Descension of Miroku, and the Appearance of Messiah...I shall have thee take the role of blowing the trumpet.....Although Ningen (Humanity i.e. Sub Humans) eagerly seek peace and coexistence and dislike the atomic bomb, the production of fire balls in this world cannot be stopped unless Ningen begin to have an attitude of offering apology for their negative karma” (p.188-189 revealed August 15, 1963).

 “God will make man produce the fireballs and bullets, and fires will break out in many places...Since the Fire, the Sun, the Positive will appear in the spiritual world, the evil souls, who dislike darkness will gradually increase the anguished resistance. Consequently, phenomena of trouble and chaos will occur one after another on earth. How dangerous....they are just like radish to be grated” (p. 190 revealed August 15, 1963).

   “The world shall become uncontrollable. Wait and see. This world will enter the age of great shaking. In the worst case, the time of great eruption may came earlier than expected....you may not like it; however in cannot be helped” (pp. 199-200 revealed October 30, 1963.)

“ If the place kept secret of which I informed, shakes, thou shall realise that the year to start the great purification by Fire, and the great shake of the earth is near. The three-step preparation has been completed” (p.202 revealed November 27, 1963.)

 “The plan is evolving so rapidly that the first stage of the Day of ----- (date withheld) is about to start.... My predictions revealed to thee up to now have been manifesting in this world” (p. 204 revealed December 1, 1963).

“ If they lose the core of SU (god), they shall only become like children of boneless jellyfish. They shall be melted by gods fire and disappear”(p. 210 revealed December 5, 1963.)

   “Hereafter, the sign of the great shaking of the earth shall be displayed in three steps. The manifestation of the sign shall become much clearer from 1964. Thou shall let the people be prepared. Is there anything which has not come true regarding the matters I allowed thee to speak concerning the chaos of the world?” ( p. 216 revealed December 11, 1963.)

  “How are you going to cope with the situation that the age of the explosion of fire balls and uncontrollable chaos is approaching.....(Okada's note: Due to this revelation Okada made extremely intense efforts and continued on a long journey and finally discovered the shrine, which has been since ancient times, worshipping the god of Fireball in the land of Sun, the Mountain of Fire, Kyushu District” (p.237-8 revealed February 15, 1965.)

“those, who will be thrown into the valley of hell or burnt in Fire, will increase tremendously”(p. 264 revealed October 12, 1965).

It has been reported by former members when they question their involvement they are considered spiritually disturbed, possessed by evil spirits with the intent to try and destroy God's only true religion.

The Belgian Parliamentary Commission on Sects, listed Sukyo Mahikari is one of the most important and dangerous sects in Belgium, in the same category as Scientology, Sahaya Yoga, Soka Gakkai and the Moonies.

pp. 176-177

9. It is clear that several harmful sectarian organisations are promoting totalitarian ideas which may be considered as antidemocratic, that's we can tell after examining the basic texts of the following movements : Ange Albert, Raël, Franternité Blanche Universelle, Sukyo Mahikari, Scientology, Nouvelle Acropole, Jehova's witnesses. http://www.culthelp.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=837&Itemid=11

Those who have left do have some incredible stories to tell.

Other links on the Belgian Parliamentary Commission on Sects


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