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Kenneth Copeland dedicates new church--House of God 

(Word of Life Christian Center in Hawaii)

The story began as God spoke to Pastor Art Supulveda to make room for increase by expanding the borders of their Church. As the prophet Isaiah said "lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes for you shall expand to the right and to the left." Empowered with this prophecy in August of 2,000 the vision for there harvest began to take shape.

During the dedication video clips from Oral Roberts Tommy Barnett were shown, both giving their blessing to this ministry and wished they could be there for the dedication. Barnett stated that Word of life Christian has been one of his greatest contributors.

Pastor Supulveda[s] called the Copelandís their spiritual father and mom during the service acknowledging them as their mentors.

The Copeland's said, the Island's are certainly not anything new to us, these Islands have been in hearts for a long, long time. The first time we came here was 29 Ĺ years ago and we have been here many time since. And our hearts cried when we first came was for a church like this. And we saw the need and we understood God and his desire to build a house like this, and so Gloria and I prayed and agreed and we agreed with several other people ...and we all prayed and stood on Godís word and here you are (cheering). The insinuation is that their prayer brought all this happen.   He also said this church will be the revival capitol of the Pacific.

His message was on Mk.11:27 about Godís house being for all nations. He used Scriptures to show the house is a house of forgiveness and physical healing, this house destroys the traps of Satan. That God will hear their prayers in this house, and peace will be offered to people. That there would be no fear, etc., etc., making everyone feel very comfortable.

Copeland said, You build him a house and he gives it to you, he said the house was given to them the people needed to receive this gift, that's the reason he wanted the house in the first place, he really wanted you to have his house.

He led the church in a prayer of accepting the house; then they dedicated it back to God. A covenant was made, by the time he was through you certainly would not want to go anywhere else with all the promises of what this house is supposed to be.

Considering all that was said, the major real problem surfaced when he stopped and acknowledged the Lord, as if he just spoke to him and then proceeded  to ask the people to hold hands,  those nearest to the walls were to reach out and lay hands on the walls. The people next to me were disturbed because our row could not reach over to touch the hands to those in the next aisle, so the circle was broken. It was something you just had to be there to see, to understand what was transpiring.

Later in the evening service Copeland speaking of the twin towers said it was not the judgment of America on Sept. 11Öno it was judgment on Islam, Islam is murderous religionÖ  

He addressed Islam and said something quite outrageous even for those who follow his teaching, "But There are going to be multiplied millions upon millions thereís going to be close to a billion people that have been trapped in that religion, that over the next few months are gonna to come into the kingdom of God. Thatís gonna happen, you watch and see what Iím telling you (cheering) Because its beenÖIím telling you Satanís fat is in the fire he pushed it over the line, and God has movedÖ Iíd to get in there and walk around a while but I donít have the time but I can tell you this, that thing has come to an end, its over, Iím talking about Islam and every, all that that stands for. Thatís over with. " (Word of Life Christian Center Honolulu Hawaii, dedication celebration service, evening service, Dec.2, 2001.)

Even if this isnít a direct prophecy he is claiming some glimpse or insight or knowledge of Godís work into the near future. This certainly is giving people a huge unrealistic hope. Not that we cannot believe God can do this; however even if millions do leave in the next few months (unlikely to ever be close to a billion), it would be the biggest religious crossover in history; greater than Pentecost. What basis does he have to say this, especially in this time frame? Let's not forget he is claiming to be speaking under the anointing. This is just loose speaking. As we have received reports of converts crossing over not from Islam but the other way around, Christians to Islam. 

Besides the Copelandís, Keith Butler, Casey Treat, Paula White, and Tim Story all are part of the apostolic impartation that is to take place throughout the rest of the week.

As usual this prophecy did not come to pass and it has been enough time for anyone to see this as a failed prophecy.

Ps. Copeland continues to tell us the Lord told him; and the stories get greater even though one can look back and see they have not come to pass.

Prophecy  by Kenneth Copeland  to the Body of Christ at the  Helena, MT Victory Campaign on May 10, 2002

Speaking of miracles ď by the end of June you will begin to hear of super-miracles, mega-moves of God that startle human minds and thinkingĒÖ There will be manifestations of the Holy Ghost suddenly appear on streets and in stores and in churches and different places around the worldĒ

  There's going to be a major change, major change. It's not going to be just the same old, same old. Major change is about to happen in the Middle East. Major, major change is about to happen in the Middle East, and don't even try--you can't figure it out. I'm running this, saith the Lord. That's my territory and that's my town and I'll run it how I see fit.

ďI've taken over the politics in case you didn't know.Ē
Yeah, I'll do that, Lord...

  ďWe're in the greater works time right now. Right now, praise God, right now. And where a thousand got saved, there will be a million saved. Where there were ten thousand, there will be ten million. There are going to be days, single days before this year is up, where there will be over a million a day being brought into the kingdom of God as easily as before when a thousand people a day came in. And before the end of the year, it's going to be into numbers you can't even count.Ē

From: http://www.kcm.org/studycenter/prophecies/mtvc.html

I wonder if God is for the Republicans or Democrats or maybe He's for the independents? Does the Lord speak in such a way? This prophecy will not come to pass, just as the one about the Muslims will not. What does the Bible tell us to do about false prophets? To continue listening to them or to not listen? Get away from them and be not afraid.




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