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The Watchtower and the Pyramids


Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves Witnesses to God's truth. They also believe the Bible is the inspired witness of truth. Their claim, like many others is the Scriptures were directly written by God through the Holy Spirit. In the Bible we find prophecies about the Second Coming of Christ and the end of the world. Reliability on the Bible is sure because it is God's revelation to us--His written witness.

Few Jehovah's Witnesses today are aware of their past history of their founder. For many years, the Watchtower claimed God had another witness! This was not the Holy Scriptures, but also another witness written in stone. What was this witness? The Watchtower declared it to be the Great Pyramid of Giza, in Egypt ! The Pyramids in pagan Egypt you say? That’s right! For decades all Jehovah's Witnesses believed God had two inspired works, the Bible and the pyramid. The pyramid has been known to be an occult object of veneration and revelation for mystics and false religions alike.

Today, Jehovah's Witnesses are told the Bible contains chronology which concludes that the year 1914 is an important prophetic date--the year of Christ's Second Coming, invisibly. Yet, according to the Watchtower's past teaching, the Great Pyramid also pointed to that year as the end of this world. It was claimed that 1914 and other important Biblical dates could be calculated by measuring the lengths of various passages and chambers in the pyramid. Actually one can trace calculation of the last generation to the pyramidology of C.T. Russell.

Russell had decorated his art with the great pyramid showing his affinity with outright  paganism. His books displayed a winged disk the  very same picture appears in Rosicrucian pamphlets and in Egyptian heiroglyphs. Manley P. Hall a Mason also had this winged disk in the secret teachings of all ages." As you leaf through the pages of Hall's book he continually refers to a coming "Golden age,"and on page XLIX there is a winged -sun-disk which he explains as the solar trinity, and represents the various sun Gods of all ages. Also at least 9 pages discuss the pyramids and their mystic attraction in detail -especially the great pyramid."(Dona Lackman The Jehovah Witness-Masonic connection)

Russell is reported to have visited the great pyramid twice , it was after his second trip that his teaching began and the use of the winged sun disk as a symbol for the international bible students. Not only is this disk used in Rosicrucianism but by Kabbalists who portray Jehovah with it. Russells connection with occult themes do not end here, the name of the organization and publication Watchtower is what occultists called the magical universe, "watchtowers." In enochian magic there were regions known as the Watchtower of fire, of air, of water,of earth . This corresponds to elements of the world. A Masonic offshoot society of enochian magic was known as the Hermetic order of the Golden dawn. Again the similarity of name is highly suspicious.

Lady Queenborough's book occult theocracy on pg.737 records C.T. Russell's Masonic membership (published in 1933). While this book seems to be the only evidence of his membership the insignia and words used are undeniable. The use of the terms 'society' and 'brotherhood' are used today among the witnesses which show Masonic terminology was carried over from Russell.

Through Russell the Watchtower called the pyramid God's Stone Witness and Prophet. ( Thy kingdom Come 1891 and 1905 ed. p.17) They claimed: "Its wonderful correspondencies with the Bible leave no room for doubt that the same divine inspirer of the prophets and apostles inspired this 'Witness' also." (ibid p.362)

1897 "...this measurement is 3416 inches, symbolizing 3416 years.... This calculation shows A.D. 1874 as marking the beginning of the period of trouble...." (Russell, Studies in the Scriptures: Thy Kingdom Come, Series III, p. 342, 1897 edition [1916 edition changed to read: "We find it to be 3457 inches, symbolizing 3457 years.... Thus the Pyramid witnesses that the close of 1914 will be the beginning of the time of trouble...."]This was calculated as 1915 in (Studies Vol.3 1913 ed. P.342) note: the measurement was the length of an interior passageway discovered inside the Pyramids. It has no reference in Scripture.)

Chapter title; "The testimony of God’s stone Witness and prophet, the great pyramid in Egypt." (Studies Vol.3 1903 ed. P.313)

At this same time we find the Society involved in astrology as well as pyramidology, all considered the occult. "When Uranus and Jupiter meet in the humane sign of Aquarius in 1914, the long-promised era will have made a fair start in the work of setting man free to work out his own salvation, and will insure the ultimate realization of dreams and ideals of all poets and sages in history." (Watchtower, May 1, 1903, pp. 130-131; p.3184 Reprints)

"…this date,1910, indicated by the pyramid…we may accept as correct the testimony of the great pyramid, that the last members of the body or bride’ of Christ will have been tested and accepted and will have passed beyond the vail before the close of AD 1910." (Studies Vol.3 early ed. P.364)

"In the passages of the great pyramid of Gizeh the agreement of one or two measurements with present truth chronology might be accidental, but the correspondency of dozens of measurements proves the same God designed both pyramid and plan…" (WatchTower 6/15/1922 p.187)

"The great pyramid of Egypt, standing as a silent and inanimate witness of the Lord, is a messenger; and its testimony speaks with great eloquence concerning the divine plan." (WT 5/15/1925 p.148)

Almost unanimously all of Russell's dates were taken from his studies on the pyramid (1878,1881,1910,1914,1915,1918). Is it any wonder they got the dates wrong. Yet they wrote it was God's dates not ours.

Based on Watchtower claims, the Great Pyramid was near and dear to the hearts of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They relied on it to learn of God's plans just as they would the bible. Imagine their shock when in the late 1920's the Watchtower published articles condemning those who believed this pyramid was inspired by God. In 1930, they said, "let no one today add to his prophecy by saying that a pile of stone in the land of Egypt constitutes God's witness." (Light book, p.286 1930)

The Watchtower lashed out at those who had fallen for the teaching of the Great Pyramid. Did they admit responsibility from their founder for deceiving Jehovah's Witnesses over the years, adding to God's prophetic word? No, just like they have done for the other prophecies they instead blamed the Witnesses themselves for believing this false doctrine! For instance the Society declared," … they have not discerned the distinction between the Devil's organization and God's organization…"and accused such Jehovah's Witnesses of "not following after Christ."(WT Nov.15 p.340 1928) They also said, 'If the pyramid is not mentioned in the Bible, then following its teachings is being led by vain philosophy and false science and not following after Christ.") (ibid p.341) "Those who have devoted themselves to the pyramid… the mind of such were turned away from Jehovah and his word." (WT 11/15/1928 p.344) In this we would agree with them.

What was accepted under their founder they were now distancing themselves. Take for example the Cross and Crown logo which had been provided through Russell,  later was abandoned since it was"...to Brother Rutherford's mind Babylonish and should be discontinued." He wrote they are, "...not only unnecessary but objectionable, "(1975 Yearbook, p. 148).

They also claimed that the pyramid is Satan's Bible, and not 'God's Stone witness." "Then Satan put his knowledge into dead stone, which may be called Satan's Bible, not Gods stone witness…" (WT, 11/15/1928 p.344)

"It is more reasonable to conclude that the great pyramid of gizeh, as well as the other pyramids…were built…under the direction of Satan the devil." (WT, 11/15/1928 p.344). Does this mean the dates that Russell was calculating for the end of the world were satanically inspired? Does this make the founder of the Organization a pagan?

It's clear that even though the Watchtower put the blame on Satan and Jehovah's Witnesses, but the only reason people believed in the pyramid was because the Watchtower had taught them to! Here is a statement from a 1928 issue of the WATCHTOWER magazine. Speaking of those who promoted the pyramid, it reads, " The mind of such was turned away from Jehovah and his word." We absolutely agree and so it is with all those who follow man’s organization and not God. It was from their teaching that their own people were turned away.

Despite the change of mind of the Watchtower, Russell was buried with a tombstone pyramid as evidence of their false testimony. "The Watchtower society burial plots in Rosemont United cemeteries, five miles due north of Pittsburgh City, contain ample space for all the members of the Bethel family… In the exact center of the Bethel lot will be erected diagonally the pyramid shape monument designed by brother Bohnet, and accepted by brother Russell… 9 feet across the base. And its apex stone is exactly 7 feet above the ground surface level." (Convention report, p.7)

Russell influence in the occult continued until he died where he had a pyramid shaped tombstone over his grave as a memorial of their founders influence which began this non scriptural practice of predicting the future through a stone edifice in a pagan land. But not only was he buried with a pyramid but on it was engraved a cross. Imagine that, a pagan symbol upon a pagan memorial. Does this make their founder a pagan according to Watchtower teaching? It certainly does. By their own publications teaching they deny it was a "Pagan" cross Christ was crucified on!

If Jehovah's Witnesses were true to what they teach today they would have to reject Russell's teachings and consider those who practice his religion apostates, just as they do with others who believe differently in the own organization today. They would also have to admit they were founded by a pagan. In Gods providence he had them leave us a witness to the false Witnesses of Jehovah.

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