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Global Warming


The Political and Religious Deception of the Green Movement


Deception seems to be in every aspect of our lives. One of the strongest, deepest and most influential deceptions in our day is the Environmental movement. It has finally reached a crescendo with the exposure of emails of scientists that covered up the facts for their agenda.

Is global warming science, politics or religious? Is this really a life or death issue for the planet and her creatures or is there more to this than what we have been told?

How accurate are the Scientists findings. As controversial as this topic is, we can see the media is on the side of science, BAD science, dishonest conclusions are promoted in the media as if they are factual.

Understanding the new age agenda that has influenced nearly everything. Its not about Global warming but about using this threat to have control. What we had heard for years is now confirmed as the globalists agenda. Transformation of countries through Green policies. Where did it begin? Where is it leading us? What is their purpose in wanting people to be environmentally friendly. Who are some of the people involved and how organized are they? The video covers the re-education of our children to be global citizens, the media's bias and subsequent brainwashing of the masses to accept green policies. it has also infringed on the church. This video presents the quotes of those involved and gives answers through power point, videos; with logic, actual facts and the Bible. Be aware of what is taking place, become educated,  this issue is not going away and is affecting Christianity.

70 minute long video


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