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When does alternative medicine cross over the line where we need to be concerned?

The sicknesses that we often treat are in the body, it is physical. Regular medicine uses a physical means to treat the physical body (other means are employed when it is emotional/psychosomatic). The majority of New age medicine has the premise that whatever is happening to the body first begins in the spirit.  they believe in treating the spirit to fix the body. By manipulating energy centers or meridians that supposedly run through the body, they can align our spirit into health, which will then affect the body.

When we use a spiritual means to treat the physical body, that is when has crossed the line to be something else other than medicine. It is not longer  medicine but  in the category of the metaphysical or the Occult. We are no longer using a physical cure for a physical ailment.

We find many of these techniques are connected with other religions and spiritual systems. The  belief that sickness is in the spirit first and manifests in the body (like Mind sciences teaches).  This basic idea of a mystical, nonphysical energy that somehow unites man with the universe or is the universal energy is central  to acupuncture, yoga,  reflexology, applied kinesiology, homeopathy,  polarity therapy,  and iridology. Thos who are practitioners can never sufficiently explain how these alternative therapies actually work.  They are always connected to a "spiritual" energy force and these are the kind of methods used from other religions the Bible tells us not to use.

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