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The Millennium and Satan

The millennium period with Christ ruling on earth will show we can sin without Satan being present to tempt us (James 1:14; Jer.17:9). In the millennium children born to those who went through the tribulation will have a sinful nature just as we do (Isa.65:20). They will have choice to choose Christ as their Savior to be regenerated. Those who are born will be granted 100 years to decide. If they believe they will have longevity for 1,000 years and live through the whole millennium ( from whatever time they were born)

The Lord will rule with a rod of iron over the nations as he institutes his law. The law and sacrifice will be there to remind people of their sin, the sacrifices will not be efficacious because Christ died once for all (It will be there as a illustration).  ALL nations will have to conform to God's law or will have consequences if they don't.

During this time Satan will be bound for the whole 1,000 years (Revelation 20, as hew was dealt with when Jesus returned with the glorified saints. He will be released for a short time at the end to "deceive the nations."

Who will he “deceive” those with resurrection bodies are glorified and cannot be deceived. will be those who survived the Tribulation and have normal bodies (or their offspring) - to sin during the 1000 years? There will still be disobedient sinners during that period. Zechariah 14:17, 18 pronounces a judgment (no rain) on those (nations) who do not go up to Jerusalem to worship each year.

The millennium period will show that we don't need a Devil to tempt us to sin. We (mankind) will still have a sinful nature. Satan can’t get someone who is regenerate / glorified to rebel against Christ. They will be immortal and their fallen flesh nature will be removed. When Satan is released from his prison at the end of the millennium period it will be to test by deception those youth who were born in the Millennium that are under 100 years old who are unregenerate.

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