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What is the differences between the Hebrew roots Movement and Messianic Jews?

The “Hebrew Roots movement "and "Messianic Jews and Messianic churches” are two different groups. A small percentage may lean toward the more exclusive teachings of the Hebrew roots (or the sacred name movement)

On one hand both still emphasize the law, though Messianic Jews will not say we are required to keep kosher or the Sabbath but choose to do so to keep their heritage. On the other hand, the Hebrew roots movement [HRM] (for the most part) insists that we must keep the Sabbath,we must to keep Moses law (or portions in it), which includes the Feast Days. There is no obligation to celebrate Hebrew Feast days.while it is beneficial to learn the Old testament from a Hebrew perspective, it is equally non beneficial to place non Jews and Jews under the laws that are not required. which is falling into the same Galatian heresy Paul addressed. It is good to understand how these feasts foreshadow and typify Christ, but again, they are not required to be kept. Yeshua died to break down (Colossians 3:11 & Ephesians 2:11-15). we are all spiritually one in Christ; which is not based on our natural birth but our Second spiritual Birth.

Their most ardent teaching is against using the name Jesus, which they consider pagan and even related to Zeus. So they combine a name from Yah for the Messiah, he is to be called Yahshua. Sacred name groups insist one must pronounce the name in Hebrew for salvation and prayer to be answered yet they cannot agree on the exact name 9Actually the correct pronunciation is Yeshua). Hebrew is a sacred language, the New Testament was not written in Greek

For the most part HRM does not believe Yashua (not pronounced Yeshua and certainly not Jesus) is God come in the flesh as the Bible teaches and they teach that all the laws are binding. Some reject the message of Paul and seem to not accept a new covenant, i.e through the gospel.

Messianic Jews do believe the gospel and that Jesus is God, but will often make certain parts of the law inclusive to living. They will meet on Shabbat and often have the 10 commandments displayed at the podium.There are Messianic Jews that confuse Talmudic Judaism with the Judaism of Moses, Some are also in the Hyper Charismania that has solidified itself in the church.

Again there are individual groups that have varying views within each camp that one cannot say anything of these teachings are unanimous.

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