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Will people die during the Millennium when Christ is ruling on earth?

After the Judgment of separating the sheep from the goats, the saved go into the Millennial period (Mt.25) the unsaved (goats) go into the fire, which is judgment. There are two kinds of believers that will enter the Millennium. Those who have come back with Christ (1 Thess. 4:14b) who are made eternal, been transformed, and have glorified bodies. And those that are mortal that lived through the Great Tribulation and survived (sheep). Those mortals will become the non immortal race of man on earth which those who were made like Christ in the resurrection will co rule and reign over (Rev.20:6). Isaiah states, "There shall be no more thence an infant of days, nor an old man that hath not filled his days: for the child shall die an hundred years old; but the sinner being an hundred years old shall be accursed" (Isaiah 65:20). During this Millennial period a 100-year-old person will die as a child, if saved they will live to the extent of years (likened to Adams day), v.22 for as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people.

Those born in Millennial period must receive Christ as Savior just as people in prior dispensations. By the end of the 1,000 years there will be millions of people born under Christ's Kingdom that will still refuse to accept Him as Savior. During this time period of Christs theocracy, Satan is bound in the bottomless pit. But the adamic nature is not eradicated in mortal mankind that is still being born. Those who are born to those who have entered the millennium can refuse and not be saved (even if their parents are saved). At the end of this time period Satan will be released from the bottomless pit (Revelation 20:7) and will lead All unbelievers in a rebellion against Jesus Christ, against the saints and the city of Jerusalem (Rev.20:6). The fire of God will come from Heaven and devour them (Revelation 20:8, 9). Then comes the white throne judgment -- the last judgment before the new Heavens and earth are made prepared for the heavenly Jerusalem to come down where death will be no more.


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