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This list of articles is on the Oneness Pentecostal and Apostolic faith teachings.

Introduction to the Oneness Movement- Please read this short intro before going to the articles.

Is the Father or the Son the Holy Spirit (the comforter)?

The logos- speech or a Person?

The Word  “WITH” in John 17- What glory is Jesus speaking about?

Who was manifested in the flesh?- Oneness teaches God is one person only, who was manifested in the flesh. How does Oneness explain many manifestations simultaneously?

God Does not change- Can God become the Son or the Spirit and then change back to the Father, is he only one person at a time?

Oneness Theology- Explaining the differences between their beliefs and ours.

History of Heresies- History always repeats itself when no one is paying attention. an outline of some early heresies in the Church.

Preexistence of the Son- Is the Son pre-existing like the Father or did the Father become the Son.

The Son being Sent- Where did the Son come from ? Earth , heaven, is it only a title of the Spirit?

The Right Hand of God-What does this phrase actually mean and teach.

Proofs of the Trinity-Is there a trinity or are they only titles/roles of one person?

The Word One- Examining how this is used and applied in Scripture.

The Word Persons- What do Trinitarians mean by 3 persons as the One God?

Jn.1:1- Comparing their definition with the scriptures.

Mt.28 Baptism- Is this an authentic text or does it mean in Jesus name?

The Grace of God-Are we misinterpreting this?

Who died on the Cross ? Was it the Father or the Son, or both.

The Trinity in the Resurrection- Who was involved in raising Jesus from the dead?

Today I have Begotten Thee -Did the Son come into existence at a certain time like other humans?

Are Tongues and Baptism Necessary ? What are the essentials for salvation?

From the mouth of Two or three Witnesses- What did Jesus mean about witnesses?

Oneness Pentecostals and Trinitarians Unite- TBN promotes a new openness

Modern beginnings of Oneness Pentecostals- When did the Sabellian revival begin?

The Early Church on Oneness -Quotes from those involved in the controversy.

answering the main Oneness arguments against the Trinity

For a personal testimony


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These articles are taken from the  book written on Oneness Pentecostalism




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